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I am vegan. and have been for five months. lately i have been SO HUNGRY. to the point where i can eat bowls and bowls of fruit and i feel like I've eaten nothing. what do you think is the problem.

eat bowls and bowls of fruit then! i eat at least 2500 calories a day, often 3000 calories. it can feel like a lot but our bodies need this fuel and nourishment! as long as you keep it high carb, low fat, low sodium, you shouldn’t have a problem with weight gain. do you come from a background of calorie restriction? unfortunately most people (myself included) come from restrictive diets into the vegan lifestyle. since our bodies need so many more calories then we have fed ourselves over the past months/years/decades, our bodies are deprived. so once we start nourishing ourselves with the right plant foods, our bodies ask for more and more and more and we might feel like our stomach is a bottomless pit. don’t worry if you eat all day long and eat far more calories then you used to. your body is asking for the calories because it NEEDS them to recover from past abuse (by abuse i mean calorie restriction, nutrient deficiency, toxic food intake, etc).

you might also want to eat more grounding foods at night to feel satisfied instead of just fruit. plant foods like rice, oats, potatoes, root veggies, veggie soup, lentil soup, roasted veggies, etc that are warmer and heartier can help you feel more satisfied. just try to keep the oils and fats to a minimum.

you might want to track your intake in cronometer for a week or so to get an accurate sense of your intake. sometimes we might think we are eating a lot because it is a large volume, but since many fruits are so low calorie its not actually all that much. aim for 2000 calories at the very least and for 80% of your calories to come from carbohydrates. you might also notice you aren’t eating enough of a certain vitamin or mineral, so you can adjust your diet accordingly. also make sure you are drinking enough water and are well hydrated! it’s easy to confuse thirst with hunger.

hope this helps my love! <3


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Why am I not happy on this hclf lifestyle? I'm barely eating now :(

you’re probably not happy because you’re barely eating!!! if you’re gonna go hclf, you HAVE to eat enough food. As in, 2500+ calories!

maybe you’re not happy on this lifestyle because hclf isnt for you?? i don’t follow hclf because every time i try to i just crave healthy fats haha, so i always include some healthy fats in my diet (peanut butter, avocado, hummus, coconut milk, etc.) every body is different and we’re not all gonna thrive on the same macronutrient intake. listen to your body and find what works for you :) xx


I let race trump rape

“Like many of the women who say they were assaulted by Bill Cosby, it took me two decades to gain the courage to reveal it publicly. His accusers – mostly white, so far – have faced retaliation, humiliation and skepticism by coming forward. As an African American woman, I felt the stakes for me were even higher. Historic images of black men being vilified en masse as sexually violent sent chills through my body. Telling my story wouldn’t only help bring down Cosby; I feared it would undermine the entire African American community.

…Admitting that Cosby is a rapist would feel like giving in to white America’s age-old stereotypes about black men. It would be akin to validating fears that African American men are lustful and violent. It would be taking away one of our greatest and most inspiring role models – one many African Americans feel we can’t afford to lose.

…Soon after I told my story, I ran into a successful African American photographer who asked me, ‘Sister, is it true?’ The tone of his question made it sound like our father had died. ‘I’m sorry, brother, but it is true. Do not let this weaken you in any way,’ I told him.

Cosby was once a source of hope for many African Americans. But fictional icons like him should not wield so much power over our collective spirit. Our nation’s greatest African American heroes have been on the front lines of Civil Rights efforts, not in our television sets. They are in the mothers and fathers who fought real-life challenges to raise us and in the teachers and professors who worked long hours to educate us. Bill Cosby did not lead the March on Washington, and ‘The Cosby Show’ didn’t end racism. The only legacy at stake is of one entertainer, not of black manhood, as I once feared.” Excerpted from an article by Jewel Allison for the Washington Post.

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Photo by Yana Paskova for The Washington Post

dandelion & burdock, part iv

a uni/indie au

read on tumblr | read on 1dff

Frances stays by the door with the ability to shut out cacophony, staring in awe at the panels before her. Dials, levels, turntables, mics, relics of the nineties compared to Zayn’s so-battered-how-is-it-even-still-functioning Macbook (not even Pro), an AUX cord plugged in to send his tunes out on the airwaves.

