Here’s what’s coming up at the National Theatre from July 2015 - January 2016

As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

Polly Findlay directs

From 26 October in the Olivier Theatre

Broadcast live to cinemas on 25 February 2016 via NT Live

Husbands & Sons in a co-production with the Royal Exchange

by D H Lawrence’s novel, adapted  by Ben Power

Marianne Elliott directs

From 19 October in the Dorfman Theatre


by Harley Granville-Barker

Roger Michell directs

From 3 November in the Lyttelton Theatre

Evening at the Talk House

a new play by Wallace Shawn

Ian Rickson directs

From 17 November in the Dorfman Theatre

Here We Go

a new play by Caryl Churchill

Dominic Cooke directs

From 25 November in the Lyttleton Theatre

For young and family audiences:

The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare

21 October - 6 November

I Want My Hat Back adapted from Jon Klassen’s book by Joel Horwood and Arthur Darvill

12 November - 2 January

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Even though it’s Christmass, I would like to remember you all of the fact that today it’s exactly one month ago this beautiful young man’s journey took a way that’s different from ours. Because I want my words to get in everybody’s head somehow, and because I admired him so much, I will be posting some pictures of our dear Frank Wolf every month on the 25th, to show that he will never be forgotten.

If I only knew the stupid bullies who got him so far to take his own life, they would not survive, I can tell you that. This month’s pics are all with his cute pikachu-suit on, which I like very much =^_^=

The world is missing you, Frank! We loved you yesterday, we love you still and we always will! I hope you’re in paradise now, or just wandering around on earth as a gost so you can teach those monsters a lesson!

Hetalia: The World Twinkle Episode Count, DVD information posted

Animate has posted information on the DVD releases for Hetalia: The World Twinkle. The series will be released in 3 DVDs containing five episodes and an additional unaired OVA episode. Additionally, the sets will be released in three versions - Animate Limited, Limited, and Regular Editions. The Animate Limited Editions each come with a Vocal CD focusing on a different character.

Volume 1 will be released on October 28, 2015. It’ll contained the unaired episode “Germany and Cohabitation” as well as a CD with the South Italy, France, and Russia covers of Hetalian☆Jet. It also comes with an Application for a Seiyuu event on March 12, 2016.

Volume 2 will be released on November 25, 2015. It’ll contain the unaired episode “Netherlands and Isolationist Japan“ as well as a CD with the Japan, England, and China covers of Hetalian☆Jet. It also comes with an Application for a Seiyuu event on April 16, 2016.

Volume 3 will be released on December 25, 2015. It’ll contain the unaired episode “The Ruler of Scandinavia and The King of Eastern Europe“ as well as a CD with the Germany and America covers of Hetalian☆Jet. It also comes with an Application for a Seiyuu event on May 16, 2016.

Mod Note: As of right now, there isn’t any indication that there will be more DVDs after these three, which means that The World Twinkle currently clocks in at 15 episodes plus an additional 3 OVA episodes. It’s an odd number of episodes for a season, to say the least, and even Japanese fandom seems a bit confused. That said, The Beautiful World was also a format/release change from previous seasons, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

