So this little mention of Robbie Williams’ video from August 2013 (less than a week after the TIU premiere) made me search for the said video, since it’s been a while I’ve seen it…  It seems to be in the same vein as Liam’s other song recommendations from August, so I thought I might share it.

… and it just happens to tell a story about two lovers that the authorities tear apart.

Also, the beginning of the lyrics for you…

Close your eyes so you don’t feel them
They don’t need to see you cry
I can’t promise I will heal you
But if you want to I will try

I’ll sing this summer serenade
The past is done
We’ve been betrayed
It’s true
Some might say the truth will out
I believe without a doubt, in you

You were there for summer dreaming
And you gave me what I need
And I hope you find your freedom
For eternity…
For eternity

A-nation Osaka Tohoshinki Fanaccount 25.08.13

Catch Me ->  BUT ->  Superstar -> One and only one -> MC ->scream ->Ocean -> We are -> Summer Dream -> Humanoids -> STL cr. 비(ビヤ)

Total 10 songs #Tohoshinki perform in osaka a-nation


#Tohoanation 1.Catch me 2.B.U.T 3.Superstar 4.One and the only one 5.Scream 6.Ocean 7.We are 8.Summer dream 9.Humaniods 10.Some Body to Love


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cr: @satojojo

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A-nation screen across the red ocean and zoom to a fanboy, the fanboy then raise up his Yunho banner~ #TOHOanation (via.yunho_uknow)

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MC after Superstar: “Hello everyone, I am everyone’s Yunho!” <3 #TOHOanation via TVXQkokoro


“It’s the time when other groups bring translation boards and Tohoshinki bring dancers up on stage” #TOHOanation :3 via tvxqkokoro 

Everyone is spazzing Tohoshinki on Twitter… My parents? Giving me a live report from the venue… I’ve got hardcore Bigeast parents…OTL

 The AAA incident in a-nation…my parents are part of the “meanies”…they shouted “T” too…OTL

 My mom is fangirling over them….squealing and she is already nearing her 60s… My father is shouting “Yunho! Yunho!” I just hang up! OTL

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(this pic cr: @satojojo revia kle72@onehallyu)

130825 Tohoshinki A-Nation #TOHOanation - there is trolley car that moves around the venue!!! via Yunho_Uknow


Changmin gave flying kisses to the audience ;n; #TOHOanation via TVXQkokoro

Yunho drenched himself with the water. :3 #TOHOanation

Changmin played with the basket on the little car and after that, he wear it on his head. #TOHOanation

Yunho shouted “We Are” and the whole venue shouted “T!” ^___^ (Cr: kinoko) #TOHOanation

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Today #yunho said very very very hot in osaka a-nation, and is the best time with fans here ^~^b via lovehug48

Yunho: next, lets get Changmin to introduce our next song in a scary voice. Changmin: I don’t know how to say in scary voice. Yunho: Changmin will be able to do it. Changmin: Next song is Scream. #TOHOanation via yunho_uknow

 Friend attending just told me the choreo for Humanoids changed. Apparently Yunho rolles over Changmin’s back to come up front??? via YuMin2618

Yunho: Next, let’s invite Changmin to use a scary voice to introduce the next song that will become the theme song of a very scary movie!
Changmin: I don’t know how to use a scary voice!
Yunho: Changmin can do this!
Changmin *ignoring Yunho*: Let’s listen to Scream.

Cr: Luna54274, 你好我是摸摸
Trans: TVXQkokoro

#Yunho all get wet (I think heˊs really feel hot xp) #Tohoshinki change 3 set of clothes today …… I like the 2nd one because yunho look sexy

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Yunho was standing at the right side of the stage during MC.
Changmin who was standing at the main stage: Sigh..before we move on to the next song, can Yunho-sama return to this side?

Cr: hominatsu, 你好我是摸摸
Trans: TVXQkokoro

(cr:oshiffany) YH “Everyone, did you enjoy?” Fans “YEESSSSSSSSSS!” YH “That’s (more than) enough!”

 (cr:ate446_xix) Tohoshinki’s popularity is amazing! Seems that two thirds of the audience is Tohoshinki fans xD

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(cr:mayamin26) The VCR shown after Catch Me and before B.U.T was very good! It is a combination of TIME (t/n: concert video) and the PV. It was really cool.

(cr:a0v0h , an ELF girl) and we are overwhelmed by the power of Tohoshinki. The fans are trained so well xDDDDDDDDD Oh, they are really something xDDDDDDD Above all, their Japanese is super good xDDDDDDD

(cr:a0511_y0206) At the very end of Somebody to Love, after the punch punch & twirl more and more, Changmin fell down, slipping on a memo or something. The audience went all OMG~~

(cr:hbf_u) Kumi Koda’s fan boy sitting right behind me. “If I am born again, I want to become Tohoshinki!” xDD

(cr:ooo0x0ooo) [Flash report] Yunho forgot to dance during “Yunho Dance Time” xD

(cr:chai0422) When Yunho walked off stage, and walked through the aisle backstage, he jumped and waved his hands to the fans sitting in the stands (who can see backstage), big treatSuper cute. 

(cr:Uknowmyetoile) anation Osaka finished. Yunho said “Mata aeru kara”!! (t/n: we can meet each other again.)

(cr:sivasingh) the “Yunho time” during Summer Dream was a splendid success! It was the first time since that LA incident that he landed so beautifully! 

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#TOHOanation After changmin fell today, his gave this baby face. his face was so cute like a small kid! 

#TOHOanation TODAY YUNHO’s BACKFLIP WAS SUCCESS~ he looked so hot doing it^^ (nunuutvxq via vanishatvxq)

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Singing One and Only One (cr. chubee)

(cr:bambi_hug) The collar of Changmin’s costume was tightened and he seemed to look so hot. We cannot see his beautiful chest….

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VIDEO: One Direction na gali MTV Video Music Awards podczas występu Miley Cyrus.