“Am I even allowed to be in here?” Frances asks, folding Zayn’s jacket over a stool.

Bound, Part 2

Band Member: Michael
Type: Vampire AU
Request: “ Honestly… I just really need a vampire!michael where he takes you for your amazing blood ( O- or something I read that’s their fav) bc he needs a ‘blood slave’ And he falls in love with you, and starts to want to make you feel good while he drinks your blood instead of hurting you like it did in the beginning” - Anon.
Details: Please read Bound, Part 1 first! 

They must have been able to hear how your heart had started to race in panic, the blood they craved rushing through your veins and calling out them, igniting their thirst. Michael let go of your waist, stepping defensively in front of you, a physical barrier between him and the boy at the door.
He’d told you more about his sire, sparing no gruesome details. Calum, like most of their kind, liked to inflict pain. He kept his prey half alive for weeks at a time, bringing them to the edge of death with bites and knives and fists, refusing to let them go until their bodies were too broken for him to play with. Then he’d drain them, agonisingly slowly, watching the life fade from their eyes.
“Why don’t we go out and hunt?” Michael suggested, trying to sound nonchalant, the tension in his body giving him away. “She’s on recovery time; I took too much from her yesterday.”
Calum frowned, leaning on the doorframe.
“Don’t lie to me, Michael. I can smell her blood from here, she’s fine.”
He whistled; a sharp, piercing burst that echoed around the room. Footsteps thundered from past the door, coming down from above. Another boy appeared beside Calum, tall and broad shouldered, eyes focused on you and Michael as his teeth chewed at the piercing in his lip.
Michael moved away, stepping out of the cell and locking it behind him, slipping the key into his pocket. Calum rolled his eyes.
“Well then at least go with Luke and fetch the ones I have waiting upstairs. We were going to take them with us, but we can eat here instead.”

Michael hesitated, glancing over his shoulder at you. You could see the debate he was having in his head, deciding whether or not to leave you down here with Calum. The cell was designed to keep you in, not to keep others of his kind out. It would offer you no protection if Calum decided he wanted you. But if he refused, he risked angering the one person who could force him to do something much worse.
He was gone in a second, Luke following close behind. The door clicked shut behind them, Calum slowly stepping towards you. You felt your heart rate increase as you shrank back against the wall, his smug expression telling you he was well aware of your fear.
“Don’t think for a second that he cares what happens to you, girl. I know what he’s told you.” He smirked, hands gripping the iron bars of your cell. “That he’s not like the others? That he doesn’t want to hurt you? It’s lies.”
You averted your gaze, staring down at the floor and trying to ignore him. Michael had told you about the mind games Calum liked to play, driving people to the point of madness just to see them destroy themselves, all for his own entertainment. But how could he know what Michael had said to you when the two of you were alone?

“He doesn’t see you as anything more than a sack of blood.”
You shook your head, trying to blot out his words. They were too easy to believe, but you refused to give him the satisfaction of thinking he’d won. Michael was changing; he’d spent hours talking to you, he was gentle with you, he’d kissed you. He was winning against the urges that pressed against him, rejecting them, trying to be more human than beast.
“He tricked you.” Calum hissed. “Your blood tastes a thousand times better if you’re happy; he’s only doing it so he gets a better fucking meal.”
The words hit you like a truck; your breath catching in your throat as your head whipped up to look at him. He was leering down at you, teeth bared in an arrogant grin. He knew he was breaking you down, and although you wanted to fight it, you couldn’t stop what he was saying from getting under your skin.
“He’s getting you with the old Stockholm Syndrome cliché. Look at you. You’re in a cage. If you were anything more to him than blood, why would he keep you like this?”

Your knees buckled, and you slid down the wall to the floor. You stared down at your wrists, damaged and torn, your neck throbbing with the bruises and wounds Michael had left you with. Calum was telling the truth; Michael didn’t feel anything for you. You were a slave for him, available at any time for him to feed from. The conversation was a ruse, forcing you to abandon your hopeless mentality and improve how you tasted for him. And the kiss. It was all planned.
Calum stepped back, letting go of the bars and moving a few feet away just in time for Michael to appear at the doorway. His infuriated scowl faded into a mask of relief as he stared across at you. He seemed pleased that Calum hadn’t attacked you, but you knew better now. It was all pretend. Luke pushed past him and stood beside Calum, watching you from the corner of his eye.
“There were no girls upstairs, Callum.” Michael said carefully, each word measured. “I don’t know what you’re game is-”
The rest of his sentence blurred in your ears, your mind focusing on one word. Game. It was all a game to him, every word he’d spoken to you, every touch of his fingers, of his lips. He was messing with your mind, just like his sire had taught him to.