-Mod Andy

November 25 Events in History

2010An area in Alaska, twice the size of the United Kingdom, is protected by the U.S. Government; the area is considered a critical habitat for polar bears2010A new species of ancient crocodile, Khoratosuchus jintasakuli, is identified by a fossil in Thailand2009A Pakistan court charges seven suspects involved in the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai1997U.S. telephone tech Richard Bliss, arrested for spying in Russia1996After 24 years, Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade, ends1995“Patti LuPone on Broadway” closes at Walter Kerr New York City after 46 performances1993Dutch Antilles government of Liberia-Peters falls1993Failed bomb attack on Egyptian premier Atef Sedki, 1 dead199078th CFL Grey Cup: Winn Blue Bombers defeat Edmonton Eskimos, 50-111990Lech Walesa wins in Poland’s 1st popular election1990NFL’s New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers after winning their 1st 10 games both1990Sri Lanka all out 82, Venkatapathy Raju (I) 6-12 off 17 lose, Phil Eagles beat Giants 31-13 and L.A. Rams beat 49ers 28-171989David Boon scores 200 vs. New Zealand at cricket WACA1988Chuck Berry pays $250 fine to resolve New York City assault charges1988Convention on exploitation of Antarctic mineral resources signed1988U.S. and Soviet chess grand masters Donaldson and Akhmilovskaya wed1988Widespread earthquake hits NE U.S., Canada; no damage reported1987Abdul Qadir takes 9-56 against England at Lahore1987India all out for 75 vs. West Indies at Delhi, Patterson 5-241986A’s Jose Canseco wins AL Rookie of Year1986Iran-Contra affair erupts, President Reagan reveals secret arm deal1986Oliver North’s sect, Fawn Hill, smuggles documents out of his office1985White Sox shortstop Ozzie Guillen, is named AL Rookie of Year1984Julio M Sanguinetti wins Uruguay presidential election1984William Schroeder, is 2nd to receive Jarvik-7 artificial heart1983Larry Holmes TKOs Marvis Frazier in 1 for heavyweight boxing title1983Soyuz T-9 returns to Earth, 149 days after take-off1983Syria and Saudi Arabia announce cease-fire in PLO civil war in Tripoli1983World’s greatest robbery 25,000,000 pounds of gold, Heathrow, England1981Failed coup by South African mercenaries in Seychelles1981Rollie Fingers is 1st relief pitcher to win AL MVP1980Coup in Burkina abolishes constitution1980France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island1980Imran Khan scores his 1st Test Cricket ton, 123 vs. WI Lahore1980Sugar Ray Leonard defeats Duran regains WBC welterweight championship1980Upper-Volta military coup under Col Saye Zerbo, president Lamizana flees1979“Most Happy Fella” closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 53 performances197967th CFL Grey Cup: Edmonton Eskimos defeats Montreal Alouettes, 17-91979American Airlines DC-10 crashes on takeoff from Chicago, kills 2751979Israel returns Alma oilfields in Gulf of Suez to Egypt1979Pittsburgh gains 606 net yards against Cleveland, winning 33-301977David Steed balanced stationary on a bike for 9 hours 15 minutes1977Miss Teenage America Pageant1977Thomas Hearns KOs Jerome Hill in 2 rounds in his 1st pro fight1976O. J. Simpson gains 273 yards for Buffalo vs. Detroit1976The Band’s farewell concert at SF’s Winterland Ballroom1976Viking 1 radio signal from Mars help prove general theory of relativity1975Netherlands grants Suriname independence (National Day)1975Portuguese leftist officers occupy 4 airbases1974Irish Republican Army is outlawed in Britain following deaths of 211974Rangers’ Mike Hargrove wins AL Rookie of Year19733 Palestinians hijack KLM B747 above Iraq, to Dubai197361st CFL Grey Cup: Ottawa Rough Riders defeats Edmonton Eskimos, 22-181973Bloodless military coup ousts Greek President George Papadopoulos1973Maximum speed limit cut to 55 MPH as an energy conservation measure1972“Ambassador” closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City after 9 performances1971“Dan Cooper” jumps with $200,000 out of plane over Washington197137th Heisman Trophy Award: Pat Sullivan, Auburn (quarterback)1970Yankees catcher Thurman Munson wins AL Rookie of Year1969John Lennon returns OBE to protest UK’s support for Vietnam War1969KC outfielder Lou Piniella is voted AL Rookie of Year1967“Apple Tree” closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 463 performances1967Puerto Rico placed on Atlantic Standard Time1966Cincinnati infielder Tommy Helms is voted NL Rookie of Year1966Jimi Hendrix Experience makes its London debut at Bag O’ Nails Club1965Congo military coup under General Mobutu, President Kasavubu overthrown1963John F. Kennedy laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery1962WBJA (now WMGC) TV channel 34 in Binghamton, New York (ABC) 1st broadcast1961NBA’s Bob Cousy becomes 2nd player to score 15,000 points1960“Amos ‘n’ Andy” made its last broadcast on CBS radio19601st atomic reactor for research and development, Richland Wa1960CBS ends last 4 radio soap operas (Ma Perkins, Right to Happiness, Young Dr. Malone and 2nd Mrs. Burton) and cancels 4 other series1959“Once Upon a Mattress” opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 460 performances1958Senegal becomes an autonomous state in French Community1957President Eisenhower suffers a mild stroke, impairing his speech1955Race segregation forbidden on trains and buses between U.S. states1955Walter Piston’s 6th Symphony, premieres1953“Guys and Dolls” closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 1200 performances1953Earthquake/tsnunami strike Honshu Japan1953Hungary beats England in soccer match, 6-31952Agatha Christie’s “Mousetrap,” premieres in London1952George Meany appointed as chairman of AFL1952Only win ever for NFL’s Dallas Texans (11-1) beats Bears 27-23195117 die in a train crash in Woodstock Ala1951Cleveland Browns penalized a record 209 yards against Chicago Bears1951Commemoration of Dutch resistance fighter Hannie Schaft forbidden1950“Tickets, Please” closes at Coronet Theater New York City after 245 performances195038th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto Argonauts defeats Winn Blue Bombers, 13-01950U.N. gives Eritrea to Ethiopia1949“Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” appears on music charts1949Ted Williams, wins AL MVP1948Ft. Funston’s 16-inch coastal guns removed1948KING TV channel 5 in Seattle, WA (NBC) begins broadcasting1947Future Queen Elizabeth marries Prince Philip in Westminster Abbey1947New Zealand acedes to Statute of Westminster, becomes a dominion194432nd CFL Grey Cup: Montreal HMCS defeat Hamilton Flying Wildcats, 7-61943U-600 sinks in Atlantic Ocean1942National Organization for Aid to Underground, LO, forms1941German Jews in Netherlands declared stateless (lose of nationality)1941Lou Boudreau, 24, becomes Cleveland Indians player/manager1940Patria, carrying illegal immigrants, sinks in port of Haifa, 200 die


