Lots of people ask us which drugs we think are good or bad, which ones we like the most and which ones we hate. We have updated this list with a new concept.These are our reactions to them, some people with different body types may prefer them more or prefer them less.

- φ The Golden Ratio φ - This symbol means that the substance can be beneficial but should not be used too often or the person will get depleted of natural neurotransmitters and its benefit will turn into an ailment. Through constant experimentation going from very tiny doses of substances all the way to massively large doses of substances, we have discovered that there is no way out of it. There is no way to constantly take these substances over and over and not get depleted. Staying healthy will help tremendously but it won’t fully protect you.

Weed (Toke it up!) There’s a couple small cons with weed but the multiple benefits usually outweigh that.

Nitrous Oxide (strange)

Hydromorphone (φ)

Oxymorphone (φ)

Oxycodone (φ)

Codeine (φ)

Morphine  (φ

Fentanyl (be VERY careful.. or stay away)

Salvia (Fucking scary, fuck that plant lol)

Gabapentin (Not really that interesting)

Alprazolam (φ)

Diazepam (φ)

Cocaine (garbage, a terrible stimulant with a billion cons)

Nicotine (garbage)

Antidepressants (It’s a scam in the form of a drug)

Ethanol (garbage)

Heroin (Extremely φ)

2C-I, 2C-B, 2C-E (interesting)

LSD (awesome)

Shrooms (awesome)

Mescaline (awesome)

25I-NBOMe (not a fan of the toxicity)

25B-NBOMe (not a fan of the toxicity)

Amphetamine Sulfate (valuable only when pure, dangerous when not, φ)

Amphetamine Phosphate (valuable only when pure, dangerous when not, φ)

MDMA (valuable only when pure, dangerous when not, φ)

Methylone (less empathy than MDMA, still gives energy/attention, more toxic than MDMA though)

Methamphetamine/Methylphenethylamine (Not extremely toxic when its fully pure; still slightly toxic, could be very useful if it wasn’t toxic. φ)

MXE (slightly longer duration than Ketamine- higher potency- not sure if it is as safe as ketamine. Preliminary observations seem good)

Ketamine (Awesome if used in the correct way)

Levamisole (garbage)

DXM (not the biggest fan but interesting)

DMT (awesome)

Caffeine (garbage)

Ephedrine (boring)

5-MeO-DMT (strange; could be valuable or could be scary)

6-APB (seems toxic)

4-HO-MiPT (strange..?)

Bk-MBDB (weak, might be toxic, not sure yet)

Bromo-dragonfly (I didn’t try personally- a friend did- I’d recommend staying far away)

Amanita muscaria/ Muscimol&Ibotenic acid - (Slightly toxic and too delirious)

LSA (Strange..)

All drugs on earth were created with a certain purpose. This purpose was healing. Our creator of this universe did not place a bunch of plants on earth for us to just get “high”. We were given certain plants in order to expand parts of our selves, they were placed here with a divine intention and purpose behind them. They were not placed here to be used in a social or entertaining way. So all plants, drugs, and chemicals serve a certain divine purpose, which is to help us and heal us when used in the correct way that they were designed. The problem is that when you give someone something to use, they do not always use it in the correct way. This is the reason for drug abuse, drug addictions, over spending, over eating and more. People do not understand the “gift” of certain things, which causes them to misuse and abuse them. So when you are given a certain substance, it is up to you to use that substance in a healthy way that promotes healing.

Now there is no “up” without a “down”. The stronger of a substance you take the more it dis-empowers you and weakens you in another way. This is the natural balance and order of things. So just because a certain plant has healing properties does not mean it is not damaging you in another way. This is the unconsciousness of psychedelic drugs and drugs in general. People do not understand that if you put your hand in a fire, you will get burned.

—  Peter Michael