Snuper’s anniversary is in November but since they’re an underrated band, we have to start this months ahead.

Let’s try to bring Platonic Love to 1 million views! Currently, on June 1, they need around 250.000 more views. I think we can do this so please!!
For the people that don’t know Snuper, Platonic Love is such a bop, with a nice disco feel and really beautiful lyrics. The MV’s aesthetic is really nice, too! Please take a 3 minutes and 25 seconds of your time and watch the MV, and if you like it maybe give Snuper a chance too!!

My crush had a Youtube channel, and he made an entire video on making a basket with play-doh. He finished at three am, but he thought it looked awful so he broke the basket by throwing it onto the ground. The video had about 250 views when i ‘watched’ it.


BTS basically ended every models’ career.


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janeslane ┊ i had a really bad acid trip and i saw this. so i drew it. (don’t do drugs.)


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I just want to congratulate Jojo on all her success. She has come a long way from AUDC.

Boomerang views: 250,000,000

YouTube views: 530,000,000

Products sold worldwide in Walmart, Claire’s, and justice stores

Tv specials coming soon to Nickelodeon

All I can think about is that one mom on AUDC that couldn’t stand Jojo and bitched about her not being talented enough. I cant remember her name but her daughter was a 15 year old name Gianna. Anyway, Im just picturing her in Walmart seeing Jojo’s face on toothpaste and party favors lol.

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“From today onwards, let’s create another fun year” #JIMIN #4yearsBTSwithARMY (trans cr. )  

(06) BTS JIMIN’s SELCAS ICON PACK (250 × 250) !

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Holy shit! 250 views in just 2 days! Thank you so much for watching, I appreciate the support so much!! <3

YouTube Red originals have racked up nearly 250 million views
The eighth annual VidCon starts today, and all eyes are on YouTube, the world’s biggest platform for online video. It’s been almost two years since the company announced Red, its subscription service, and began creating ad-free original content that would exist behind a paywall. For its first season, YouTube produced 27 films and series. Read more
Bruce Conner’s Crusade of Reinvention

“His career was so unpredictable—sculptor, filmmaker, painter, music-video pioneer, collagist, draftsman, punk-band photographer, puller of stunts—that his true medium was his refusal to meet expectations.”

Read The New Yorker’s take on BRUCE CONNER: IT’S ALL TRUE, a retrospective featuring over 250 works on view now through October 2.

[Installation view of BRUCE CONNER: IT’S ALL TRUE. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, July 3-October 2, 2016. © 2016 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Martin Seck]

(via Bruce Conner’s Crusade of Reinvention)


Books Sold: Over 100 Million

Trailer Views: Over 250 Million

Global Box Office: Over $267 Million

Fantasies Provoked: C O U N T L E S S

Still the Number 1 movie in the world right now guys!!!

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‘Some Nights’ Reaches 100 Million Views on YouTube!

Congratulations to the guys from Fun. on their 'Some Nights’ music video hitting 100 million views on YouTube! It’s the fifth Fueled By Ramen video to reach that milestone and Fun.’s second after 'We Are Young’ which is over 250 million views!

Click HERE to watch our biggest videos from Fun., Travie McCoy, Gym Class Heroes, Paramore and Cobra Starship!

Icons of Change / Soft Power

‘Authenticity is the key to being a successful artist and to being iconic’ – Zayn Malik

WOULD ZAYN MALIK GIVE DRAKE A LAP DANCE? Wait, let me add some context: I’m sitting on a sofa with one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, discussing his ambition to work with the Hotline Bling rapper who has a fondness for grinding with his collaborators: Nicki Minaj and Rihanna to name a couple. Naturally, I wonder… Would Zayn go there? ‘I wouldn’t be able to,’ he says with a shy smile. ‘I’m just not that great of a dancer. Maybe I’ll get a stunt double.’

Of course I already know this 23 year old doesn’t dance. We all do. He famously almost bolted during The X Factor in 2010, when Simon Cowell demanded he join the rest of the male contestants in a choreographed routine. Despite the rebellion he stuck with it, and so began five hesitant years as part of the world’s most mercenary, chino-wearing pop group. More than 70??million record sales and 250?million YouTube views later, The Sunday Times 2014 Rich List calculated the band’s combined wealth to be over £70?million. Throughout this meteoric ascent, Zayn consistently looked uncomfortable.

Then, on 25 March 2015, everything changed when Zayn became the first to quit the band. In the ultimate contrarian move, he left behind guaranteed success, certain fortune and millions of adoring teen groupies to become, as he then tweeted, ‘a normal 22-year-old… out of the spotlight’.

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(one of the pairing is a youtube star)

The video is roughly shot, framed low and diagonally as though the person had been holding their phone awkwardly in their lap to keep it out of sight. The first minute or so is just Charles leaning over his desk to adjust the projector, his trousers pulled tight across his ass. Erik is happily familiar with Charles’ body, but even he has to admit that the view of his ass from that angle is especially obscene.

The Charles in the video turns and beams up at the class, calling them to order and running a hand through his hair to push it back off his face. As he waits for them to quiet down he slowly rolls up his sleeves in an unassuming but entirely pornographic movement, and even from a distance, off-center and in low-quality digital video Erik can see the freckles scattering here and there on his flexing forearms.

He’s gorgeous, obviously. He’s even wearing the navy waistcoat that drives Erik crazy, the one that pulls in at his waist and emphasizes how broad his shoulders are.  But he’s somehow even more appealing when the students settle and he begins lecturing. He’s engaging and charismatic, hands waving through the air as he speaks, accent crisp and carrying easily through the lecture hall as he makes terrible jokes and grins at them with that impossible, crooked smile.

The video is titled “Professor seXXXy” and has garnered 250, 000 views on youtube since it was posted yesterday. The comments section seems to be nothing more than a series of keysmashing and bad genetics pick-up lines.

“Well!” Charles says, looking up from the computer screen to smile delightedly at Erik. “Who knew genetics would be so popular with the young people!”