• Goods for the mini live on the 31st of July. In order of the images, there are T-shirts (2500 yen), muffler towels (1500 yen), trading can badges (there are 12 trading badges in all, 400 yen) and acrylic keyholders (800 yen each). Priority sales begin at 1:30 pm and go until 3:30 pm and thereafter, only people attending the event can get the merchandise.
  • Remember to check out Radio the VEPPer on Sundays 6:30 pm on Super! A+G if you can.

Electro is seeming to be impossible to get, the hp of mysterio was 780 in streak 4, now it’s jumped to 2500 in streak 5, I’m thinking streak 7 will be 10,000hp. As mysterio is also gaining his health back after each attack, mission board only drops 2 gas masks each quest every on average 6 hours, sometimes doesn’t even show. With the addition of i don’t even know when episode 5 ends, as it’s blank, with no response when I asked them at the start. Worst event so far, at least the characters look cool.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've always wondered if the academy supplies the girls with their shoes? If they had to pay for them themselves, that'd be an awful lot of money!

I did some digging and this is what I found. Studying at VBA is very expensive (at least by Russian standards): around USD$1500-$2000 a month. This includes accommodations, food, classes, uniform, etc.

The academy occasionally supplies the shoes, but it’s not a regular occurrence and parents mostly have to pay for uniform and shoes themselves. Those children who participate in professional practice (performances at the Mariinsky and other theatres) generally receive shoes for the performance from the academy. According to one parent, uniform and shoes cost them around USD$250 a month. A pair of Grishko pointe shoes costs roughly 2800 roubles = USD$45. A standard Grishko leotard is around 2500 rouble = USD$38.57. It’s very likely that VBA students get a significant discount, though I don’t have any evidence of this.

According to info published on VBA’s official website, the tuition for international students is USD$17,000 a year. No mention of shoes and uniform on this list:

  • Accommodation at the on-site dormitory
  • 5 meals per day at the VBA cafeteria with a balanced menu, supervised by the VBA nutritionist
  • Classical dance training (duh)
  • Russian language intensive course
  • 24 hour a day security
  • Opportunity to receive complimentary tickets to Mariinsky Theatre and Mikhailovsky Theatre ballet performances
  • Participation in ballet performances on the stage of Mariinsky Theatre, the Hermitage Theatre and the School Theatre of the Vaganova Ballet Academy
  • Medical Care
  • Airport  transfers with assistance from the Academy staff upon arrival to St. Petersburg International airport

this one Stupid Idiot thought he could cap my gym and leave a vaporeon with 2500 cp but guess what chump it’s 12am and while you’re sleepin in bed, im here, in the comfort of my own home, taking back the gym and putting my sucky ponyta to reap the pokecoin benefits WITHOUT FAIL

The Pink of His Lips

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a3EA41

by seitsemannen

Jackson had been stealing glances at Mark’s lips for far too long, imagining what it would be like to kiss them, bite them, to have them trail down his body, and how Mark would sound, breathless beneath his body. It was no good. It was dangerous, and Jackson was developing feelings that were certainly not alright to be directed towards another member of his group.

If only Jackson would open his eyes and notice that Mark was looking at him too, frustrated and longing.

Words: 2500, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a3EA41

Well, what do you know. Somehow this trash blog run by a trash cat managed to accumulate over 2,500 followers as of July 21st. I don’t know why…? Why over 2,500 people would want to even read this crap blog? Maybe you’re all just bot accounts. But you know what? If that is the case, you’re all really nice, wonderful bots accounts.

So as a token of thanks, I’d really like to do something for you all. But I don’t really have any skills or talents or can do you something creative. So I’m kind of just going to give you some stuff that I have around my room. Yep. You’re playing for a chance to win my stuff. You can find out more about all that, plus the rules, after the break.

And ALSO, a super fancy bonus. If this post manages to get over 1,000 notes by the deadline, minus my own reblogs, I will post a picture of my honest to goodness goddamn face. And then you’ll see why I say I’m ugly so often. But it’s of little consequence ‘cause I know it won’t get near that many notes! Hahahahahaha!!

Anyway, the deadline is the end of August 14th. Like I said, please be sure to check the rules for how to enter. And seriously, thank you so much for following. I’m really flattered that my work has had even this kind of impact.

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DGM 223 translation notes & reaction post

Here we go again!

[ STARBUDS RELEASE - DGM 223 ] (@Batoto)

First off, thanks and credits:

  • Swny ( @krorys​ ) acquired the raws, cleaned them and typeset the entire translation. Considering her swamped schedule, the amount of time and effort she’s put into this over the last two days verges on heroic. Huge thanks go out to her for all of that.
  • I wrote the base translation, of course, and then I had three wonderful volunteer proofers go through it to look for errors and discuss the nuances with me. I owe endless thanks to @togaochi (part of the original team), @komochizuki and @sunset-tower, all of whom caught things I missed and made substantial and often beautiful improvements to the script. (If any of you want to do this again next time, the invitation stands. ♥)


Under the cut I’ll explain some of the choices I made, tell you about an untranslatable thing or five, theorize, and do a healthy amount of flailing.

