pokémon go on the island

the entire academy has one gym (the logo in the middle) and one pokestop (the hydra loop). there is no moment on the island during which the pokestop doesn’t have a lure module on it and the gym is not being battled

all anybody has is water types. cloyster, dewgong, starmie, seaking, and even gyarados are in abundance. on the off chance it’s sunny outside and a fire type spawns everybody goes absolutely bananas trying to catch it. it’s a 25cp vulpix usually but a vulpix nonetheless

the island is divided into teams based on who mentors them. adam is team valor, bree is team mystic, and chase is team instinct. any time somebody defects (such as one of bree’s students starting the game and choosing team valor) they notice a sharp drop in their grade and end up having to make a new game

meanwhile, leo, donald, and douglas each have 3 accounts, each belonging to a different team, and which one they use is determined by who is in their proximity. they do this because if they picked one team they’d have to deal with the members of the others shunning them forever. in actuality all three of them are theoretically team mystic because they’re Nerds

perry says everyone who participates in this “pokey man crap” is a loser but it’s rumored she’s level 40 and has a 4000cp gyarados. nobody knows what team she’s on. some say she never chose one