quick summary for recent arc and night 258 of magi: The fight of extreme magic
  • Hakuryuu and Alibaba fighting
  • Judal and Aladdin fighting (but more like watching fight show together)
  • Hakuryuu’s new Djinn equip is v impressive.
  • Alibaba is strong-willed.
  • Judal might had seen Aladdin’s underwear.
  • Hakuryuuu can use two djinn equip in the same time (equip one and use the function of another)
  • They lose something, mostly limb(s).
  • Currently in a tie as no one knows who fucking wins.

That’s all, for shippes, offer your bucket of tears to Ohtaka, Hakuryuu or Alibaba lovers, same; others lets hope we survive the rest of this arc (or your fave character/ships survive from Ohtaka)

Zodiac Signs as Chapters they Shouldn't Read in Magi
  • Aries:258
  • Taurus:258
  • Gemini:258
  • Cancer:257
  • Leo:probs 259
  • Virgo:255
  • Libra:258
  • Scorpio:257
  • Sagittarius:256
  • Capricorn:257
  • Aquarius:Alibaba and Hakuryuu why 258
March 3rd 2015, updates for fandoms I am in:
  • Magi (manga chapter night 258):*fans screaming and crying* *shippers screaming with blood tears*
  • Ansatsu kyoushitsu (manga chapter 128,9) :*terrified screams of horror as the plot takes the biggest twist in history and plot suddenly thickened*
  • Aldnoah.Zero (episode 20):*the jaws theme music playing in distance while Slaine haters/lovers clapping and screaming because he is so dead...*
  • Pandora Hearts (current chapter 103 and the approaching next chapter coming out date March 18th):*begging and praying for all remaining characters*
  • D.gray-man (hiatus after Night 218 since 2012) :*praying for it to come back as most people are like dying from the long wait*
  • Death Parade (first episode that story had been extended to next episode, current episode 8) onna:* eyes wide* they are both... murders!
  • Hetalia (I have no idea what is going on except Himaruya keep drawing characters in clothes being magically tear off into pieces and flushes face) Me:Homoruya.
  • Me:why am I in this mess.
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Entry #258
Excessive Pokémon

A gentle yet powerful Pokémon, Fludkip is known for over doing things. Whether it be accidentally flooding parts of the Hoenn region to rigorous gardening, the Fludkip will always find a way to overdo even the tiniest of things. Some people say that Fludkip itself is overdone, but that is up for debate. Training a Fludkip can be tricky, but with enough patience, it can learn anything with minimal damage to your local ecosystem. Scientists theorize that 90% of the Earth’s water comes from majestic Water Pokémon like this one.  But they might be stupid idiots, like this one. 

Evolves when it reaches LVL DERP