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China: A Prisma Tale

Visual experiment from District 7 combines timelapse shots taken in China and painstakingly processes each individual frame with style transfer photo app Prisma:

Each frame of the 1 minute and 20 second video had to be processed via the Prisma App which took almost 80 hours to complete. The processing/rendering was at the mercy of the servers. Most of the project had to be completed between 11pm and 4am EST because the app would freeze or shutdown due to overloaded serves or too many users on at the same time.

Thankfully the algorithm used to create the painting-like scene(s) was very consistent when it came to processing the images. The total video was approximately 2500 frames and took a bit of ingenuity to stitch together.

By the end of the project (which took around 5 days to produce) my fingers were numb and eyes bloodshot. The worst part was the constant repetition of taking the photo, processing the photo, moving 1 frame forward, and then saving the image. Sometimes I would forget to do a step and have to start over completely. It was mind-numbing work to say the least!  

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Beauty and the Beast 17" Limited Edition Dolls. All three available for preorder August 2 in Store and August 3 online. $119.95 US Dollars each. Belle Edition Size: 5000 Beast Edition Size: 3500 Gaston Edition Size: 2500

The story of Beauty and the Beast enchanted the world 25 years ago. To celebrate this cherished classic, Disney Store is excited to announce the pre-sale of Limited Edition Dolls inspired by this magical story.

Introducing the Limited Edition Belle, Beast and Gaston Dolls!

Beginning August 2, all three Limited Edition dolls will be available for pre-order in select stores, and atDisneyStore.com on August 3.

Belle Limited Edition Doll

Global Edition: 5,000  –  $119.95 US / $149.95 CAN

From her humble origins, Belle’s transformation into an elegant princess has never been better exemplified than with this spectacular limited edition doll. Created exclusively by Disney Store Artists, it’s worthy of a true Beauty.

Beast Limited Edition Doll

Global edition: 3,500  –  $119.95 US  /$149.95 CAN

You’ll want to judge this limited edition Beast doll by its beautiful coverings, until you realize how deeply he touches your heart. The sumptuous fabrics and royal detailing betray a princely presence under his gruff exterior.

Gaston Limited Edition Doll

Global edition: 2,500  –  $119.95 US / $149.95 CAN

Not a doll in town is as admired as our limited edition Gaston, a pure paragon of designer perfection. From his full, styled hair to his faux leather boots, fine brocades and golden details are to be expected. No one says “no” to Gaston!

While supplies last. Limited quantities. Limit 1 per Guest.

1000 Followers Special - Mod Eri presents... A Fluffy Winter’s Day w/ Fuyuhiko x Reader !!

So this is super late, but I’m glad to have poured my heart and soul into this! I am very proud of it tbh, and now that this is done, I can focus on better things for the blog! I really hope you guys like it, it’s more than 2500 words :’) Thank you all for your patience! Without further ado… HERE IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FOR 8000 YEARS ~ Mod Eri

*putting this under a read more bc it’s SO INCREDIBLY LONG

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I woke up to see the blog crossed the 2300 follower mark

Originally posted by marilynmay

I cannot thank you all enough. The support I feel from each of you means so much. Not only do you love my work, but so many of you have reached out to me through some really rough shit that has happened this year. I am so proud of our little group of darlings. You all mean the world to me and each like, reblog, comment, anon or otherwise, makes me smile. It makes me feel loved and I just want to thank you again for that. I would not be here without you. This blog is as much my own work as it is all of yours. I am humbled by you. I could honestly cry from how a brilliant all of you are to me.  

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Mafumafu @ NatsuComi Announcement (072216)

Mafumafu: “[NatsuComi Announcement ①]

We will be releasing a DVD called “Even Hikikomoris (Shut-ins) Want to Travel!”!!!!! The 5 of us Mafumafu, Soraru, Amatsuki, luz, & Master ZimuinG at Karuizama!! What the heck!!!!! Is this!!!!!

At Venue 2000 yen, Online Order 2500 yen (Includes Product Bonus)




Mafumafu: “[NatsuComi Announcement ②]

Preorders have just begun now! You can also preorder at the stores! The Animate bonus is one of the members’ can badges (randomly chosen)! You might even win an item with Mafumafu’s autograph on it through a raffle? We will be selling on the 3rd day of NatsuComi at “Mafumarepu Syndrome” you khow-!”

Luz: (RT of Mafumafu’s tweets) “What is this!!!!”

ZimuinG: “I led them (through the trip) >RT”

Amatsuki: (RT of Mafumafu’s tweets) “Ay! We had a hyper happy time at Karuizawa! We were quite the collected group of members huh (serious face)
Everyone had masks on so I also put on a mask”