250 c


Quad-mounted soviet PM M1910 Maxim machine guns - ZPU 4

Manufactured between 1910 and 1945 in Russia or the USSR, here used in an anti-aircraft role c.1941.
7,62x54mmR, 250 rounds belt-fed, short recoil, toggle locked and water-cooled. 1931 configuration.

Protect the Motherland with an overpowering display of antiquated firearms.

Best keto pizza ever

I’m writing this down, so I don’t forget!

For the crust:
- 180 g mozzarella cheese (melted)
- 50 g almond flour
- 1 tbsp psyllium husk
- 15 g parmesan cheese (grated)
- 1 egg
- salt, oregano

First mix together all the ingredients except mozzarella and then add that too. You get a ball that looks funny and uneven, but ignore your doubts.

Press it onto parchament paper and put another paper on top then use rolling pin (or a glass or just your hands) to spread it. Remove the top paper.

Broil it for about 5 min in very hot oven (250 C or 480 F) until lightly brown. Flip the crust (you can use the extra parchment paper) and broil for another 5 min.

Take it out and top with sauce, cheese and anything else you like.

Back to the oven until cheese starts to bubble.

The original recipe also had 2 tbsp of cream cheese, which I forgot. No need.

It has so little almond flour, that you can’t even taste it.

I devoured half of it and froze the rest. I have no idea, if it will work, but I’ll report :)

You’re welcome.

First time ever for BNHA to fall out of the Top 5 WSJ Ranking
  1. Robot c.016
  2. One Piece c.871
  3. Hinomaru c.152
  4. Saiki c.250
  5. Kimetsu c.069
  6. Bokuben c.022
  7. Black Clover c.116
  8. Yuna c.070
  9. Haikyu c.261
  10. Soma c.222
  11. Hunter c.363
  12. Hero Academia c.144
  13. Gintama c.642
  14. Shudan c.005
  15. No. 01 c.036
  16. Cross Account c.004
  17. Marie c.019 

Bottom 6! LUL

This is the 11-page Kirishima flashback chapter btw. Red Riot 1

My new favorite dinner is so easy and delicious ! Lettuce wraps with pico de gallo, guacamole and curry flavored sweet potato fries. It’s perfect for a rawtil4 diet, it’s gluten free and the fries are oil-free ! 🍟


Pico de Gallo : 1 diced tomato, a few pieces of chopped onion, cilantro and jalapeño 🍅

Guacamole : mash with a fork half an avocado with lemon juice and pepper

Sweet potato fries : Preheat your oven to 250°C (475°F). Chop the sweet potato into fries (peel them before if you want to) , line them on a baking paper or non-stick baking sheet and pour lemon juice, curry powder and pepper. Bake for 15mn and flip them for 10 more minutes or until they’re crispy.

Then I just make a wrap using lettuce leaves, a few fries, guaca and pico de gallo, so good !

Org. XIII Lexaeus Guide

Another month, another Organization event.  This time we have one of our most forgettable members: Lexaeus.  I’m never going to remember how to spell this guy’s name so we’re going to call him Lexy.

The formula for this event is as follows:

  1. 3 Single Target enemies, the first two which have the Caution (*C*) warning, which gives them first attack.  No continues.
  2. One enemy, one turn.  This is the easiest one.
  3. One enemy two turns.  These are usually bosses and have lots of health.
  4. Repeat.

In line with Lexy’s fight in KH2, all the enemies are Power type.  A lot of the bosses have defense buffs you have to cleanse off them.  There are also a few hit counters (you get x amount of hits before they attack you), which is maybe a reference to the power levels?  I don’t know.  Unfortunately there aren’t any enemies that “power up” over time, which I thought would be a cool idea!  I feel like less work went into this event versus some of the others (Larxene, Xigbar).  

