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It seems we are not getting an official music video for Slow Hands, what makes this one 👆 the official mv (since is the only one with the original version of SH)!!! So give it a rewatch (watching it is a blessing anyway😉), lets give it even more views and get more exposure for the song!!!

HERE in youtube, and if you feel like giving the acoustic version a bit of love too HERE


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EA Photo Essay: Melbourne Museum Dinosaur Walk (3)

Featuring @franzanth

Tol dinosaurs are tol.

If there’s one thing about sauropods that makes me cry, it’s how long they are. They are like mountains – painting them always feels like painting a landscape – but with sticks on both ends, which don’t make framing my images any easier.

And thus, I apologize for the lack of decent photographs of the sauropods, since my lens was not wide enough to fit them in my frame. Especially Mamenchisaurus. Half of this 25m beast’s total length was pretty much neck, positioning its head close to the Deinonychus by the entrance. This Late Jurassic herbivore was discovered in China, and it might have ingested rocks called gastroliths to grind their food inside their stomach. 

This particular 10m long Amargasaurus, however, was far more cooperative. Rearing on its hind legs, this specimen greeted visitors on the second floor while giving its much larger cousin ample tail space. This Patagonian dinosaur’s most distinctive features are its long spines on its back, which were likely used for defense considering how sharp they are. I’m not gonna lie that this particular specimen was the main reason I flew to Melbourne in the first place, and knowing they had changed the pose like this was a pleasant surprise for me.

As much as sauropods’ length annoy me in pictures, their sheer size never fails to catch my attention when I see one in person. Now, if only we can regularly find more sauropod remains beyond single vertebra…

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EA Photo Essay is a series of photographic posts about interesting things featuring interesting people in the field of Earth science and natural history. New guest stories start on Mondays.

Trump University con settled for $25 million 10 days after successfully conning America.

**Actual photo of Donald Trump signing his settlement.

Donald Trump has settled three Trump University lawsuits for $25m (£20m), the New York Attorney General has said.

The US president-elect was being sued by former students who paid $35,000 (£28,000) for real estate “secrets” from his “hand-picked” instructors.

Mr Trump had repeatedly said he would not settle the class-action lawsuits.
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the settlement was a “stunning reversal” by Mr Trump and a “major victory” for victims.

The businessman faced three fraud lawsuits in California and New York.

(cont. BBC

I’m sure we’ll get a statement soon where Donald Trump says he won, because that’s what he’s been doing since 1973 when the Justice Department sued him for racial discrimination against Black prospective renters.

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Zayn Malik - saviour of Muslim teenagers

The former One Direction star speaks to an aspirational generation of British Muslim kids who want to please their parents and carve out their own identity. (x)

Muslim teenagers in Britain, so we are told, are caught between extremism and integration. Thousands of pounds have been spent on projects such as Prevent – arguably a total waste of money. Teenagers don’t care what some crusty MPs and self appointed “community leaders” think. Things are grim.

But the more I think about it, the more I realise there’s only one man who can save us.

Zayn Malik.

Yes, really.

Zayn is one of us, but far cooler. He’s a product of Britain. He’s the successful boy next door, and he can be seen to celebrate and enjoy liberal values – he works hard and plays hard. This month his new album shot to the top of the Billboard chart in the US.

Born in Bradford into a Muslim family, Zayn, like many of us, had to go the local mosque (apparently he’s read the Qur’an three times).

Muslim teenagers lack icons. Yet in Zayn, they have a kindred spirit. He’s a local boy done good. We all love rags to riches stories, and it doesn’t get better than Zayn.

Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik auditioned for X Factor in 2010 and became part of the all-conquering boyband One Direction. His mum, Trisha, worked as a halal chef in the kitchen of a local school. He’s now worth over £25m, and bought his parents their house. In a BBC interview, his mum said: “We never had enough money to buy our own house. We always lived in rented accommodation, so Zayn knew how very important it was for me to have my own place.” Let’s be honest, we’d all like to be able to do that for our parents.

Working class, second generation Muslim kids are aspirational. They’ve seen how hard their parents have tried to integrate and want to make them proud, yet at the same time want to carve out their own identity. Zayn’s album, Mind of Mine, for instance, features lovely Qawwali-style tracks such as Intermission: Flower, which celebrate his cultural heritage while mixing it up with pedestrian R&B tunes that we can all get behind.

When Zayn was a Directioner, his annual Eid Mubarak message was retweeted and shared millions of times. As Ramadan approaches in a few weeks, Muslim teenagers will again get sick and tired of explaining the concept to their kafir pals. Zayn makes it all all right. He gets it.

He has a conscience. He’s ambassador to various charities such as the British Asian Trust, and bought a box for underprivileged children to watch football. He can be seen championing the Palestinian cause with model girlfriend Gigi Hadid (the most famous millennial cultural icon other than motivational speaker DJ Khaled). During the 2014 Israeli siege on Gaza, Malik got in trouble for posting #FreePalestine on Twitter. Lots of us cheered for him. Some balls for a teenybopper.