Harry and Niall

8 days to go! 

New Promo Image from “Creed”

Despite his insistence that he is out of the fight game for good, Rocky sees in Adonis the strength and determination he had known in Apollo—the fierce rival who became his closest friend.  Agreeing to take him on, Rocky trains the young fighter, even as the former champ is battling an opponent more deadly than any he faced in the ring.

With Rocky in his corner, it isn’t long before Adonis gets his own shot at the title…but can he develop not only the drive but also the heart of a true fighter, in time to get into the ring?

“Creed” opens November 25, 2015

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anonymous asked:

Can you recommend me any good carmilla fanfic? Please and thank you.

A HSAU where Laura, Perry, Lafontaine, Danny, Kirsch, JP, and Will are in the band and Carmilla, Natalie, Betty, Elsie, and SJ are in orchestra. A bet is involved, hearts get crushed, friendships are made, and new relationships are formed.
+ its sequel:
If you thought high school was a mess than college is a hurricane. 

The one where Kirsch finds out that losing a leg isn’t all bad when your nurse is Danny Lawrence

In November, Carmilla Karnstein turns 25. In November, she becomes the new chairman of Karnstein Industries. In November, Laura will part ways with her. After November, she’d never see Carmilla Karnstein again.

50 Shades of Grey but better & Hollstein

Carmilla is a bounty hunter who decides to pick up and move across the country to be closer to her brother Will, who’s living in a small-town called Silas. Laura is a journalism student who’s just trying to get through her last semester of college while sorting her feelings out for her best friend Danny. One night Laura runs into some serious trouble and Carmilla winds up saving her life and maybe stealing her heart in the process.

Laura’s busy at a business dinner with her dad when she receives a text from a stranger – A very drunk and horny stranger called Carmilla.

