Ugly Sweater

Title: Ugly Sweater

Pairing: Team Free Will x Reader

Word Count: 572

Warnings: Fluff

Prompt: Ugly Sweater

Summary: The reader buys the boys ugly sweaters in hopes they will wear them for Christmas.

A/N: Day 8 of 25 Days of Christmas. Feedback is appreciated as always!


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When you told the boys you were going Christmas shopping, you knew they figured you were buying gifts for them, maybe picking up a couple more ornaments for the tree. What they didn’t expect was for you to come home with four of the ugliest sweaters they had ever seen.

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Servant for the week

Request: Oh my god cute Christmas fic idea. Reader is Sam and Dean’s sister (like 17 ish) and gets lost on a hunt and it’s snowing and her bros are really worried but find her. She is sick from being cold for hours and then lots of fluff where Sam and Dean look after her in the bunker and apologise for not finding her sooner. Sorry this is really long but I haven’t the skill to write it and I love your style. Xxx     

A/N: I relate to this story on a spiritual level because I am always freezing cold. I kinda twisted it some because I couldn’t think of a way the reader got lost so instead I had technology mess the plan up. Italics are reader’s thoughts. This might be garbage. Hopefully it’s not complete garbage. I’m not reading through or making edits until I wake up tomorrow morning.

25 Days of Holiday Tales

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You tried to stop your teeth from chattering but failed miserably, it was just too damn cold. Pulling your jacket even tighter around yourself you scanned the wooded area you were in, searching for any signs of the biassan in the area. Dean was certain their nest was in the area and you had all agreed to burn the nest away before heading back to the bunker.

However none of you realized that the temperature was supposed to drop to twenty degrees. The temperature drop, combined with the cold you were already trying to battle along with the snow that was now falling from the sky was making you miserable. You had separated from your brothers earlier in the evening with the idea of tracking down the nest faster. Hopefully your brothers were having better luck then you were.

By the time 1 AM rolled around you decided to call it quits. You hadn’t heard from your brothers but you couldn’t handle the weather any longer. By the time you made it back to the impala you realized just how sick you truly were. You couldn’t stop shaking, you had snot running down your nose, it hurt to move, and you were having a difficult time keeping your eyes open. You were fairly certain that hypothermia was starting to kick in.

Opening the backdoor of the impala you sat down and were met by the curious looks of your brothers. “Where have you been?” Dean asked, “I texted you like ten times but you never responded, we were starting to freak out a little.”

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25 Days of Outlander - Day 9 / Favourite Paris Location
The Star Chamber.It’s a mystical, magical room, [a] secret room in Versailles Palace, in our mind, anyway. And I wanted to have a dome that’s pierced with light, so that when Claire walks through the secret doors into this room, shafts of light hit up her face and dress.”
(Jon Gary Steele, production designer)

25 Days of Outlander - Day 9

Favorite Paris Location.

Master Raymond’s Apothecary.

If ever there was a set I’d have loved to get lost in for a day or three ;) , it’d definitely be Master Raymond’s. There’s so much detail, so many things I’d love to open and explore. It’s such a fantastically designed set.

Honorable mention:

The Star Chamber.

Again just another impeccably design set, from the incredible ceiling, to the tapestries on the walls, there is no shortage of details to catch on rewatches.

25 Songs Challenge | Masterlist

To everyone who participated in this challenge, THANK YOU! Thanks for being part of this and being part of the 2.7k family. Y’all are amazing writers that I appreciate so much <3 I can’t wait to binge read through this list. 

Note: If you posted your fic and it’s not here, please, send me the link via message. If you haven’t posted the fic but its in the work? Cool!  Let me know soon as you post it so I can add your fic to this masterpost. xoxoxo

Angeles by @ruined-by-destiel

You Give Love A Bad Name by @the-winchester-pack

Travelling Riverside Blues by @ariannnawinchester

Where I Belong by @winchestersnco

I Want You To Stay by @waywardlullabies

Wanted Dead Or Alive by @chucksangel

Sweet Home Alabama by @supernaturally-writing

I’m All Out Of Love by @jensen-jarpad

Simple Man by @writingbeautifulmen

Had To End by @thegreatficmaster

Hold Me Closer by @fandommaniacx

Old Times And Souls by @somedepressedfangirl

Old Time & Rock N’ Roll by @megansescape

We’ve Got Tonight by @wayward-mirage

Angeles by @impalaimagining

The One That Got Away by @danijimenezv

25 Days of Outlander Day 9 - Favorite Paris Location

I’m not a big fan of the Paris section of DIA––never have been and probably never will be. But one thing I am a huge fan of, is gardens (as anyone who’s seen my Friday photography pics could have guessed by now) so the gardens at Versailles were an easy pick for favorite Paris location. 

While many of the Paris sets are luxurious, a lot of them can feel claustrophobic at the same time. Not so with the gardens at Versailles. The fact that they are in part filmed/composed of actual gardens in Scotland means that they are now on my travels wish list.