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Phineas Gage is one of the most famous patients in the history of neuroscience. He was 25 years old when he experienced a serious accident at his work place, where a tamping iron was shot through his head - entering under his eye socket at exiting through the top of his head - after an explosive charge went off. The tamping iron was over a metre long, and after exiting Gage’s head landed 25m away. 

Initially Gage collapsed and went into minor convlusions, but recovered quickly and was able to speak after a few minutes. He walked with little assistance to an ox-cart and was brought to a nearby physician. Initially the physician did not believe his story because he was in such good condition, but was convinced when: 

Mr. G. got up and vomited; the effort of vomiting pressed out about half a teacupful of the brain, which fell upon the floor.

Gage exhibited a number of dramatic behavioural changes following the accident. Harlow, the physician who initially treated Gage, described this change “He is fitful, irreverent, indulging at times in the grossest profanity (which was not pre­vi­ous­ly his custom), manifesting but little deference for his fellows, impatient of restraint or advice when it conflicts with his desires”. However the surgeon Henry Jacob Bigelow described his condition as improving over the course of recovery, stated he was “quite recovered in faculties of body and mind”. This may have been early evidence of neural plasticity. This recovery was also reported by a physician who knew Gage while he lived in Chile, who described his ability to hold on a full time job as a Concord coach driver, a job that required exceptional social skills.

Gage’s neurological deficits following his traumatic brain injury is thought to have been exaggerated and distorted over the course of history, to the point that he is often portrayed as a ‘psychopath’. Scientific analysis of the historical accounts of Gage’s life following his accident, namely by the psychologist Malcolm Macmillan, find that these distorted accounts are most likely untrue, and that Gage made a very good recovery.

Post-mortem analysis of the Gage case concluded that it was the left frontal lobe that was damaged in the accident, although further neurological damage may have resulted from infection. Combined examination of the Phineas Gage case with the other famous cases of Tan and H.M. have concluded that social behaviour, memory, and language are dependent on the co-ordination of a number of different brain areas rather than a single region.


It seems we are not getting an official music video for Slow Hands, what makes this one 👆 the official mv (since is the only one with the original version of SH)!!! So give it a rewatch (watching it is a blessing anyway😉), lets give it even more views and get more exposure for the song!!!

HERE in youtube, and if you feel like giving the acoustic version a bit of love too HERE


Cromlech de Crucuno, France

The Cromlech of Crucuno (or quadrilateral of Crucuno) is a megalithic complex located in Plouharnel, France. This set of 22 menhirs (standing stones) is one of a few known megalithic quadrilaterals.  The site was restored in 1882, only 9 of the stones were standing at the time. The angles of this enclosure are aligned with the cardinal points, the longest sides (33m) being aligned east to west, and the shorter sides (25m) aligned north to south. The name, Cromlech de Crucuno, is a misnomer since a cromlech is usually circular, not rectangular.

Click here to see a fantastic video of this site and many other nearby megaliths.

study tip#1 - reverse pomadoro

it’s a sunday, you have done a lot of work over the past week but don’t want to take a full day off, so you do the reverse pomadoro™

this is the idea that instead of doing 25m work and 5m chill, you do 25m chill and 5m work. this is great especially if you want to watch a tv show.

it works 12/10 times would reccomend

anonymous asked:

wait is the reason their jetpacks are weird and kinda faulty because different places have different gravity and they only have like one power setting? or like if they're only meant for zero g so they can like move around without getting stuck in space but they aren't really meant for on-planet flight bc that would make a lot of sense i think

This is a very good question and I think you answered it yourself already :P I really believe that they were only made for 0g, look at how small they are:

Keith was able to use it to bring himself to the other side of the cliff but the jetpack turned itself off before he had reached it:

So my theory is that they were definitely designed for 0g but have some kind of emergency setting that allows them to use up their full power in a few seconds. It might have been intended for when spaceships get blown up and you have to escape asap etc. The jetpack regains its power over time, Keith was able to use it again in the same episode after the cut.

[note: and that was on a planet with insane gravity. I calculated it a while back - Shiro said that he fell onto the planet at 25m/s² which is an acceleration and not a speed.