He’s a modern-day rebel without a cause; an Asian James Dean. He’s had problems with gf’s and band members – he’s been ostracised and he’s risen post-1D with a successful solo career. He’s a survivor and best of all, he’s one of us.

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Hi! I really love shooters, and often when discussing multiplayer FPS's the concept of 'Tickrate' comes up, with people always wanting a higher tickrate. Now, I don't see much of a response from game devs (with battlefield 4 being the major exception, doubling tickrate in an update). why is this?

Tickrate, for those who don’t know, is the speed at which the server of a multiplayer game updates itself. This has much to do with engineering and optimization because a high tick rate runs into potential performance issues. The higher the tick rate, the smoother the experience will feel because it means the server and game logic will react faster to the events that transpire during play.

When running a multiplayer game, the server’s job is to tabulate and process all of the events and things that happen during a given frame (or tick). For example, let’s say that during this frame of gameplay, Slagathor fires at Elliot while Molly crouches and primes a grenade. The server must:

  1. Process all movement updates (including animations) for all connected players and any NPCs to update orientation, position, and state
  2. Update the gun data (rounds in magazine, total rounds of ammunition) and any tabulation involving tracking needed statistics - kills, shots fired, accuracy, etc.
  3. Play Slagathor’s firing animation to update Slagathor’s hit boxes in case somebody decides to shoot at Slagathor
  4. Check if Slagathor hit Elliot, which means doing the following calculations:
    1. Check if Slagathor’s aim vector intersects Elliot’s current hit box. If the answer is yes, then do the following:
      1. Handle damage calculations to Elliot
      2. Queue Elliot’s damage and/or death animation for being shot
  5. Track the grenade data for Molly (how long it has been held)
  6. Prep and send data packets to send to all of the players so that their clients can play the appropriate sound/visual effects and update their view of what the other characters are doing (animation, position, etc.).

As you can see, this can get really complicated really fast. The server has to handle all of the game’s logic for all of the connected players and all of the AI and everything else. The higher the tick rate, the less time it has to do all of these calculations. Worse still, if the server isn’t dedicated (i.e. the server is also a player), the game also has to handle all of the client calculations for all the visual stuff too. In addition to all of this, the server also needs to package all of the data and send it to every player each tick so that the players can see what is going on. Doubling the tick rate doubles the bandwidth the server needs to run.

If you’ve got a server tickrate of 20Hz, you’re looking at 50ms of processing time between each update.  Doubling this to 40 means that you’re halving the amount of time to process - down to 25ms per frame to update. Having to update the entire game state in half the time can be a potentially difficult optimization problem, especially for a potential difference of only 25ms in reaction time for the player. Most humans can react in around 130-170ms to visual or auditory stimuli, and even then you need to factor in network latency as well, since that is time in addition to your human response time that you must spend waiting for the server to send you information. Thus, the gain from an increase in tickrate is generally minimal unless you’ve nearly eliminated network latency to begin with (<30ms). If you can do that, then a tickrate increase will have a much more visible effect. However, this is likely to be a very small fraction of the player base who can actually take advantage of this, and only those with very low latency will see the benefit. Since the vast majority of players will be playing online, the increased tick rate will only be beneficial for two main situations - competitions on a closed network, and those players who have really good connections that result in very low latency to the game servers.

A lot of the things that players blame on tickrate, like shots registering even after going behind a corner, isn’t necessarily so either - it could very well have been put there on purpose in order to help high-ping players compensate for their latency. Many other games like Team Fortress Classic had this very sort of feature for this very reason. This gets into the murky question of “How do you handle and compensate for players without great connections?”, mostly because the people without the great connections make up the vast majority of the player base. Obviously, not everybody can afford a fiber optic internet connection with <20ms latency. Most players have connections somewhere between 0 and 250ms of network latency because of a variety of factors including cost, location, internet service provider, and more. Increasing the server tickrate would actually give those with better connections a significant advantage during play over those who don’t have great ping. 

2016 Music Predictions

My pop music senses are tingling, it’s going to be a good year! Here we go with my 2016 predictions, which will probably be wildly inaccurate, but just for good fun!

• “Death of a Bachelor” becomes Panic! At The Disco’s first #1 album. It ends up selling around 250,000 copies in the US

• Adele’s “25” is by far the largest selling album of 2015, ending up around 25M copies WW by the end of the year.

• Iggy Azalea has an okay year. Her career wasn’t destroyed, like most people thought/hoped it was, though she never has another Fancy or even Black Widow sized hit. Team, the lead single from her album “Digital Distortion”, cracks the US Top 40. The album sales of “Digital Distortion”, however, are abysmal.

• Taylor Swift releases her sixth studio album in early Q4. It performs on-par/slight under Taylor’s monstrous success, and actually performs better WW than 1989, as Taylor proves herself as a pop star to foreign audiences. In early 2016, “Out of The Woods” performs very poorly on all metrics except radio due to a lack of promotion on Swift’s part and overexposure from the era.

