My Thoughts on Rebrand-Stunt 101( Focused rn on Zayn)

This is going to sound rushed cause i have a lot of thoughts rn but i just wanted to get it out in the open. I know everyone has their own opinions on the Sony leak that got released in April and wht stuck to me most was the fact that Sony was basically telling Syco to give up on 1D because Sony didnt see a future with 1D. Im not sure of the date exactly but I think the email/discussion took place sometime in 2013. I think Simon however saw the obvious future potential with 1D and made a plan. Now if I rem correctly Azoff was introduced by Simon to Harry during 2013. Why did this need to happen? Because Simon/1D weren’t happy with Modest’s tactics used to manage 1D. Modest has shown to be incompetent and overwork the boys while only wanting to make as much money from them as possible before they go. 1D needed a more equipped team to show Sony that they did have a successful financial future. Azoff and Simon both worked together to make a plan for the boys and to show Sony proof that the 1D band and brand is going to be a profit in the future. 

Shahid aka Naughty Boy -  What follows is pure speculation. I read somewhere Shakil Ashraf is connected to Sony and Naughty Boy I think is connected to Shakil by working together on NBs album. Since Simon is connected to Sony I think Simon was introduced to NB by Shakil. Simon/Azoff? saw a potential to use NB in their rebrand plan both as a “villain” for the stunt that is happening right now and as a way to attract the asian community crowd. From this NB could gain exposure as a producer and get his clients names out to the public. Based on the photo going around of NB, Shakil and Zayn, I thought that Zayns first meeting with NB was at the 2014 Asian Awards when in reality NB stated that he met Zayn at the Brit Awards Feb 2014. The article below makes it seem like it was a natural friendship formed by common music taste and similar backgrounds but it makes more sense for Simon to have introduced him when Simon figured out NB could be in his rebrand plan. I’m not saying that NB and Zayn did not end up as friends just that the first meeting was planned. Sending any hate to NB or even labelling him as a jerk rn is sad to see when he is being used in this rebrand stunt which will  I agree ultimately help NB but look through any of his videos and you will see an honest,loyal, and funny guy unlike his twitter persona that was and still made to make him seem like the villain since the time NB agreed to Simon’s terms.


One Chance to Dance - IMO, One Chance to Dance was used as a ploy to start the narrative that there was a rift bw Zayn and OT4. When and why was a rift being played out in the press? The press commented that OT4 felt like the song wouldn’t fit the albums style when in reality we know OT4 has no power over picking the tracks on the album. Who is in charge of picking? Syco. But what did NB make it seem like with his tweets around Sept/Oct 2014 and the statements that he made to the press? That Simon loved the song and that he thought it was the best track from the unfinished album. So who was NB making it seem like he was mad at? The writers of Steal my Girl which most of us assumed was a shade towards Modest [from the articles at tht time]. This was a prelude to the Zayn “leaving” 1D stunt. During the winter break when Zayn should have been seen with Perrie or OT4, we instead saw tons of Zaughty pics being tweeted. What did this accomplish? Making fans fear. The narrative made it seem like seeing Zayn being distant towards OT4 is a sign that he is thinking about a solo career because he was mad his song wasnt chosen by the boys and as a result setting up the villain role for NB since most fans thought that he was using Zayn for fame now. Also at that time, Zayn was more active on twitter doing fan service to boost his image and gain loyalty from his fans for the leaving stunt that is to come. Other instances where Zayn was absent that made the rift seem believable- Jays wedding, Today Show, 2014 MTV EMA via video msg [see link below], and Zayn leaving early for one of the OTRA concert [fan reports?]. BTW, this was multiple ministunts that IMO Simon created for the rebrand plan not Modest like some fans thought since Modest knew they were on their way out and had no gain from these stunts. This song OCTD is going to come back IMO for the fifth album as it keeps its name in the press and gains attention.


Drug Rumors- IMO, all drug rumours were planted by Simon as part of the rebrand. To those that were there for the weed video, many agree that this was a stunt played out to rebel against Modest when that was also a rebrand stunt as well as a rebel against Modest. I just dont think the boys are allowed to rebel without Simon’s consent. To be brief, I dont think Modest was pleased with this because they only wanted to cater to a younger demographic because they’re lazy and its easier. Modest made Liam apologize on twitter because I think Simon didnt want Louis and Zayn to get rid of their bad boy image for the rebrand and as a compromise allowed Modest to bring Sophia back as a beard:( I have to say that I’m still not sure whether Louis actually said that offensive word or not in tht video but the way the press jumped on it makes me think the word was said on purpose and scripted or that it was a mispronunciation. Another drug reference happened on the today show, where Matt Lauer brought up the drug rumors and made it seem like the fans were concerned. I think questions are screened so how would that come up? Simon obviously wanted this question to be brought up to fit with his rebrand which we know influenced fans’ opinion of Zayn later on.

