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Magnus was so happy to see Alec and he was smiling and gave a kiss bc he was worried about his bf and I love them being so positive and soft (Alec kinda ruined the moment but that's ok lol)

Their interaction in the beginning of that scene was everything I’ve wanted from Malec since this damn show started. A casual greeting kiss, standing close to each other, with small touches and bits of contact (honestly, would it have been so hard to have them touching each other’s chest/arms like that in 2a??????). It’s those little bits of affection that make it so clear that these are men in love - though obviously getting another set of ‘I love you’s at the end helped with that too.

And even though Alec did massively ruin the moment, I absolutely loved how that conflict was handled. It was realistic, nothing was conflated or over-sensationalized for the sake of Drama, and it was resolved in an honest, healthy way. Alec was wrong, he fucked up, he realized that he fucked up, and he apologized. He didn’t try to justify himself, he didn’t say “I was wrong but I had good intentions”, and he dealt with his shit on his own. I’m still THRILLED that it wasn’t Magnus’s responsibility to explain to Alec why he was wrong, or to try and defend his own humanity and his own rights. He didn’t have to ‘teach’ Alec anything. I loved that it was a conflict about a really serious, important thing, but nothing about it was overdramatic. Alec accepted that he fucked up, and he took responsibility for it and apologized.

Everything about Malec’s interactions in that ep gave me so much hope for the rest of their story. Obviously I adore that they’re getting simple affection and they’re clearly so in love with each other, but I also love that they’ve proven multiple times now that they can argue and be wrong and deal with conflict and work through it successfully, and be just as in love with each other when it’s done. 💜💜💜

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Name: AJ
Age: 25
Country: Germany

Hey I am new to this, this is why my name will be my initials for now :)
I recently moved back to Germany where I was born.
I am planning on moving someday to France or back to the US. I lived also in Spain for a bit.
At the moment I am doing a distance learning thing because I am struggling with life over the past years.
I consider myself as a weirdo.
I love to travel, photography/videography and TV shows and Movies. I can get obsessed with shows quite easily.
I am into Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy and Girls. Also Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter.
I love Disney and feel no shame about it since it comforts me when I have problems.
I also love Pizza, especially Hawaiian. I know don’t judge please.

Preferences: Must be at least 18 and not over 35. Females and Males are both welcome, I don’t care where you are from or if you are black, white, purple or a ghost as long as you are nice and respectful I am fine with that. English is a must. German would be fine too. Spanish as well but I have a lot of trouble with it. I would prefer E-Mail or Tumblr Messages. Snail-Mail could be an option later on

Top 25 OTPs

25. Summer/Seth (The OC)

“Why can’t you accept that I’m uncomfortable with public displays of affection?”
“You’re offering yourself for $10 a pop at a kissing booth!”
“Over the last 950 days we’ve been dating-and yes, I’ve counted-I’ve watched you grow into an incredible woman. And that is who I love.”

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7 and 25!!

7: Obsessively touches things

– Yoongi is a collector of soft things so he touches things a lot, but Jeongguk is typically a very touchy person? So yeah. Both of them.

25: Would kill a man over petty things

– I don’t think any of them would actually kill someone over it but Seokjin definitely has the shortest temper out of all of them. Yoongi has to calm him down quite often especially about Taehyung, who has the second shortest temper probably. Seokjin is more petty about things than Taehyung, though.

–Send me a number and I’ll tell you something about the boys~

umm bread falls into the category of wheat and wheat by-products

earlier this week
(or for years, idk)
I couldn’t take myself out of this feeling that I was chewing up my life
chewing and chewing
and digesting, regurgitating, and starting the process over.
Come home, the room is a mess, i open and close the apps on my phone until it dies, I fall asleep. Nothing satisfies me. 

I tell myself, maybe a nice new pair of sneakers might cheer me up. The cool sneakers people wear on instagram, Nikes, they sort of look like a woven basket-sock. Those.
I do my research and get really excited by the prospect.

I tell myself I might have to keep the shoes a secret though, because someone online will say something bothersome to me, in some way, backhanded or forwardly, that will devalue my purchase. The purchase that was supposed to make me feel better, somehow, and take me out of my um, idk, slump.

