25 random things


“Fortunate Son” from Ao3 by @anna-droid
didn’t draw this from the actual fic but i enjoyed reading it

ok who wants 25 puff facts/random things regarding puff

i am bored n wanna write about my son

1. puff’s full name is…get this: Captain Puff Dwight Birdsworth III. his name came to me in a vision & that’s all i can say on the matter

2. puff doesn’t know what the sky is

3. puff’s favorite things include flowers and waxworms

4. the flower thing is no joke; this kid REALLY loves flowers:

5. his passion in floristry will be supported by me

6. i, a lot of the time, address him as “lizard boy” & i greet him with a “waaaaowwww!!! look at you” :) skdkfggghgs

7. u can tell he needs to poop if he starts to get really hyper and running all around - idk why but an analogy that came to mind when i typed that is when paul revere rode on horseback in the middle of the night to warn everyone that “the british are coming!” of course, that’s not how the actual event went down, but like….we all know that fabricated story about good ‘ol revere ya know? anyway, that should give u a good visual of how puff acts before he defecates :) nnnsjjfkg

8. he has a tongue

9. when we’re outside n someone passes by, he’ll tense up OR he’ll find solace in my hand that i’ve cupped around him (if he hasn’t already crawled into my hair lmao)

10. puff enjoys going outside! i can tell he wants to go out when he glass surfs in the early afternoon & once we get back from the walk, he is very tired lol

11. if puff & i received a million dollars for every time we’ve been asked by strangers, “is that an iguana?” we’d have like 20 million dollars - so i’m not annoyed by it, but it’s a thing

12. puff coughed ONCE out of the blue n i took him to the vet the very next day to only find out …..he’s perfectly healthy. i got temporarily dropped from my class bc taking him to the vet was more important than going to class

13. u know that vine with the rat?? “‘SZZZKAHH!!’ ‘is it - is it real?’” well once, i was in rite-aid w puff on my shoulder & a lady asked me if puff was real n i said yes, he is; she shook her head “no” in a very convinced & serious nod: “no…it isn’t real.” lady, he just moved his head while obviously inhaling/exhaling oxygen & other elements during this entire conversation - WHAT MORE PROOF DO YA NEED????

14. hornworms ….that’s it

15. i’ve never seen him head bob or wave n i’m kinda sad over it

16. i have pics of his mom & dad….wanna see?

(pics from celebritydragons.com)

17. it didn’t take long for me to spot puff at the reptile expo & know that he’d be the lizard i’d raise :’) that’s so cheesy hsjfkkgh

18. every night, i have him lay on my chest with his blanket on top of him so he can fall asleep n we do this for at least 4 hours lmao we have a CLOSE bond ok we GET each other. no but really, it’s the best feeling to know that he feels safe & comfortable enough to fall asleep on me ❤️

19. he has many weegles (wiggles, but it’s funnier to pronounce it “weegles”)

20. not a big fan of vegetables/fruits AT ALL n it is VERY FRUSTRATING lol

21. ive never given puff crickets bc i think roaches are so much better.

22. ive upgraded puff’s enclosure before to an animal plastics T8 (a $200+ enclosure) & he HATED it. he was constantly stressed out & had temper tantrums in the enclosure at least once a week

23. he smells….*takes a sec to smell him skdkfkgg* good…idk how to describe it but i LIKE it

24. my favorite parts of puff’s body is his stomach & the fat part of his tail on the bottom …..they’re both really squishy what can i say

25. i took him to my geology class for a presentation on the dimetrodon for the sole purpose of splayed-legs & to calm my nerves a bit bc there is absolutely no relation between bearded dragons & the dimetrodon BUT i got an A & everyone loved puff ❤️

25 Random Things About Jennifer Nettles


The 34-year-old Sugarland songstress completes the popular chain letter for Us

1. I still have two baby teeth that don’ have permanent teeth under them.

2. I broke my left ring finger jumping off a riser at the end of one of my shows two years ago.

3. I was a majorette in my high school marching band. 

4. I still have, and use, the same upright piano I had when I was a little girl.

5. I love flannel sheets in the winter.
6. I need new luggage.

7. I have a fantasy dream of taking a love slave to Spain, having a kid there and learning to cook delicious food there for a time. Not forever. (Of course the kid part would be forever, thus the fantasy. Not ready.)

8. I’m etremely sensitive to dry climates (thus I would have to live on the coast of Spain for my fantasy dream.)

9. Though I have to do them for awards shows, I hate the process of a mani-pedi. It feels like sitting around and wasting time. Plus, the wait on dry time feels like you’re trapped. 

10. I’d prefer a great massage.

11. I grew up with a ton of great aunts and uncles. One of my grandmothers has 10 brothers and sisters.

12. I have inherited an obsession for breakfast from my keyboard player. 

13. I have a phobia of water in inappropriate places. Like floors and countertops.

14. I have a phobia of drains and hair anywhere in the shower (drains, soap: gross!). 

15. I replaced my dishwasher with a wine refrigerator. Priorities, people!

16. I love to go junking, looking for old furniture and treasures (which can involve some antiquing, but doesn’t have to). 

17. I have a coffee table that I had made out of an old pinball machine top. 

18. I was a camp counselor in college. One of the most fun things ever!

19. Green is my favorite color.

20. I love cooking and entertaining in my home.

21. I like cats (though I don’t have any pets) and wonder if I’ll ever get to be the “crazy cat lady” when I’m old.

22. I love the efficiency and celebration of a cupcake.

23. I have a new obsession with feathers. I want to collect them.

24. I think if you can’t walk outside in a tank top and jeans, that constitutes “cold weather."

25. I’m writing this in my bed, on my BlackBerry, and I’m starving for breakfast so I’m getting up now.


So, that happened…