Eve Addison || 25(87) || Time Manipulation || Bi || FC: Katie Cassidy || Open

“Forever young. I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever…”

Who is she?

Being around for a while has taught Eve many things, patience being one of them. Getting on the girl’s bad side is a hard thing to do, but getting off of it is even harder. Being a nice person doesn’t mean being a push over, though. She isn’t naive or blind to what goes on around her. On the contrary, she’s generally very aware of her surroundings and won’t be easily manipulated.

What’s happened to her?

Eve had a fairly normal life growing up. She lived with her parents and her two siblings and she had a bright future ahead of her. But then, at 25, Eve discovered her ability to alter time. That was in 1951. She had been married for just over a year and widowed not long after that. As soon as she realized what she could do, she moved away and started a new life. She choose to keep up the appearance of her 25 year old self.

Though moving from state to state and starting over again, never making any real friends or connections, could be tiring, Eve saw no way around it. After all, if she stayed in one place too long, someone would surely notice that she wasn’t aging. As Eve was just beginning to set up her life in Vermont, she began to hear whispers of a ‘strange’ facility where ‘strange’ people seemed to gather.

How did your character end up at BH?

The things people were talking about, and to them it was all a joke or just a story, made the girl’s heart skip a beat. In all her time, she had never met any one like herself…she had always known that she couldn’t be the only one in the world. Figuring she owed it to herself to check it out, the girl made her way to the facility, hoping they could help. She was accepted in with open arms but was quick to realize that this wasn’t exactly what she had been hoping for.