Jon comes home and I tell him my idea. I want to make a night of it. 
He knows I’m sad™, because he says he’s sad™ too. 
We leave late, and run out of time completely for the shoes. 
The shoes that were the imaginary fix for my sadness. 
I tell myself I can make another day of getting the shoes. Maybe by myself, and that could be fun. 
We pass by a starbucks and I offer jon a drink.
We order, he gets an iced drink, and we head outside.
I pull out my phone to snap the occasion. 
“Please don’t take my picture.”
“Why? We’re having fun?”
“I just don’t want my picture taken.”
“But we never go downtown together, I just thought it would be fun to take a picture?”
“Well I don’t want my picture taken.”

I’m self obsessed. I’m 25. I’m online, i’m neurotic, my phone is an extension of my brain. I’m under it’s spell, I must appease.
I am a photojournalist of my own existence.  
I want to see what I look like. I want to see myself having fun, being in different places, being sad, content, fashionable, unfiltered, makeup, no makeup,
I want to know I exist.
I want to see myself, and know i’m alive and potentially well.


I dated a photographer once. It was very brief, and I wouldn’t even say I knew we were dating until I looked back on our time together, and thought about it.
Did he pay for that meal? My train fare home? was he in my bedroom?
When he decided to take surprise and undirected photos of me, I felt like I could be captivating. Beautiful, interesting. 
Unscripted. Real. 
In existence.

I want to see myself. 
I want to look back and be able to see progression. 
External hard drives, icloud, dropbox, flash drive

I don’t talk to jon the rest of the night. 
Or I did, I don’t know. I can’t remember.
The shoes were a loss, the sentiment was a loss
i can’t satisfy anyone
not myself 

it’s friday and I could go out and buy the shoes, but now i’m tied to my obligations.
Serve the public in order for them to criticise.

i’m not allowed to photograph him
and he won’t protograph me

“You look so beautiful tonight,”
a stranger screenshots me

25 facts about melanie by melanie martinez

1. I’m really good at doing hair and makeup, but I’m terrible at painting nails.

2. My shoes are never tied.

3. I need some sort of chocolate after every meal.

4. I always lose my phone.

5. I can shoot chocolate milk out of the gap between my two front teeth.

6. I have stitches on my chin and on my hand.

7. When I’m alone, I blast Muddy Waters and make up dances to every song.

8. I hate vegetables.

9. I have really vivid dreams, and often.

10. I stumble or trip at least eight times a day.

11. I’m not afraid of anything except for the dark and bees.

12. I love Play-Doh.

13. My first word was “mine” when my dad snatched a Push Pop out of my hand.

14. I can’t cook.

15. I still have two baby teeth.

16. I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican but do not speak any Spanish.

17. I never perform with shoes on, and I always wear Lacey socks.

18. I collect stuffed animals and toys from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

19. I don’t own a pair of jeans.

20. I never wear jewelry.

21. I eat at least five chocolate chip cookies a day.

22. I secretly wish I was a tattoo artist.

23. My favorite visual artists are Mark Ryden and Nicoletta Ceccoli.

24. My apartment looks like a baby’s nursery.

25. I’m obsessed with vintage Garbage Pail Kids cards, Animal Rummy cards, and Valentine’s Day cards from the ‘50s.

EMILY’S CHRISTMAS ADVENT. Each day a new gif will appear. 

After 25 days of hand making gifs frame by frame, getting tonsillitis and my issue with talking in 3rd person growing. It is finally Christmas. Merry Christmas if you celebrate it!

Day 1- BOOKS AND MUSIC | My Top 5


Day 3- A Cheap Alternitive - HAUL 

Day 4- Doll World

Day 5- We are Scientists: Glowing Waves- Ep.2

Day 6- My New Hair

Day 7- Emily dies of exhaustion. (July Favourites)

Day 8- Road to Paris | VLOG

Day 9- Emily wishes she didn’t have tonsils (YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS

Day 10- Emily is still talking in 3rd person. (Beauty Scenario TAG)

Day 11- Not too cold , Not too warm | HAUL


Day 13- You & Me, In the woods


Day 15- Back to School Outfit Ideas (so festive) 

Day 16- Emily starts to procrastinate (SPOOKY DRAWINGS)

Day 17- SUMMER TIME (Yes I know what season it is)

Day 18 - JAPAN DIARY: Alone in Kyoto!


Day 20 - Emily stops procrastinating (TOKYO DIARY: So Kawaii)


Day 22- I have procrastinated again. (Summer Clothing Essentials)

Day 23- A messy ponytail

Day 24- My Obsession

Day 25- We are scientists: Potato Clock