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I just got cursed out on overwatch and was told that our 3v3 team lost because I’m “probably a female gamer. That explains it. Uninstall overwatch, you’re the worst player I’ve ever seen”

I just got a new computer, was testing out the game, and my mouse dpi was I guess too low so I didnt get the shot in time??? So the whole time he was telling the other team where I was every time I was the last man standing (which was every time)?? Like???? YOU’RE making us lose??? not me??

Moral of the story: Don’t be a goddamn asshole and put other people down because it sucks so bad and I’ll fucking report and block your ass so fast you won’t even know what hit you

silverwolf2299  asked:

This is probably gonna be the most random ask, straight off the bat, but could you maybe do Komaeda petting Amaterasu from the game okami? (It would also be nice if mod Neysa could do it) I hope that's not too much to ask..

Of course it’s alright ^v^). Amaterasu was certainly something challenging to draw but it was really fun. Thanks for your ask and I hope you like it~
-mod neysa

The Week Ahead: September 25 - October 1, 2017

In a nutshell, Monday and Tuesday are going to majorly suck; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will still suck but not so much; Saturday and Sunday will be much better. We’re all extremely impatient. Initially it’s because our goals seem too far away, and will take a lot of work to achieve. But then, it’s because we and others wasted all that time whining when there was work to be done! What is happening is that our faith in the future is being tested. Optimism has to learn how to work with being realistic, and vice versa.

Void of Course Moons

Sunday, September 24, 07:33 UTC (Scorpio) - Monday, September 25, 04:01 UTC (Sagittarius)

Wednesday, September 27, 11:08 UTC (Sagittarius) - 16:24 UTC (Capricorn)

Saturday, September 30, 00:14 UTC (Capricorn) - 04:40 UTC (Aquarius)

Lunar Phases

Thursday, September 28, 02:54 - First Quarter, 5:11 Capricorn

Retrograde/Direct Etc.

Thursday, September 28,19:36 UTC - transiting Pluto stations direct


Saturday, September 30, 00:42 UTC - transiting Mercury enters Libra


Monday, September 25:

  • 14:35 UTC - Mercury/Virgo square Saturn/Sagittarius, 21:57

Tuesday, September 26:

  • 13:13 UTC - Saturn/Sagittarius trine North Node/Leo, sextile South Node/Aquarius, 22:00
  • 13:30 UTC - Mars/Virgo trine Pallas Rx/Taurus, 13:25

Wednesday, September 27:

  • 14:17 UTC - Sun/Libra conjunct Vesta/Libra, 4:39
  • 14:36 UTC - Jupiter/Libra (27:15) sesquare Neptune Rx/Pisces (12:15) - ties in with Jupiter opposite Uranus tomorrow
  • 22:12 UTC - Mercury/Virgo opposite Chiron Rx/Pisces, 26:09

Thursday, September 28:

  • 04:25 UTC - Jupiter/Libra opposite Uranus Rx/Aries, 27:22
  • 18:09 UTC - Sun/Libra square Juno/Capricorn, 5:48

Saturday, September 30:

  • 00:11 UTC - Venus/Virgo opposite Neptune Rx/Pisces, 12:11
  • 02:17 UTC - Venus/Virgo (12:18) sesquare Uranus Rx/Aries (27:18)
  • 11:05 UTC - Juno/Capricorn square Vesta/Libra, 6:06
  • 13:43 UTC - Venus/Virgo trine Pallas Rx/Taurus, 12:53

Sunday, October 1:

  • 23:36 UTC - Mars/Virgo trine Pluto/Capricorn,16:51
Rubies for a King

Title: Rubies for a King

Author: TheHalesNyx

Word count: 44k

Contains: Humour, Slow Burn, Smut, Romance


In return for Jimin’s life, his health, in return for an heir to the company throne, Jimin’s father had made a deal with a dragon.
A dragon.
Jimin blinks, tired of waiting, tired from his anger. He blinks, and almost misses the way the overhead lights flicker; not even during monsoon season have his lights ever flickered. He watches, wondering if he’d imagined it, but just before he dismisses the notion, it happens again. He hears a whoosh, a thump, and the electricity stabilizes.
Jimin is suddenly terrified, afraid to look. He hears the balcony doors slide open, then shut. He hears a sigh, the creak of a floorboard.
“Am I really so late that you fell asleep waiting?”


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