25 Days Challenge: Linkin Park.

                ↳ Day 25. Ten reasons why you love Linkin Park:

  • With their music they’ve helped me so much during my life.
  • Each member is perfect the way he is. 
  • I love humility they put in every single thing they do.
  • They make me laugh. 
  • I love the way they care about their fans. 
  • They were my first love and they’ll always be. 
  • I love the energy they have. 
  • I love the way their music make me feel fine when I’m sad. 
  • I love ‘em just because they’re always themselves. 
  • I love 'em because they’ve changed my life in better.
There’s no question: Linkin Park is my girl. She doesn’t mind if I sleep around a little bit, but she’s my girl. Linkin Park is number one and always will be.
—  25 days challenge: Linkin Park.
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