Happy Navarathiri! Hindus spend these nine days focused on the greatness of our female goddesses. As brilliantly pointed out by @avani008, Vijayadasami (the 10th day) is mentioned in the Baahubali canon: Bhalla’s coronation day!

To observe this iconic moment in Baahubalian history, here at Jai Mahishmathi we’re happy to introduce our first ever theme week!

Navarathiri will be observed starting on Sept 20 and with Vijayathasami falling on the 30th. There are three prompts for each of the three goddesses, based on the deity herself. Contributions can be anything that is inspired by these themes (and if a prompt gives you an idea for another media form, that is completely acceptable)!

Durga (Strength): Sept 20-22

Edit: battle scenes

Fic: in-universe alterations (canon divergent, someone lived/died AUs) 

Meta: character strengths & fatal flaws/weaknesses

Lakshmi (Wealth): Sept 23-25

Edit: cinematography and costuming

Fic: original characters and minor characters

Meta: locations (Mahishmathi, Kuntala, Singapuram, forest village etc.)

Sarswathi (Intelligence): Sept 26-29

Edit: dialogue, parallels

Fic: all kinds of AUs (modern etc.)

Meta: in-universe headcanons 

Vijayadasami (Victory): Sept 30

Edit: favourite character(s)

Fic: canon-compliant

Meta: character relationships


Please use the tags #jaimahishmathi and #baahubalinavarathiri in the first five tags of your posts so we can see and reblog them!

Keeping in mind that fics are hard to write to match a theme on such short notice, feel free to submit your fics to us and we’ll queue them on the a day that has a matching theme.