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horrormints  asked:

What do you like about the P-07 and the P-01? Which would you prefer over the other?

One of the main things I like about the P-01 over the P-07 is the P-01 uses the much more common & cheaper regular CZ 75 mags, while the P-07 (and P-09) use their own, more expensive (25-50 bucks per) mags. The P-07 is easier to find & cheaper to initially get into, costing between 400 (sometimes dropping under 400) & 550 bucks, compared to P-01s starting at about 550 and just going up from there, if/when you can find one.

Both of them are extremely easy to carry. The P-07 probably being a little easier, due to it being lighter weight.

I find the ergos on the P-01 to be a little bit better than the P-07, although the P-07 has excellent ergos comes with interchangeable backstraps while the P-01 doesn’t (you can change the grips, though). 

On the P-07, it’s pretty easy to switch between having a safety or a decocker. You’re pretty much stuck with a decocker on the P-01, although the stock trigger is quite a bit better than the P-07.

I have yet to encounter a compact pistol that shoots better than a P-01. It’s softer shooting & has less muzzle rise than many full-sized handguns I’ve shot, even with hotter loadings. And is extremely accurate (sub-2in groups @ 25 yards with most ammo is pretty easy to achieve). The P-07, while still an easy shooting pistol, has a noticeable amount more recoil & muzzle rise.

Overall, I prefer the P-01 to the P-07. Hell, I sold my first P-01 for a silly amount of money, bought a P-07, and missed the thing so much that I eventually got that CZ Custom P-01 SDP. But it’s really hard to go wrong with either.

I’d say try them both out. You’ll probably like them.

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Auf was für typen stehst du so?

Ich mag tier- und kinderliebe, in Bus und Bahn Bücher lesende Typen mit dunklen Haaren und Bart, mindestens 17, maximal 25 Jahre alt. Ich mag Typen mit rauer Stimme, die, wenn sie schläfrig sind, wie ein kleiner Junge klingen und die ihr Essen mit mir teilen. Ich mag die Typen die den Mädchen Haarsträhnen hinters Ohr streifen und ein schönes Lächeln haben und viel und laut lachen können. Typen die mich witzig und schön finden und die meine Poesie lesen und verstehen. Typen die mir Schokolade mitbringen und sich beim Schlafen an mich drücken und warme Füße haben. Typen mit Armbändern und ner Zigarette hinterm Ohr und einer fake Lederjacke, oder/und dunkelgrauer Jogginghose. Ich mag die Typen die Geschichten erzählen und zuhören und die auf ihr Kissen sabbern und die, die einen BMW fahren und die, die mit mir die Welt bereisen wollen. 


Ich liebe einen Typen, der Tiere nicht sonderlich aufregend findet, Kinder nicht mag und in seinem gesamten Leben maximal ein Buch gelesen hat. Ich liebe einen Typen, der eigentlich fast immer wie ein kleiner Junge klingt, außer wenn wir miteinander schlafen. Einer, der sein Essen vor mir beschützt und stattdessen meins isst; einer dessen böser Blick töten könnte. Jemanden, der meine Poesie nicht liest und nicht versteht, mir keine Schokolade mitbringt und selten etwas von sich erzählt. Ich liebe einen Typen, der mich dazu bringt, zu schreiben und zu atmen und zu lachen. Einen mit einem kleinen Muttermal unterm linken Ohr und einem Lächeln, das mir die Welt bedeutet. Einen bei dem es egal ist, wo wir sind, solange wir beieinander sind. Einen, bei dem ich bleiben will.

Ein Auto hat er nicht, aber er hat mein Herz.

& Ich denke, das ist alles, was zählt

“As an actor, Matsumoto Jun has been a part of many works that have been based off of mangas. People often say, “Its like he jumped out of a manga!” His handsome looks would definitely be one of the reasons for this.”-Rola Mag

/25 days to go before the-guy-who-jumped-out-off-of-manga turn 31~


I’ve decided to upgrade one of my tactical .22’s. I purchased the Smith & Wesson 15-22 when it first came out a few years ago & fell in love it.

Some of the first runs were plagued with ejection issues but was an easy fix with the ejector. Once I bent it inward for it to catch the lip of the casing it was flawless.

Shooting it with pin point accuracy from its Thompson Center Barrel.

It had many great features:

AR similar take-down(unlike the Umarex Colt branded rimfires).
Very accurate
Lightweight polymer upper & lower
Removable fixed AR styled sights
Full quad picatinny rail
25 round mag with after market mags available(up to 50 rounds)
Standard AR buffer tube and pistol grip

With the newer model that is starting to become easier to find now, comes with Magpul furniture.

MOE pistol grip, stock, flip-up sights, threaded barrel with flash suppressor, QD sling attachment points, and the option of FDE or black Magpul furniture.

Detailed pictures to come when it arrives!

