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Palm Sunday in Egypt: 31 killed in blasts in, near Coptic churches
By Joe Sterling, Faith Karimi and Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN

”Bombs targeted two Coptic churches in Egypt as the Christian faithful observed Palm Sunday, one of the most important day on the religion’s calendar.

A powerful blast rippled through a Palm Sunday service at a Coptic Christian church in the northern Egyptian city of Tanta, killing 25 people and wounding 60 others, state TV reported. The explosive device at St. George Coptic church in Tanta was planted under a seat in the church, where it detonated in the main prayer hall, it said.At least six have been killed and 33 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack outside the Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria according to two state-news outlets. Egyptian state media also reports that the head of Egypt’s Coptic Church Pope Tawadros II was inside the Church when the blast happened.”

The Year 2150
  • Student: So what finally caused the revolution to start in 2017?
  • Teacher: Things were simmering for awhile but then, right after they took health care away from 25 million people, that "Untuckit" commercial popped up on TV one more time.
  • Student: The one about that guy's passion being finding a shirt that looked great untucked?
  • Teacher: Yup. Pretty much everyone turned to each other and said "Hey, capitalism can go fuck itself, right?"
  • Student: And the fires started...
  • Teacher: That afternoon, yes.

The Beatles performed “All You Need is Love” to as many as 400 million people via the first live global television broadcast on 25 June 1967.

The program, Our World, was conceived by BBC producer Aubrey Singer and included performers representing 19 nations.  Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso, and Marshall McLuhan participated in the 2 ½ hour program. Around 10,000 technicians, producers and translators helped make the event happen.

The Beatles performed at 9:36 (GMT) and were accompanied by a 13-piece orchestra: Sidney Sax, Patrick Halling, Eric Bowie and Jack Holmes (violin); Rex Morris and Don Honeywill (tenor saxophone); Evan Watkins and Harry Spain (trombone); Jack Emblow (accordion); and Stanley Woods and David Mason (trumpet). They played live to a pre-recorded backing track of harpsichord, piano, drums and backing vocals.

The Beatles were surrounded by invited friends, including surrounded by various friends including Jane Asher, Eric Clapton, Marianne Faithfull, Pattie Harrison, Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Graham Nash, and Keith Richards.

Lennon re-recorded his vocals immediately after the broadcast, and Ringo re-recorded his drums for the single, which was released on 7 July 1967 in the UK and 17 July in the US.

Haha “"hEaLtHy coping mechanisms”“ did you mean: not eating / eating for 6 people, complete social isolation, and binge watching TV for 25 hours every weekend + sleeping the rest, and then going back on Monday pretending it’s fine? Yeah I know how to Cope™

Another thing to add in the list of things I like about Skam is that they brought ACTUAL TEENAGERS to play their characters, with actual flaws that one attains while going through puberty, and not people who age about 24-25 (as done by most other TV shows). It gives the show a more real feel and makes it much more effective for the viewing audience.

Blast in Cairo's Coptic cathedral kills 25

An explosion inside Cairo’s Coptic cathedral killed at least 25 people, most of them women, and injured 49, Egypt’s state television says.

Security sources told Reuters that at least six children were among the dead.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, however, some supporters of the Islamic State militant group celebrated the attack on social media.

“God is great, God is great, God is great,” one wrote on Telegram messenger.

“God bless the person who did this blessed act,” wrote another, also on Telegram.

A device containing about 12 kg of the explosive TNT had denoted on the women’s side of the cathedral, the security sources said.

“As soon as the priest called us to prepare for prayer, the explosion happened,” Emad Shoukry, who was inside the cathedral when the blast took place, told Reuters.

“The explosion shook the place… The dust covered the hall and I was looking for the door, although I couldn’t see anything… I managed to leave in the middle of screams and there were a lot of people thrown on the ground,” he said.

Orthodox Copts, who make up about 10 per cent of Egypt’s 90 million people, are the Middle East’s biggest Christian community.

They have long complained of discrimination under successive Egyptian leaders.

Islamists are waging an insurgency led by Islamic State’s branch in North Sinai, where hundreds of soldiers and police have been killed.

The insurgents have also launched deadly attacks Cairo and other cities.

On Friday, two roadside bombs - one in Cairo and one north of the capital - killed six policemen and wounded six others.

25 People Of TV (No Order) #24

Name: Cobie Smulders

Current(Last) Show/ Character: HIMYM/ Robin Scherbatsky 

Favorite role: HIMYM/ Robin Scherbatsky , possibly Maria Hill shortly too

1st role you saw them in: HIMYM/ Robin Scherbatsky 

Why You Like them: Because I Have yet to find a reason not to!!

If you had 4 hours with them you would: oh, so, so many things….not in a creepy way…

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My main project in the art camp was making a postcard series, with these more or less abstract patterns, and send them out to friends with fake holiday messages. Mostly I told I was in a beach, but sometimes I told the truth that I’m at the art camp. I remember I wrote to somebody that I just climbed the Mount Everest and it isn’t as hard as people say it on TV. It’s an edition of 25, all unique, and I still forgot to send out 2 of them.

white women get attention for like literally .25 seconds in the course of all of television history and people are already ready to flay them alive… like not to be That Person but like having women leads is still revolutionary. especially in sci fi. even when they’re white.

25 People Of TV (No Order) #25

Name: Jennifer Morrison

Current(Last) Show/ Character: Emma Swan/Once Upon A Time

Favorite role:  House/Dr. Allison Cameron  

1st role you saw them in: Grind/Jamie

Why You Like them: because I can, and she’s awesome

If you had 4 hours with them you would: hang out on set, table about House…..whatever 

I hate seeing these

Goddamn 25 year old women with perfect skin and hair and bodies playing 15 year olds, you know 15 year olds are gawky and awkward and have pudgy legs and disproportioned bodies and they’re cute but not like


Adult women have less hormones and growth spurts and weird skin and always changing bodies.

It’s disconcerting, even now in college, most of these people are just like…people, you know? There are pretty people, but they’re imperfect 19-23 year olds.

You apparently don’t attain perfection until 25 and some people still don’t have it by then. I mean jesus, TV lies right to my face.

Attack at German cinema leaves 25 injured
An attack at a cinema in Viernheim, Germany, has left at least 25 people injured, German public TV reported Thursday.
By Holly Yan, CNN

(CNN) An attack at a cinema in Viernheim, Germany, has left at least 25 people injured, German public TV reported Thursday.

The suspect entered the cinema, apparently heavily armed, around 3 p.m. local time, authorities said. The attacker has been killed, a state interior minister told a local newspaper, according to Reuters

It’s not clear if any of the injured were shot, or were injured in other ways.