• Lady Gaga’s return to the mainstream is powered by a sound returning to the 70’s and 80’s with disco & glam rock influenced pop helping her secure her 4th #1 US album & single with the LG5 campaign, which begins around her 30th birthday in March.

• At the GRAMMY’s, Alabama Shakes wins AOTY for their 2015 record “Sound & Color”. This win helps catapult the album past 1M US sales.

• Selena Gomez continues her most successful album campaign to date strong in 2016. Hands To Myself peaks within the Top 15 of the Hot 100, and is followed by the spring hit Sober. Gomez embarks on her most successful tour to date as well.

• Halsey continues to prove herself as the underdog female in the US pop scene, charting another song from “Badlands” despite low radio support.

• Katy Perry spends much of the year under the radar, working on her fourth studio album. The album, released in late 2016, shows Katy trying out a more mature and subdued sound, much like the second half of Prism. Several songs on the album are still recorded for ensured radio success, but even the hits experiment with a more tight production and a more expressive vocal delivery. The lead single is a very large fall/winter hit WW.

• Sia can’t seem to replicate her success from “1000 Forms of Fear” with a Chandelier-sized hit, but this doesn’t or shouldn’t concern her or her fans, who’ve known and enjoyed her music for almost two decades. “This is Acting” is met with quite positive reviews, and debuts in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200.

• The Weeknd slows down some from his absolutely massive 2015, however he continues to sell “Beauty Behind The Madness” quite well with a few US Top 20’s.

• Azealia Banks released her 2nd studio “Business & Pleasure” to high critical acclaim. The lead single charts on the Hot 100, something Azealia has not accomplished yet.

• Ariana Grande begins to redeem herself after the large commercial failure of her first single from “Moonlight”. Ariana Grande becomes a prime example of the future of popular music in 2016, with the singles from Moonlight failing to sell more than 1,000,000 copies but having massive streaming numbers, enough to warrant a 2x or even 3x platinum certification and chart within the Top 10 of Billboard from streaming & radio.

• Meghan Trainor continues her quite strong career, albeit with songs less massive than All About That Bass. She takes home Best New Artist at the GRAMMY’s and continues to remain in the public eye while working on her 2nd studio album with the continued longevity or Like I’m Gonna Lose You.

• twenty one pilots’s continues their rise to the mainstream with a seven week long stay of Stressed Out in the Hot 100 Top Ten and a platinum certification for both the song and the parent album of “Blurryface”.

• Justin Bieber continues his stay as the top male pop artist in the US, with two more #1’s from “Purpose”. The album goes on to sell 2M copies in the US.

• Both Shawn Mendes & Charlie Puth continue the US success they saw in 2015. They spend 2016 switching back and forth between the 2nd & 3rd spots for most powerful male pop star. Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away” gives him his first Top 20 Hit as lead artist, and Shawn Mendes’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer” also becomes a Top 20 Hit.

• Fifth Harmony’s second album contains their first Top 10 Hit. The album sells slightly better than the abysmal performance of “Reflection”.

• The 1975’s second LP “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It” debuts in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200.

• Demi Lovato continues to struggle to find US success as her “Confident” era is overshadowed by Selena’s “Revival” and Ariana’s “Moonlight”. Demi goes in 2016 unsure why her powerful vocals and pop appeal don’t connect with audiences, with several different & seemingly confused single choices from the album, all barely missing important achievements (Top 10, Top 20, Top 40). Her summer single is the only one that replicates close to the success of the lead “Cool For The Summer”

• Rihanna finally releases her 8th studio album, “ANTI” after over a three year wait. The album is a mixture of conflicted sounds, showing tension between her ideals & the label’s. The album, debuting with 215K SPS, is considered very hit or miss by critics, mixing a classic rock/RnB sound with more experimental urban trap. The album does spawn two more Top 10’s.

• Missy Elliot’s 2016 comeback album is moderately successful. It’s met with high critical and moderate commercial success, and spawns a US Top 20 hit for the summer.

• Gwen Stefani’s 2016 album fails to match the success of “Love.Angel.Music.Baby” or “The Sweet Escape”, but it is met with high praise from fans and a successful tour.

• Ellie Goulding has a hard time connecting her LP “Delirium” with US audiences. The promotion is shabby and the single choices are considered quite poor by fans and pop music observers. However, Goulding scores two more Top 20’s in 2016.

• Rachel Platten & Andy Grammer, two singer-singwriters who spent years trying to make it big in the US and experienced their first large successes in 2015, will have good years, with both scoring Top 40 hits.

Overall, I believe 2016 will be more favorable to artists who already have established careers. 2015 was the year of breakout artists, with The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Rachel Platten, Halsey, and more releasing songs & albums to much praise and success.

These are my 2016 predictions! Hopefully the positive ones come true, and the negative ones are proven wrong! Best of luck to all artists going in 2016! What are your predictions!