¿Quién no echa una mirada al sol cuando atardece?
¿Quién quita sus ojos del cometa cuando estalla?
¿Quién no presta oídos a una campana cuando por algún hecho tañe?
¿Quién puede desoír esa campana cuya música lo traslada fuera de este mundo? 

Ningún hombre es una isla entera por sí mismo. Cada hombre es una pieza del continente, una parte del todo. Si el mar se lleva una porción de tierra, toda Europa queda disminuida, como si fuera un promontorio, o la casa de uno de tus amigos, o la tuya propia.

Ninguna persona es una isla; la muerte de cualquiera me afecta, porque me encuentro unido a toda la humanidad; por eso, nunca preguntes por quién doblan las campanas; doblan por ti.

John Donne.

Galicia, doeme verte chorar.

25th of every month “journal” 06

I decided to record myself every month because I haven’t done anything like it before and I’d like to see how my voice, hair and other things change over time. I can’t see the changes other people see on me, so it’d be a cool thing, even before I start taking hormones. Kinda like a timeline. So, bear with me, I’m not really a vlogger, but just a curious guy with a youtube account.

Sorry about the audio getting out of sync at some points. One day I’ll learn how to video edit.
Also sorry about the  Doctor Who ‘The Flesh’ Goo Pod “review”. I’m sure your kids will like it if they’re still selling that. Good ol’ goo. :P

25 Photographs of The Imperial Russian Court Dress {8/25}

The greatest Russian heiress of her day, and the last of her line at the House of Yusupov, Princess Zinaida Nikolaevna Yusupova was a Russian noblewoman best known as the mother of Prince Felix Yusupov, the murderer of Rasputin, and the mother-in-law of Princess Irina Alexandrovna of Russia, the only niece of Tsar Nicholas II. As a leading figure in pre-Revolutionary Russian society, she was famed for her beauty and the lavishness of her hospitality.


The PBJ 1H Mitchell (B 25H) and the PBJ 1J Mitchell (B 25J NC) were two B 25 Mitchell bomber variants made for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps, which had been modified with carrier takeoff/landing equipment, a 75 mm cannon; radio equipment and underwing rockets respectively.