(quick extra info: when the lions got thrown out of the wormhole they were most likely super fast but their speed stayed constant because space is a vacuum with 0g and there’s nothing to slow them down. so at that point their acceleration was 0.)

Which means that the only thing that accelerated the lions could have been the planet itself. The planet has an acceleration force - a gravitational force - of 25m/s². To contrast: Earth’s gravitational force is at 9.81m/s². This planet had ~2.5 times of Earth’s gravitational force wHICH IS WHY IT IS A BAD IDEA TO LIFT THEIR VISORS THAT GRAVITATIONAL FORCE WOULD HAVE CHANGED THEIR BLOOD PRESSURE SO MUCH THAT IT WOULD HAVE MESSED UP THEIR EYESIGHT. They should have barely been able to stand actually.

But this is getting off track, point is, the jetpacks were most likely designed for 0g but have an extra super power emergency setting that’ll allow them to fly on planets with strong gravitational force.]


A new Guinness world record was set yesterday, 2.2.2017, in Tartu, at the grand opening of the Baltics’ largest electronics store.

The world record? A puzzle covering 25m², made out of 180 000 used batteries. The puzzle was made by Tartu Art College students.

These are the Calvert Cliffs, in Calvert County, MD on the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River, for which bluff erosion is a serious problem (up to 2 feet a year are lost). Given that Hannibal is set in the DC metro area, and the discussion of bluff erosion, these are the most likely (and only real viable) setting for the final scenes of 3x13. At maximum, the height of these cliffs above the waterline is 25m (82ft). (These are the highest waterfront cliffs within a several hundred mile range)

Cliff diving generally takes place at heights between 18m-45m, though with the wrong angle and/or too shallow water, a height of 6m (20ft) is enough to break bones.  Most often deaths from heights of 50ft and above are attributed to panicking upon hitting water, gasping for air and inhaling water, and the length of time it takes to surface from depths of up to 30ft. Hannibal makes a point of mentioning the erosion and depth of the water, so it is not at all unlikely that they would survive the fall, even with poor entry, though likely sustaining some damage from the impact. Also, neither Hannibal nor Will are likely to panic, and Hannibal is shown to be a strong swimmer. So. Yeah. They survived (and didn’t even need murder wizardry)!

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So what's your excuse for Freddie saying "dada" in Tammi's snap when she was showing Brett?

I’m going to publish this, anon, so that - and this is absolutely happening!!!!!! – when Louis totally denies that he ever had a child because he’s never touched a pussy that wasn’t a cat and he testifies in fake court that he didn’t have anything to do with the felonious birth certificate that he signed for the County of Ventura that said he was Freddie’s father that he didn’t take to the authorities then and there rather than do anything illegal because bad people with more money than his $25M net worth can do anything and nobody can ever stop them and that’s why we hear about the things they get away with in the news - because obviously they weren’t brought to trial - and the public completely accepts this because he’s finally able to suitably perform his relationship with Harry for them - this is crucial because the public has to be in love with their love and this is what prompts them to forgive Louis for using his 12 year old sisters to deny larrie and receive hate from the people who claim to be his fans -

I’m publishing this so that when the media comes to tumblr to unlock the mysteries of how Louis revealed the truth to his superfans over the course of 19 months with secondary colors and the print on his t-shirts, and the rogue but degenerate Clark family kept repeatedly posting snapchats that outed them, the media can look at this anon ask and say, “yes, this was the anon that cracked it open, in retrospect. This is where and why the investigative case started. Not with the accusations of incest or child abuse or coke use while responsible for the care of a child, or the birth certificate of a baby girl Clark born in November or December, the foster care facility baby farm, or the fact that multiple women have been accused of sexually assaulting Louis Tomlinson, or the vandalism of his late mother’s obituary. The case lay as though on the edge of a knife’s blade, and that edge was when tumblr user @emphaticlouie failed to adequately explain for that anon why baby girl Sydney/Skylar who answers to Freddie said what sounded like “dada” in the background of her REAL ABUSIVE MOM OF VENTURA COUNTY’s snapchat. In fact, she didn’t even try.”

I’ll bookmark this for you, anon. Let me know your name for full credit when TMZ comes for your story.