We were at the pool the other night and met two guys while swimming. When they left, she said, “I couldn’t tell if they were a couple or not!”  After hearing that comment for the 20th time in 3 weeks, I said to her, “Not everyone is gay, Jessica.”  She immediately got out of the pool and went silent.  I got out to ask her what was wrong and she went on a rant about how “being a shipper is just part of [her] life.”  A direct quote is, “I know they aren’t gay and I’m not pushing homosexuality on anyone."From what I gathered, she enjoys shipping straight men she meets or sees as gay couples.  She never ships straight, trans, or anything else.  I think she may be a little obsessed with gay couples, in all honesty.  She is a self-proclaimed asexual so I’m highly confused about the entire thing.


Something else happened, though, that made me completely re-think my relationship with her.  We were talking about her past and what she did after she moved away from her hometown when she mentioned that almost all of her male friends are gay and she has never had a true straight male friend.  No big deal, some people hang out in different cliques.   The gay community tends to stick together from what I’ve experienced.   But something was very off when she told me, "When I lived in [city] my gay friends used to put on a show for me in exchange for free rent.   They’d basically just perform for me and it was awesome.”

I have no problem at all with what consenting adults do and arrange, it’s their business and not mine.  However, something really didn’t sit right about an asexual female watching her gay friends have sex or sexual relations in exchange for a free place to live.  I cant put my finger on it and I cant explain why, but that really made me incredibly uncomfortable.  I don’t know any more details because I didn’t ask, but I was squirming all over on the inside.

I also learned that she thinks up to 25% of the world’s population is homosexual.  That is a very large number, but I assume her thinking that is only because of her lack of interaction with straight males.  I could be making a big assumption there, though.

#sci-fi fail from a truckers perspective

In 25F / - 3.8C degree weather, it’s so cold that the hydraulic fluid in my tranny and PTO are froze up and I can’t shift or raise up an empty aluminum dump trailer unless I crawl under the truck with a blow torch, or a roll of flaming paper towels to warm it up…

Yet in sci-fi movies and shows space crews have no problems opening hydraulic doors that weigh hundreds of tons while out in deep space where the average temp is Absolute Zero.

Just once I want to see some dude in a space suit, with a flaming roll of paper towels and a small propane torch crawling all over the spaceship trying to get the goddamn thing to shift, or the doors to open.


My lipstick collection

I just swatched through my lipsticks, personal favourites are in italics. Sadly a lot of these are discontinued…


Ultimate Colour                  Ultimate Shine

030 Ginger & Fred                200 Get The Nudes Paper

050 Princess Peach              210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss

130 Frozen Rose                  220 Mrs. Brightside

160 Tell Me a Berry-tale        240 And The Oscar Goes To

220 Step Red Up                   Ultimate Stay

350 MATTador                       090 InCORALbly Pink

C01 Red Butler

ASTOR Lipcolor Butter

021 Feeling Feline

023 Vivid Divine MATTE


2 Papayeah! Matte Lipstick

25F Perfect Creamy & Care

10C Roaring Red Lip Lacquer


14 Tulip


20 Pinky Beige

P2 Pure Colour

059 Copacabana

100 Oxford Street

I tossed these last three after I took the picture. They were very sticky and old…

A Woodchuck Stuck In A Sewer Grate Gets Help From City Workers

What would you do if you saw an animal stuck in a perilous situation? Would you walk on by and continue your day, or would you do something to help?That was the problem facing people in Danvers, Massachusetts. Citizens walking near a sewer in the area quickly discovered a woodchuck trapped…


anonymous asked:

25F semi-lover/so what do you suggest?tell her we're done?or just keep the distance and say nothing?face2face or texting?i'm struggling between telling her,it's not fair making her waiting!and not telling her,i can't hurt someone i love!plus i'm AFRAID she'll say"i ended everything between us too but i didn't told you!" i'll have a heart attack then!(i forgot to mention that we have mutual friends,definitely it'll be strange not talking to each other since the "only" thing they knew is we're BF)

hey again (: tell her face-to-face that you’re done, that you can’t handle her being involved with this other guy when she said she’s with you (???) and that you need to do what’s best for you and your emotional well-being. you’re not doing this to hurt someone you love! you’re doing this for you – you’re hurting because of something she’s doing and now it’s time to stand up for yourself. 

there’s no way she could say “i ended everything between us too but i didn’t told you!“ – well I mean yes theoretically she could say that? but it would be an outright lie, you don’t forget to tell your partner that you broke up with them!!! \:

it’ll feel strange and weird not talking to her, especially with the mutual friends? but you gotta do this – what she’s doing right now isn’t fair, it’s selfish. tell her face-to-face that you’re done and you’re going to break contact for a while so that you can heal, and she’s just going to have to deal with that. good luck <3

- tash

Anonymous submitted:

F25 semi-lovers
[…] p.s. don’t post my msgs. thnx again and sorry if it’s too long.

end things with her, it’s for the best :c I think your best friend / semi lover is being so unfair about things? if she wants a polyamorous / open relationship then that would be something to talk to you about, but to say that she loves you and carries on with someone else and still expects you to stay isn’t fair. 

you’re not ending things to hurt her or to be mean? you’re ending things because you’re in pain and you’re hurting, and that this is something you need to do for you. continue to keep your distance for a while (because yah like you mentioned it can help you), and sometimes love just isn’t enough. end things with her, allow your heart and soul to heal. take care <3

- tash

anonymous asked:

hi again. i'm the one with the "semi-lovers" things (F/25) i felt guilty when i sent that msgs to you. like i betrayed her! so plz don't publish the msgs. maybe she will read it! or someone of our friends will recognized me in somehow idk >< sorry for bothering you. didn't mean to waste your time or anything! i'll appreciate it if you give me some advices or your thought in it. thnx again,,

unless you weren’t anonymous, I don’t think we ever got your message? D: that might be a blessing in disguise if you were asking for the original message not to posted anyway hehe, but if you ever do need some advice + support then always feel free to message us c:

- tash