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It's your larrimation/SAO&VocabL. otp anon and I need to know all the thoughts on the thing that Harry aka dramatic baby Mick Ziggy Starboy just shabammed on us with a 30 sec. advert? recorded on someone's phone? off of the tv? And then he's wet? And eyes? And Xavier Dolan? Maybe? He just released the kracken. I was not ready.



Now…let’s pretend this is a story all about how Harold’s life got flipped-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute…DONT YOU DARE SMIRK…to show you what happens after he drowns at Dunkirk

Time for a new start, new art, goodbye smoke and mirrors, he leaving the dark

got that light ahead Harry, you’re making us wary, could this new path of yours be revolutionary?

reach out and grab it, the past is the past. What a visual metaphor for a true iconoclast

He sees beyond him, but what does he do? Stay in the dark or fukin COME THROUGH?


we see you Hersh and your soul-snatching greens

april 7th we’ll know what this afterlife means. 

~new follower intro post~

hello my name is fae and alex burmistrov is my favorite player.

i have gained a lot of followers in the past 12 hours so we’re all squad now and you all have to love the coyotes. here are some important facts about me, your new best friend.

i am 25 and a pieces and i got into hockey because of check, please. i am a lesbian and i am loud about it. i am studying english and graduating this may with my associates. the very first hockey game i ever saw from start to finish was a coyotes game on christmas where the leafs completely wiped the floor with us and i was there four seats away from the ice. speaking of, i love the yotes and you should love them too.

i make art but not well and not frequently. i’m writing a book about lesbian werewolves, also not well or frequently.

i am dating the most wonderful hockey girl in the world: dana @chychrvn we’ve been together almost a year come july and we’re moving in together in arizona and adopting a dog.

i have a cat named blossom. she’s my whole world, the light of my life. she’s a 9 year old siamese mix and she has allergic dermatitis. she’s on medicine and a special food to control it and she wears a sweater all the time and only gets it taken off so i can brush her because otherwise she hurts herself.

my best friend ashleigh lives in canada and i love her and will kill a man for her in an instant.

that’s it that’s all you need to know.

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 25


I hear Snow before my eyes have even opened, his steps across the creaking floor too loud for the tranquility of the morning.  I don’t move, listening to the water run, to the soft sound of him brushing his teeth, and the familiar pang returns to my stomach.  If only I could keep this moment of perfect softness and live in it, never moving forward from it.  Just pure, quiet, contented bliss.

           But the pang reminds me that I have to get up, have to move from this spot, have to face another day of his hatred, of my family’s expectations.  That I can’t lie here and listen to him brush his teeth forever.  It’s the reason that the pang exists at all.

           I stretch under the covers as far as I can, my legs hanging off the end of the bed by at least a foot, my wrist banging the wall behind my head.  I turn over to glance blearily at the nightstand, my wand, the time on my clock…

           Hang on.

           My eyes dart back to the wand, because it sure looks shinier than usual.

           It takes my vision a few hard blinks to focus, but once I can see clearly my jaw drops open indignantly.  

           There’s a cross on my wand.

           More specifically, there’s a silver chain, sporting an all-too-familiar silver cross pendant, wrapped around my wand.

           I sit up and drop my feet to the floor, leaning closer for a better look.  Not only has Snow tangled my wand in his necklace, but he has gone far enough to secure it with tiny pieces of tape.

           Next to his little display sits a card, the kind people attach to gift bags.  Inside are two words.  Your move.

           I grind my teeth as he shuts the water off. I can’t tell if he’s made a stupid move or a clever one.  Snow makes vampire jokes all the time, like he’s trying to see if I’ll give myself away, but I didn’t think he was this serious about the theory.  

           Because if I’m not a vampire, this trick will only mildly inconvenience me.  If I am a vampire, I won’t be able to remove my wand from his necklace without burning myself.

           Either way, he’s about to have a very pissed-off roommate on his hands.