“Just let them bite me, Michael.” You snapped bitterly, staring up at him.
He recoiled at your tone, his brow furrowing in confusion.
You shrugged. “I mean, isn’t that all I’m here for? To be a permanent blood bag?”
His scowl returned, fists clenched down by his sides as he walked across to the gate. His hands paused on the padlock when you stood up, and you raised your eyebrows at him questioningly.
“You don’t have to do this.” he said quietly, his gaze fixed intently on yours. “I don’t want you to.”
You glared him, resentment bubbling in your veins. You were done with his false compassion. “What, you don’t like to share? Just let them in, for fucks sake.”
“Fine.” He growled, slamming the gate open and holding his arm out, signalling for the others to help themselves.

They set upon you eagerly, your defiance quickly broken by the greedy look in their eyes and the sadistic, twisted smiles on their lips. Luke attacked first, his hand wrapping around your throat and forcing you down onto the floor. He pressed your head against the wall, his grip tightening around your neck as he exposed the mottled skin. Your hands flew up to his arm instinctively as his fingers dug in, trying to pull him away before he suffocated you. His eyes were drawn to your wrists, and the sore, red skin that circled around them.
His grasp loosened slightly and you gasped for breath, unaware of the malice that shone in his eyes. He threw you down, straddling your waist and pinning your right arm with his foot. He grabbed for your left wrist, twisting it awkwardly up towards his face.
“No, please, don’t!” You pleaded, finally realising what he planned to do.
He glanced over at Calum, a lazy smile on his face.
“I love it when they beg.”
His teeth pierced into your wrist, tearing through the tender skin and sending daggers of pain shooting up your arm. The blood burned as is flowed across half healed wounds, his bite increasing in ferocity as you squirmed and cried beneath him. You turned your head to the side, seeing Calum grinning down at you, his tongue licking at his lips as he anticipated his turn. Michael was half turned away from you; his expression pained whenever he looked back and saw you writhing on the floor. Your shrieks made him flinch, his fingers twisting around the bracelets on his wrist as he tried to ignore them.

Luke finally pulled his lips away, throwing your arm to the floor. Finger shaped bruises blossomed on your skin, your wrist oozing blood from shredded skin, torn and inflamed. He shuffled off you, kneeling by your side as you cradled your arm to your chest, tears silently spilling down your cheeks.
Calum was beside you before you could wipe them away.
“Keep her down.” He growled.
Luke clamped his hands onto your shoulders, your knees jerking up as you tried to pry him off. Calum gripped your ankles to stop you, sliding his hands up to your thighs as he knelt between them, his strength impossible to fight.
“I see Michael’s always fed from your neck.” He mused, hands creeping up to your stomach. “But me? I’m more of a femoral vein kind of guy.”
He hooked his fingers around the waistband of your pants, tugging them down to your ankles in one swift movement. You screamed, desperately trying to kick him away as he pushed your legs apart, your nails scratching at Luke’s skin, your hips bucking as Calum’s teeth lowered to your thigh.
You cried out for Michael in desperation, your voice breaking as it caught in your throat.

His upper lip curled in a snarl as he materialised in the cell, shoving an unprepared Calum hard on the shoulder and sending him sprawling to the floor.
“Get your hands off her.” He growled at Luke, teeth bared in warning.
He let go, and you scrambled behind Michael for protection, tugging at your trousers with shaking hands. Calum pushed himself to his feet, lifting his chest and squaring up to Michael, an indignant look on his face.
“Are you really sure you want to start this, Clifford?” He asked, his tone threatening. “I am your sire. I made you, and I can just as easily destroy you.”
You tried not to whimper as he spat the words out; sure that one false word from Michael would result in your death. People didn’t take things away from Calum, he’d made that much clear to you in the stories he’d told.
“She is nothing, Michael. She’s just a blood bag.
Michael leant forward, his face inches from Calum’s, his eyes wild.
“She is mine.