Zayn Leaving- I believe this was done for multiple reasons which involved a specific timeline and a story where there’s a villain, redeemer, climax and an emotional reunion as I saw ppl mentioning on tumblr. Also, Little Mix is partially popular due to Zayn’s link to Perrie which needs to be kept if they are to release their single and future album/tour. Who benefits from Little Mix? Syco and Modest. During the near end of the tour, Louis and Zayn were shown clubbing a lot through fan pics. This acted in 3 ways i think- a rebrand opportunity, a way to make Louis single later on and for the “cheating” picture to be surfaced that made Zayn leave the tour for a break. And then Zayn leaves officially via FB yet is still managed by Modest from what we can see. Fast Forward to present day. We can see the rebrand working through Zayn at the asian awards,  I wont mind demo, Bollywood rumours, and twitter fights [also acting as a 1D separation for a reunion]. This sudden U.S. publicity that 1D is getting is good promo for them since 1D have been so let down by Modest this past year since Modest were on their way out. This could be the work of Simon/Azoff teaming up together right now. I dont know if Simon realized the backlash would go this far when the second twitter fight left Zayn losing a lot of followers or maybe they wanted that knowing that some of those fans would still return after Zayn reunites with OT4. Either way, there was damage control done the next day with those Zayn with fans pics. Once again, why would Modest care to do that?

Zarry- During this past week I think, I’ve been noticing articles dropping hints that Harry is mad with Louis over the twitter fights and that he is tired of this childish drama instead wanting to focus on their music. Dan Wooton if I remember correctly is given exclusives by Simon Jones who is connected to Simon Cowell not Modest. Dan got into a fight with Yahoo Celebrity on twitter over copying his exclusive. His Cold Shou1der article mentioned Harry being upset with Louis over this fight. Now why is Dan fighting over this copied article and giving attention to himself? Because he’s going to get permission from Simon Jones to post about Harry reaching out to Zayn [which will happen soon and is talked about below] just like his article made it seem like. And Dan will get known for his credible sources as well as for being right. I also remember reading about a tearful 2 hour phone call that happened b/w Zayn and Harry right after Zayn left the band via FB. Why write this? To bring this back to use when Zayn does come back in the summer and reunite with 1D.

Summer- Summer is a recurring word in this because Zayn tweeted on 4 feb that he “hopes summers ready” and NB tweeted about summer recently hinting that something good is coming this summer. Perries instagram also had the caption Summer. Little Mix is releasing their single May 26 giving Zayn a chance to finish promoting Little Mix soon. Honestly, I feel like this is hinting at something good to come which could be either the actual summer date or what I want to be the Summertime Ball which would be the best time to bring back Zayn like Sasha said because interest is hard to capture and this stunt will be hard to drag on. So by bringing Zayn back for Summertime it would be a good new story to write about, make the fans happy about and still keep the new crowd 1D attracted interested . Dragging this out too long can damage 1D which SImon knows not to do and I do see the rebrand working. But kind of figuring out this theory exhausted me and I cant bear to imagine how the boys must have felt having to agree to these rebrand conditions early on. They’ve consistently shown to be brave and I have no words to describe their loyalty to each other. 

At this point in time, I have a feeling that Modest is either out or on their way out for good before the 5th album drops this year based on what I’m witnessing right now.

To all the fans that have stayed by Zayn’s side, you deserve nothing but the best. To all the fans that have supported OT4 and shaded Zayn, there is more to this story than you would like to believe and only time will tell. I just want to also say that there is absolutely no reason for throwing out all logic and accepting this narrative when everything points to this being a stunt like Sasha said. Some of you are obviously being influenced or stressed out and that’s sad to see.. Love you all that have supported Zayn and stood up for him when it was hard to and I know that it’s hard to watch this play out but there’s hope like Zayn said and to keep the faith like Liam and NB said. At the same time, you are the most important person so it’s important to take care of yourself first and to take a break when it gets hard.The rest of the boys have shown again and again that they are there for Zayn and that’s what matters. I have to go now but the last important thing to remember is that anyone related to 1D had their twitters used to fit this rebrand that we are seeing right now. More to point out later… xx

P.S I want to thank Shahid for giving so many hints about this rebrand on his twitter. He’s a great guy. <3

なるかみの, すこしとよみて,
A faint clap of thunder,

Clouded skies,

Perhaps rain will come.

If so, will you stay here with me?

なるかみの, すこしとよみて,
A faint clap of thunder,

Even if rain comes or not,

I will stay here,

Together with you.

—  万葉集 11, 2514 - 2513 (Man’yōshū vol. 11, verse 2514 - 2513),
from the movie 言の葉の庭 (The Garden of Words).
Jumpscares for Mark's FNAF III Videos part 2 and 3

Part II - Times listed a few seconds before the scare.

7:35 (mark screams very loudly)
8:30 (loud screeching audio) until 8:41
11:16 (double scare)

Part III - Times listed a few seconds before the scare

4:58 to 5:12
7:14 to 7:29
8:40 to 8:54 (loud screeching audio)
10:04 to 10:18 (loud screeching audio)
12:33 to 12:40 (loud screeching audio)
13:08 to 13:25

Soul Mates (DeanxReader oneshot)

Request: Please can you do this? Where the imagine starts off with a craftsmen (who is a prophet) making two identical samulets. Then is informed to drop it off at the readers house and the other at the bunker. When they receive it, the reader and Dean both go to the shop who sent it (they don’t know each other) and meet each other for the first time? And it’s written in the natural order that the reader and Dean must meet because they’re destined to be together? Sorry it’s so specific 😂

A/n: So i know this was at like the bottom of my list of requests but it was so cute I had to write it :3

Words: 2514

Warnings: Fighting, swearing?

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