『横濱つんてんらいら』(橘沙羅 著、角川春樹事務所)装画

193mm x 254mm、600dpi、4570px x 5995px

Don’t Starve Inspired Magic: Charlie’s Shadow Board Mat

10′’x16′’ (254mm×406mm): 35.00 USD & FREE shipping

Have you ever wanted to contact the shadows that hunt those poor souls unfortunate enough to be trapped in the darkness of a wild limbo? Well now you can! The Charlie inspired Don’t Starve Spirit Board is 35.00 USD and ships for free. This product, like the Original Don’t Starve Tarot Deck, is printed on an per-order basis and only available through me, as per my arrangement with Klei Entertainment’s Merchandise Department. 

Please contact me through Tumblr IM or at faerendipitous@gmail.com to place orders.

And Save 20% - Send me the code “Higgsbury” when you order Charlie’s Shadow Board and the Original Don’t Starve Tarot Deck together for 55.00 USD and FREE shipping!