250 :)

now that it’s been revealed that fairy tail is finishing soon (sort of) I just really want to buy all the manga that I don’t have

also me, is tired, and therefore i’m gonna call out my favourite blogs bc i’m sappy af tonight help
@stkr, @sangvoos / @leadeur, @lawbitten / @sniperils / @resonations, @airsft / @placaebic, @ghoulce, @ghoulveined, @thuashdore, @oflegendaries, @omindlessdepravity, @mischievoury, @thneeding, @reversedcross

@erumodoki / @unruhc / @scrrealist, @ruezaki / @ohfeltyou, @mihhael, @justiitio, @servesjustice ( is this all the currently active dn blogs…. + andy’s & miranda’s extras ? )


FInally full video is out. Quite sure its been recorded in Spain seeing the area, and also Monica Cruz (Penelope Cruz’s younger sister) dancing in the video…

Not the best video out there but its always nice to listen good funky music, seing  nice cars, and lovely ladies…dont you think??