Laura owns a lube shop where Laf, Danny and Perry are her employees. Kirsch is a regular customer with an ever breaking down vehicle and Laura’s love for cookies is only rivalled by her love of classic era muscle cars. When a gorgeous 68’ Camaro drives into her shop one day Laura has to get her hands on it. What she doesn’t expect, is the owner of said car being just as jaw dropping.

Perry and LaFontaine want to introduce a new friend to Carmilla, who at first is not very excited about the idea, given the failed attempts the ginger twins they have made with other girls in the past. But this new friend might end up being not as bad as she thought. Or even worse than she could have imagined.

In a world in which slavery is lawful, Carmilla has just turned seventeen, the legal age of an adult, which means that she can now own a slave. Going to the auction house with her mother, she ends up finding a girl that she hopes will be able to fill the void in her heart.

Carmilla has sustained a pretty bad injury, but it’s okay. She has a pretty hot doctor.

Laura’s dating Danny. Carmilla knows that. It doesn’t stop her from wishing, wanting, waiting. And when the opportunity knocks, you let it in, consequences be damned.

Laura walks in on Carmilla’s alone time, which sets off a chain of horrible sinful events. They’re both going to hell.

Carmilla Karnstein is the new history teacher at Silas High. Laura Hollis is the overly enthusiastic senior that is VERY excited to “get to know her”.

Carmilla comes back to town for Will’s stag night. Things turn out a little different than she was expecting.

Carmilla is hanging onto her happiness by guitar strings and sold out concerts. Laura’s in the right place at the right time to maybe help her out and jump start her journalism career.

Laura and Carmilla have always been inseperable, from the time they tried to murder each other in the sandbox to the day they accidentally kissed at a pre-highschool-graduation party. It makes sense that they’d add a few “benefits” to their relationship, especially after they move from their small town to live together in the city. So what happens when Laura goes to college and meets someone new?

Laura’s mother leaves and Laura has to deal with the fact that she’s unwanted. Also known as: Carmilla bright & shiny au.

AU in which Carmilla seeks out Laura’s reincarnations throughout the centuries. Feat. Reincarnated!Laura (in many forms) and a series of murders that draws her to Carmilla for the last time.

Carmilla is a firefighter. That’s basically it.

Carmilla had a girlfriend, a degree from NYU, and dreams of Broadway stardom. Now she’s dumped and praying she can just pay back her student loans and get out of her old high school as fast as possible. But when her old mentor asks for her help directing the spring show, things get complicated. 

or like literally any of drabbles written by marzo2theletter

They see the sirens and move out of the way. Time is important in this line of work and not everyone knows that. Laura has been given a chance to shine a light on the sacrifice of the emergency workers that keep the city safe. When she works with paramedic Carmilla Karnstein on her story, she doesn’t realize just how much they sacrifice or what its like to fall in love with a medic.

Laura Hollis ran out of her wedding. With no place to go, she returns to her home town where things are far from how she left them. After years away, she has to face the reality that she no longer knows where she fits. Her friends have all moved on. Lafontaine and Perry are getting married. Kirsch and Danny have a child. And Carmilla? Well, Carmilla is something else entirely. They were in love, once. Can they fall in love again? Or is their history just too much? (ouch)

The one where Carmilla and Laura go travelling through Europe during summer break. And have sex. A lot.

At 10 years old, Laura made a promise. If neither of them were married in 15 years, they’d get married. 15 years later, and Laura won’t stop getting these texts and calls. Finally, she answers. “So, you married, cupcake?”

Laura and Carmilla have known each other for years, but unfortunately for their friends Lafontaine and Perry, they’ve disliked each other for just as long. A feud as old as it is pointless, Lafontaine and Perry long ago stopped trying to reconcile the two girls. That is until Lafontaine gets the idea of a lifetime. Or maybe it’s just a recipe for disaster…

“Friends with benefits” is a pretty easy concept when you’re barely friends with the other perpetrator in this holy mess, right?

(Hasn’t been updated in forever, but) Carmilla is a photography student at the University of Chicago, Laura is the girl she’s noticed around campus.

there’s so much more i could list but these are just the ones i found first!! hope this is alright!