25 obsessions

“Obsession (f. Jon Bellion)” by Vice

Just in time for Spring Break comes the latest single from a Vegas DJ regular, Vice with featured vocals from the break out artist Jon Bellion.

The breezy feel good anthem is perfect for all those college kids to kick off their day drinking with  while most likely in Panama City Beach. Jon shows off his falsetto as he sings all about being your obsession, “25/7″. 

Give a listen above.

anonymous asked:

I love your stories so much! I read through BTL and In Tenebris so quickly and I wait every week for them to update! Speaking of which when is the next time In Tenebris will be updated?

I was supposed to update it on Saturdays, but last weekend I didn’t feel like it, so.  XD 

The next update dates for various pieces…

Between the Lines: Thursday, March 23

In Tenebris: Saturday, March 25

Obsessive Impulsive: Released some time in April, I believe

I bought my first album in literally 8 years today. I’ve been streaming for so long now. But I couldn’t wait to hear 25 by Adele. And it’s been on repeat all morning. It’s burrowing its way into my subconscious. It gets better with each listening. I’m sure we’ll have more about the album and its songs in the coming weeks. But for now, this is in solidarity with all of you who are obsessing over the album, too.

“I’m 25 and still Disney obsessed, but for some reason I never saw Lilo and Stitch before this year. I really wish I’d seen it sooner. I’m a product of in vitro fertilization and because of this, when I was still pretty young, another little girl called me an abomination. I feel a strange connection to Stitch that I wish I’d experienced sooner.”