Stone statue of Kurlil

From Tell al-‘Ubaid, southern Iraq
Early Dynastic period, about 2500 BC

The British Museum


The chargeback situation just escalated. They literally fucking chargebacked the transactions TWICE. The exact same transactions that were chargebacked last time in April. Now twice the money is being taken out of my account.

What in the ever living fuck is this? How the fuck is it okay to not only take the money you spent back, but then take DOUBLE of it? 

I just

It’s not even $2500 anymore, it’s now $5000. NOT INCLUDING FEES. Are you fucking kidding me that I have to pay another $700 to dispute the exact same transactions yet again? Before I even have a result from the first round of chargebacks on these transactions?

How the fuck is this okay? My account is now in the negative thousands of dollars more!

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Sometimes I look at these houses and cry bcs I live in a 1 bedroom/900 sq ft apartment and it's $2500 a month. Do not ever move to Calgary.

lucky you

 i’d do terrible things to have $2500/mo rent even be an option

Help Ladies Night Anthology #3 happen!

In February of 2012, an enterprising young comics fan named Hannah found herself wishing for a community where she could talk to other awesome women about shared nerdy loves.  Thus, Ladies’ Night at Graham Cracker Comics was born!


Three years later, and we are putting together the third volume of an anthology that features original comics from more than twenty contributors.

This volume is your guide to all things magic and mystical–think of it as wizarding school with a much better deal on tuition.

To make all this awesomeness happen, we need some cash on hand to print the book and some amazing original artwork in the form of prints, stickers, and patches.  Your contribution to our $2500 goal will help us with:

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  • Marketing online and in person at events like C2E2 (Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) and Free Comic Book Day.

Any money left over will contribute to starting up a fourth (and fifth) volume of the anthology as well as running our meetings–all of our contributors are volunteering their time and talent.

Contribute at any level and you get the digital PDF of the full anthology, but there’s also a bunch of amazing swag and art that is available.  We’re even taking advertisers to help defer the cost of printing.

There are may levels at which you can contribute, each more enchanting than the last. Check out just some of the perks available below!


Get more info on IndieGoGotwitter, Facebook and the Ladies Night Anthology website

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That person getting upset over your calories intake is rally uneducated. Professional athletes like body builders need 8000+ calories a day. Michael Phelps eats 21000 when he's training. 2500-3500 is just average. They need to calm down

FOR REAZ. I guess it just blows some people’s minds that they can actually eat enough food and not get fat.

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I think the person living in Calgary is complaining at the cost of living in Calgary. Unfortunately moving to where you live with a decent rent isn't an option. Western Canada with your rent is a shit box in the downtown Eastside. Educate yourself. Standard of living and the housing market is different everywhere.

Lmao leave

I can find hundreds of apartments in Calgary for under $2500 a month and like if someone is annoyed they’re spending 2.5k a month in rent then they need to reevaluate

No where did I suggest they move to where I live and you should prob take your own advice and ~~educate yourself and practice reading comprehension bc I said one sentence to them and it had absolutely nothing to do with moving, cost of living, et cetera

see ya!

Writing a paper the night before it's due
  • 6pm:yeah I got this. 2500 words isn't bad. Let's knock this sucker out
  • 9pm:maybe I shouldn't have spent an hour reading fanfic. Oh well I still have plenty of time
  • 12am:just gotta get another 1500 words, that isn't too bad
  • 1am:slap the words down as fast as you can
  • 2am:let's see... 2000 words should be long enough
  • 3am:proofreading? Hah it's fine
  • Next morning:*turns in 2000 words of absolute shit* perfect. Gonna get an a+
  • Weeks later:C- wtf I worked so hard on this

holy shit there’s almost 2.5 k of you following this motherfuckin blog. gosh. i don’t know most of you, but you all make me really happy and it’s nice to know that there’s potentially 2500 people out there who identify me as tumblr user twinkwolf and who reblog by edits and who put up with my horrible blogging style and shameless self promotion and relentless commitment to teen wolf, the dying fandom of the worst show on television. i feel like i would get along with all of you. so if you haven’t unfollowed me yet, thank you and ily. you’re so patient and kind. i would have quit me a long time ago 

hilarious things about people who hate:
1. we do our research and dont lift from shops that hurt minimum wage workers. cut it out with your guilt shit. we know how not to hurt them.
2. we do have jobs. it doesnt mean we have money to freely spend.
3. you dont go to jail for lifting. do you know anything about the justice system??? thats the stupidest assumption i’ve heard.
4. if you pay it off, lifting doesnt even go on your criminal record unless youve committed grand theft, which in most states is over $2500 from a single store in a single trip. aint no one doing that shit.
5. probably the most hilarious thing ive heard is people saying “youll get caught for all the other things youve stolen before too!!!!!!!!!!! and youll have to pay!!!” like, okay, the cops gonna come into my house and look at everything i got and ask for a reciept or what? feel free to tell me how that works. and before you say “your blog!!!!” it doesnt work that way.

its like, damn, people think we’re just gonna commit a crime and then not research it? your fuel to guilt us are false and aint working. nice try though.

In Burren National Park, Ireland. This is Poulnabrone Dolmen, Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, a famous tomb at The Burren.

Although it is 1 of 70 tombs, this dramatic site, on the karstic limestone pavement of the Burren, is one of the most famous Irish dolmens. 

The name Poulnabrone literally means ‘The hole of the sorrows’. The thin capstone sits on two 1.8m (6ft) high portal stones to create a chamber in a 9m (30ft) low cairn. The eastern portal stone was replaced in 1985, following a discovery that it was unfortunately cracked; excavations during the repair showed that this site dated back to about 2500 BC. 

Uncremated remains were found in the chamber, its portico, and in the grykes (crevices in the limestone floor). In particular, there were the main body bones of one newborn baby, six juveniles, and 16-22 adults. Only one of the adults lived beyond 40 years, and the majority were under 30 when they died. An analysis of all the fragments of disarticulated bones revealed a hard physical life and a coarse diet; it was further proved that the bones were naturally defleshed elsewhere (by exposure or burial) and only then moved within the chamber at Poulnabron.” 

Photo by Eric Atkins

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I eat about 2500+ calories a day without working out a lot. I even eat vegan junk food sometimes. I've been eating like this for 6 months now and i didn't gain a pound, so..

Yeah babeeee

朝鮮日報/朝鮮日報日本語版 ワシントン=ユン・ジョンホ特派員



this essay i’m writing is amazing because it has to be 2500 words but only 2 cited sources are required… i wrote a paper earlier this semester that was only 2000 words and i had 15 sources. whata re you supposed to write about for 10 pages if you only have 2 sources