25: jeremy


Yes I’m home again today, my brother is taking my hours at work while I stay with Jeremy. He wants to get back to school but he’s having a hard time even getting out of bed, let alone go to school yet, with the ribs hurting. I have him in the living room on the couch, nice fire going and just trying to let him relax. One of his friends will come by after school with homework for the week for him. I honestly have to give credit to parents that work and take care of their kids too. All it takes is something like this to throw everything out of whack in your life. As you guys know, I love being able to stay home and be a dad! Since I’m here, I may as well catch up on the laundry! 😏

So far in Achievement Hunters Minecraft Skyfactory lets play

Geoff has a chicken farm and bred multiple types of chickens.

Jack has built a mob farm and maintains a regular farm.

Ryan has been maintaining the automations and built various energy sources the most recent being nuclear.

Micheal has done nothing as far as i can tell.

Gavin built the solar panels, and has been assisting Jeremy in whatever he is working on.

Jeremy learns how to do blood magic, alchemy, alter the atomic structure of items, build a death ray…and doesn’t know what to do with it. Right now he’s working on a portal to a magic world and I’m sure he’s not going to understand what the hell to do with it.