Babe. Happy 2nd anniv HAHAHA de pero dalawang taon narin akong nagmomove on sayo. At ayun. SUCCESS! masaya nako sa kalagayan ko ngayon. Masaya nadin ako para sayo hahahaha :) at last okay nadin ako. Yun na siguro ang pinakamahaba at pinakamahirap na dalawang taon na naranasan ko. Basta ayon. Hahaha goodluck sa life. Goodluck sa statics at DE. Hahaha goodluck sa bago mong prinsipe. Alam ko namang masaya kana ngayon. Ako din sa future. Sabi mo nga mahahanap ko din yung totoong prinsesa ko. Dadating na kaya siya? Dumating na ba siya? I dunno. Basta ang alam ko lang. Magiging maligaya din ako soon. Hahaha see you bukas sa klase.

-ex prince

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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 44

25 Nearest and Dearest 7/25
Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter (Boy Meets World)

There are best friends and then there are these two. Years later, and they’re still the most incredible depiction of best friends to exist. Boy Meets World is an incomparable series, and it has been from the moment we all watched it when we were kids. But upon looking back, I’ve often remembered this friendship most fondly — perhaps even more than Cory and Topanga’s. Which don’t get me wrong, I love them with every fiber of my being and they’re featured in the 25 Love Stories portion of this little project, too. However, the way Shawn and Cory accepted and loved one another has left me in awe. Loyalty is the key to maintaining any relationship, and theirs was always steadfast — taking care of one another in the darkest times and having the best of times together. But also, today, it’d feel a bit like I was cheating if I also didn’t pay homage to Riley Matthews and Maya Hart’s — who’ve created their own little sisterhood mirroring Shawn and Cory’s beautifully.

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Wade, i only trust you not to lie to me, so how are tony and peter? They holding up okay? How's steve? He getting better? -Ryan

W: Petey is…okay. He’s fragile, but he’s okay. As for Tony, he’s not sleeping enough, but I think he’s okay. Steve is getting better, I know it.