Stay tuned!


Range Day

Went to the range with the bosses and had it all to ourselves, which is a lot more peaceful. I wanted to bring out more guns to test but opted to pick a random few. Some quick initial thoughts on each gun…

  • PAR-1 (Pump-Action AK): It was surprisingly fun to shoot. It feels and sounds like a shotgun when working the pump but I had no issues with it. Really glad I brought it and definitely keeping it.
  • SAR-8 (Greek G3 Clone): It has the bipod and the Namibian furniture. I was using the 25 round CETME mags and no issues feeding or ejecting. The Trilux SUIT optic looks cool but it wasn’t ideal. VERY HEAVY.
  • FS2000: Bought this on Black Friday and really wanted to try it out. Ate and ejected everything I fed it; Winchester whitebox ammo to steel-cased Tula. The optic was clear but felt lacking, like it needs an EoTech or Aimpoint.
  • M63 (Mitchell’s Tanker Mauser): With a barrel just under 18" long and shooting 30-06, it was loud and painful. The ribbed metal buttplate doesn’t help at all. This thing punishes your shoulder and I stopped using it after 8 rounds. Sights were poor due to the short radius but you can barely see them since they aren’t like other Mauser carbine sights. Fed and ejected smoothly though.
  • Thunder Five: My 45-70 Govt monster of a revolver. It had the 45 LC/.410 Gauge cylinder installed at first but I swapped in the .45-70 one to shoot. Amazingly it wasn’t that bad to shoot in spite the 2" barrel firing a large rifle caliber. I did experience the cylinder binding but it was my fault. The cylinder capture screw was not properly tightened and caused the issue.
  • Glock 17L: Longslide 9mm that I bought on impulse since Glock was doing their limited production run of them again. Accurate pistol that I probably shot the most of that day. The longer slide and barrel helped with recoil and control.
  • Glock 20 Custom: My first Glock I ever purchased finally got some range time. Because of the Surefire light and the compensator, the G20 was pretty hefty. It helped dampen the recoil and it was very easy to shoot. Recoil was pleasant and didn’t seem excessive.
this or that: gymnastics edition (send me a number)
  • ---feel free to add more---
  • 1. standing fulls or standing arabians?
  • 2. patterson dismount or full in dismount?
  • 3. silivas vs shushunova or miller vs gutsu?
  • 4. piked or laid out jaeger?
  • 5. yurchenkos or front-handsprings?
  • 6. grishina’s choreo or afan’s choreo?
  • 7. bejing olympics or london?
  • 8. 2008 us olympic team or 2012?
  • 9. Y turns or L turns?
  • 10. 2000 russian olympic team or 2012?
  • 11. mostepanova or omelianchik?
  • 12. deng linlin’s beam or sui lu’s?
  • 13. 2008 chinese olympic team or 2012?
  • 14. larisa iordache’s beam or catalina’s?
  • 15. sheep jumps or switch ring leaps?
  • 16. piked or laid out tkatchevs?
  • 17. russia's 2012 tf leotard or quals leotard?
  • 18. mustafina dismount or the fabrichnova?
  • 19. lysenko or gutsu?
  • 20. 2000 romanian olympic team or 2004?
  • 21. simone's floor or aly raisman's?
  • 22. maroney's amanar or biles' amanar?
  • 23. 2011 worlds or 2010 worlds?
  • 24. fierce five or the mag 7?
  • 25. gabby douglas' aa win or nastia liukin's?
  • 26. he kexin's bars or yao jinnan's?
  • 27. perfect 10 scoring system or the current scoring system?
  • 28. mustafina's bars or komova's?
  • 29. nastia's onodi or aliya's?
  • 30. chow or mihai?

Saw a post about the CS-18, thought I would share my experiences with the platform.

I managed to get a hold of one at the beginning of my freelance days in the Julian Bush Wars. Apparently 30 or so crates of these were “lost” by the US military when in transit to Afghanistan. They circulated through illicit gun runners, one eventually ending up in my hands (at a steep price).

It proved phenomenal in a close quarters or urban setting. The proprietary dual rolling block system allowed for astonishing rates of fire. Despite this, I rarely encountered a misfire or jam. In the off chance a jam did occur, the CS-18 incorporated a quick-strip system, allowing you to access the internals and clear the jam without having to dismantle the weapon.

My only complaint was that the standard 18-round magazine was a bit too small for the voracious rate of fire. So I acquired a 25 round drum mag. While I experienced no misfit with the magwell, the drum itself would sometimes jam. It did have a manual crank system in the case of one, nonetheless, I only carried one drum mag. I would have the drum initially loaded, so that in the case of a malfunction, I could easily swap it out for a conventional straight magazine.

For motor operations, I used six round magazines for maximum maneuverability.

It’s a shame you can’t get a full auto civvie version. I’ve been dying to let one of these rip again.