Listen man, women who reclaim bitch aren’t suddenly the “bitch community”. There is no “queer community” it’s just y'all reclaimed a word that’s it. Stop acting like it’s anything more than that, and that you’re somehow “super LGBT” for reclaiming a word a lot of LGBT people don’t ever want to hear associated with them.


Happy holidays from Hyena Underground!

We have a new artist, @rad-art-by-randa, and they’ve made us a series of wonderful reindeer pride designs for the holiday season! For every one of these buttons you buy, 20% of the sales price will be donated to our monthly charity. (Until tomorrow, December 4th, we’re raising money for the Transgender Law Center, but any purchases after that go to Planned Parenthood.) You can find out more information and get some buttons for yourself at our website.

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LGBTQ African Friendship: Kim & Sizwe [6/6]

In Image: Sizwe: Queer Burundian [IG: @sizwe__ ] (left) , Kim: Trans Burundian [IG: @blacksupremacist] (right)

By: Mikael Owunna

Finding and building that community of LGBTQ Africans is part of the reason that I started #LimitlessAfricans, and it’s been incredible - to say the least - going from knowing ZERO other LGBTQ Africans in my early teens to now knowing dozens. <3. And getting to share all of these amazing people’s stories on www.limitlessafricans.com so that other people who might feel like they’re the only ones (like I did) realize that we’re not alone

It was such a pleasure to photograph Sizwe - Queer Burundian Person- and Kim - Trans Burundian Woman - both separately and together this summer and explore what LGBTQ African Friendship and Community looks like and the impact it has on our lives. Will be sharing their group photos over the course of the week, and you can check out their full individual interviews below as well:  

Read Kim’s Full Interview: HERE

Read Sizwe’s Full Interview: HERE

About Limit(less):
Limit(less) is a photography project by Mikael Owunna (@owning-my-truth) documenting the fashion and style of LGBTQ African Immigrants (1st and 2nd generation) in diaspora. The project seeks to visually deconstruct the colonial binary which states that one cannot be both LGBTQ and African. #LimitlessAfricans

Learn More: http://www.limitlessafricans.com

Donate to support the project: HERE

Follow Limit(less):

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No Laughing Matter: The Media's Despicable Portrayal of AIDS in the '80s (Watch)
AIDS was often used as a punchline because it was seen only as a gay disease, and therefore warranted ridicule from comedians such as Andrew "Dice" Clay and Eddie Murphy.
How The Deaf And Queer Communities Are Tackling Oppression Together - The Establishment
Many sign language classes target the queer community. That's no coincidence.
By Alex Lu

Montpetit says that her queer and trans students are motivated by a sense of solidarity with Deaf communities. “There is a real sense of kinship, a desire to increase access, and an ability to understand how hearing people can oppress Deaf people, just like how straight people can oppress queer people.”

How Queerness Erased Bisexuality
To me as a queer activist and young scholar in the early 1990s, the term queer seemed to capture it all — the political urgency of combating heterosexism, my feeling and knowledge that the binaries of gender and sexual orientation were created through forced conformity and repression, the indeterminateness of my own experiences of gender and sexual attraction. Bisexual as a term seemed to apolitical, too evasive, too namby-pamby, too binary; it sounded too much like a disavowal of gayness rather than an avowal of anything. For twenty-five years or so, I’ve identified as queer — a queer person, a queer activist, a queer-theoretically informed sociologist.
By Dawne Moon