The word had a sudden effect on Calum, his whole body jerking away, forcing him to take a step back. His expression was filled with disgust, the same mask of revulsion echoed on Luke’s face as he sneered down at you.
“But she’s human.
Michael leant down, his eyes never leaving Calum’s face as he gripped under your arm and pulled you to your feet. His body guarded you possessively, his hand reaching back to rest on your hip. You didn’t understand what was happening, but all you cared about was that you were no longer pinned beneath the two monsters who stood before you.
She is mine.
Calum snorted, pushing Luke out of the cell and following close behind him. Michael turned; tracking their movements, always making sure his body was in front of yours. Calum paused at the doorway, glancing over his shoulder at the two of you still stood in the cell.
“You can’t protect her forever.” He hissed. “We’ll be back.”

Your legs buckled as they left, Michael’s hands jutting out to catch you before you hit the floor. He rested you down gently, your back against the iron bars of the cell. It was the position he normally took for himself, but now he was knelt at your side, concern on his face.
“Are you okay?” He asked, his hand hovering by your shoulder.
You nodded, staring down at your knees. You weren’t sure why he cared. He’d won, the others had left and he had your precious blood to himself once again. What did it matter that your heart was beating too quickly, or that your wrist burned where Luke had torn into it. You were alive, and therefore so was his source of food.
“Calum told me.” You whispered. “You don’t have to pretend anymore.”
He frowned.
“Told you what?”
You sighed, struggling to find the energy to hide the bitterness in your tone as you explained. He listened patiently, but he couldn’t hide the hurt that was growing in his eyes, deepening with each word. When you were finished, he reached down, placing his hand over yours and gripping tightly.

“He was messing with your head,” he mumbled, “like he always does. It’s not true.”
You pulled your hand away.
“Don’t lie to me, please. Not again.”
He collapsed beside you, pressing his own back to the bars and throwing his head back to let out a growl of frustration.
“Do you know why they left?” He asked, staring up at the ceiling. When you didn’t reply, he continued. “When a vampire claims someone as his, it lays down this kind of barrier, one that no one else can break. You became untouchable the moment I said it; they couldn’t hurt you, no matter how much they tried.”
You shrugged. As thankful as you were for him stopping Calum in his tracks, he’d still tricked you and made you believe you were something more to him. Protecting you from other vampires wouldn’t take away the fact that played you for his own benefit.
He turned his head towards you, watching you carefully.
“It only works if the vampire is in love with the person they want to protect.”

You looked up at him in confusion, his teeth tugging on his bottom lip as he waited for your response. You couldn’t give him one, your mind racing too fast to piece together anything more than a strangled ‘what?’
His hand brushed against your cheek, cupping it and tilting your face upwards as he brought his lips to yours. His kiss was eager, cool against your chapped lips as his fingertips traced down your jaw. He ended it quickly, leaning back but keeping his hand under your chin, stopping you from turning away.
“I’m going to go, now. Just for a short while.” He mumbled. “If you only feel fear when I’m with you, then I want you to leave too. Get away from here, from me, and start again.”
He let go, pushing himself to his feet and walking towards the gate. He stopped for a second at the bars, staring down at his feet as he spoke.
“But if you think you could learn to love me too, if you would live beside me and not in this cell, and let me show you who I really am… Then please, don’t go.”
He disappeared, using his speed to bolt out of the room before you could speak.

You stared across at the gate, still swung wide open on its hinges. He was offering you your freedom. You stood, heart racing as you rushed across to the gate, unable to believe that he was really going to let you go, after all that had happened. You couldn’t refuse his offer, your one chance to escape.
And yet you paused at the gate, your foot hovering above the first patch of floor past the iron bars.
Your mind was screaming at you, telling you to run before he changed his mind. But something was twisting in your gut and tearing at your heart, compelling you to stay put.
Michael hadn’t lied to you. He’d really wanted you to be happier, and he’d hated himself for hurting you in the first place. He’d tried so hard to fight the animalistic urges that surged through him, and he’d finally been starting to win. Because of you. Because he loved you.
But he was a monster.

You sighed, trying to push away the thoughts that intruded into your head. You’d made your decision. You knew what you had to do.