Enemy List:
*Lexy B missions are bolded*

1: No continues
Lv. 25 Large Body *C*
Lv. 25 Defender *C*
Lv. 25 Gargoyle Knight

2: One Turn ~ MM
Lv. 50 Morning Star

3: Two Turns ~ Lexy B
Lv. 75 Enraged Elk (+3 P-Def, +8 Health Bars)

4: No continues
Lv. 100 Large Armor *C*
Lv. 100 Mega Shadow *C*
Lv. 100 Hammer Frame

5: One Turn ~ Lexy B
Lv. 125 Fat Bandit

6: Two Turns ~ MM
Lv. 150 Cerberus (+2 PSM-Str, +2 Health Bars)

7: No continues ~ MM
Lv. 175 Defender *C*
Lv. 175 Shadow (& Pals??) *C*
Lv. 175 Armed Warrior (+3 PSM-Def)

8: One Turn ~ Lexy B
Lv. 200 Ringmaster (50 Hit Counter, +3 Health Bars)

9: Two Turns ~ Hairstyles
Lv. 225 Behemoth (+39 Health Bars)

10: No continues ~ Lexy B
Lv. 250 Gummi Hammer *C*
Lv. 250 Ringmaster *C* (35 Hit Counter, +3 Health Bars)
Lv. 250 Wandering Spook (23 Hit Counter, +4 Health Bars)

11: One Turn ~ Lexy B
Lv. 275 Gigas Shadow (+5 Health Bars)

12: Two Turns ~ Lexy B
Lv. 300 Dual Durandal (4 Turn Counter, +1 P-Str, +50 Health Bars)

13: No continues ~ Lexy B ~ Title: No. V
Lv. 350 Armed Warrior (+3 PSM-Def, +5 Health Bars)
Lv. 350 Enraged Elk *C* (+3 P-Def, +1 Str, +32 Health Bars)
Lv. 350 Iron Giant (+93 Health Bars)

The first eleven missions are pretty straightforward.  You might have trouble pulling off damage on enemies like the Behemoth.  Remember that enemies at Lv. 225 don’t have a lot of defense, so you should be stacking your Strength and PSM Strength buffs instead of Defense Down.

Mission 12:
This guy is sort of an ass, but it all comes down to luck.  After the first four medals, you’re going to be paralyzed for the rest of the fight.  Remember Extra Attack won’t proc if you can’t use the medal the first time.  He hits a lot for a good amount of damage, so make sure you have at least one (maybe two?) healing medals or a few DB procs.  Paralysis Resist actually has some usefulness!  But in my opinion, you should stack the most damage you can (since you still have to get through 50 health bars in two turns) and just re-run the mission until you get lucky.  It only took me two tries, but it took my roommate thirty.

As for damage, I used Classic Donald and Xigbar B on DR (both F2P medals).  They do a ton of damage and leave room for three buff medals.  Use Single Target stuff like Mickey&Minnie and iB&B is really helpful with the cleanse.  Take a high damage friend medal: KDG works wonders.  This damage wall is going to be what gives players trouble, since Mission 13 is harder but more forgiving.

Mission 13:
There are two problems here.  First, the Enraged Elk has first attack.  If you don’t have good Def +2000 traits, you’re going to really need DB3 or Second Chance.  Like.  He just destroys you.  Don’t have any of that?  Grab a friend medal with SC.  Remember, you CANNOT continue.

Next is the Iron Giant.  He hits like a truck, but there’s a pretty easy way around this.  Pluto B from the last High Score Challenge gives +2 Power Defense.  Stacking two of these (one with Extra Attack) trivializes the fight.  Then you can take your time and whittle him down since there’s nothing he can do to kill you. Pluto B does cost 3 SP each though, so make sure you are bringing SP recovery medals!

An alternative method to Pluto B is Triple Threat.  Paralyze/Sleep/Poison on your friend medal (especially if it has Extra Attack) can really save your butt.  Actually, Pluto B with Extra Attack and Triple Threat is the absolute best share medal for this mission, so if you run out of SP you can just tap and pray for TT to activate.  Alternatively, Pluto B with Second Chance for the elk.

When you finish Mission 13 you get the title: No. V
As for traits, you’re aiming for Str+1000 (generally good) or Aerial Def -60% (situationally better).  Aerial over Ground because a lot of Speed enemies are flying type, specifically the Black Copter Fleet.

Good luck this week!!

<3 KCM