           When Snow emerges from the bathroom he leans against the doorframe and watches me, making no effort to be stealthy about this particular prank.

           I raise an eyebrow at him.  “Really?”

           “What’s the big deal?” he shrugs with a sly tilt of his head.  “It’s not like it’ll burn you, right?”

           I want to hold his gaze and show him I know exactly what he’s doing, but I can’t.  Not if I value what little secrecy I still hold over him.

           So I turn my face away from him and pick up my wand with a lightly trembling hand.  I don’t hesitate before peeling away each scrap of tape, and I bite the inside of my lip to keep from flinching as the silver bites into my skin, leaving stings all over my fingers.  They won’t turn into scars, but they will burn until I can feed again.

           “I believe this is yours,” I say as the chain drops to the table, my wand free once again.

           “Toss it here.”

           I should drain him dry right here and now.

           But instead I take the cross fully in my hand, the shape searing into my palm, and toss it like it’s a ball or a key or anything that doesn’t burn.  I hold his gaze as he catches it easily.

           “You’ll have to do better than that,” I growl as he leaves without another word.

“SALT AKLIN ELEŞTİRİSİ'ni okudum, 60 Watt altında Beatrix Sokağı'nda, Ulusal Kitaplığın kasveti içerisinde Locke, Leibniz ve Hume'u okudum, küçük lambaların ışığında Sokrates öncesi filozoflardan VARLIK VE HİÇLİK'e değin, her devirden tüm kavramlarla kafamı bulandırdım, Kafka, Rimbaud ve Blake'i 25 Wattlık ışıkta, Paris'te bir otelde, Freud, Adler ve Jung'u 360 Watt altında, Berlin'in yalnızlık kokan bir sokağında, pikapta Chopin'in etüdleri hafiften dönerken okudum; Cenova'da bir kıyıda, düşünce ürünleri üstündeki mülkiyet hakkının kaldırılmasını savunan, ateşli bir söylev okudum, kâğıt tuzlu su lekeleriyle kaplıydı ve güneşten kavrulup buruşmuştu; Klangenfurt'ta üç hafta içerisinde LA COMEDIE HUMAIME'i bitirdim; hafif ateşim vardı ve antibiyotikten zayıf düşmüştüm, Proust'u Münih'te, sabahın ilk ışıklarıyla bilikte dam aktarıcıları çatıdaki odanın damını delene kadar okudum, Fransız moralistleriyle Viyanalı mantıkçıları okuduğumda çoraplarım düşüktü; günde otuz Fransız sigarası eşliğinde her şeyi okudum, DE RUM NATURA'dan LE CULTE DE RAISON'a kadar, tarih, felsefe, tıp ve ruhbilim alanlarında çalıştım, Steinhof Akıl Hastanesinde şizofrenlerin ve manik-depresiflerin hastalık öncesi gelişmeleri üzerinde durdum, üniversitenin büyük anfisinde, yalnızca artı altı derecede not tuttum, sonra, gölgede 36 derecede de mundo, de mente, de motu üzerine notlar çıkardım, başımı yıkadıktan sonra Marx ve Engels'i, küfelik durumdayken V. I. Lenin'i okudum; kafam karışık, bir kaçış içerisinde, gazeteler, gazeteler, gazeteler okudum, ve daha çocukken okurdum gazeteleri, ocağın önünde, ateş yanarken; ve bütün istasyonlarda, bütün trenlerde, tramvaylarda, uçaklarda gazeteler, dergiler ve cep kitapları okudum, ve her şey üzerine yazılmış her şeyi okudum, dört dilde, fortiter, fortiter, ve okunacak ne varsa hepsini anladım ve tüm okuduklarımdan kendimi bir saat için özgür kılıp İvan'ın yanına uzanıyorum, ve diyorum ki: O kitabı, henüz olmayan kitabı, senin için yazacağım, eğer gerçekten istiyorsan. Ama gerçekten istemelisin, benden istemlisin, ve ben senden onu okumanı hiçbir zaman istemeyeceğim.”

- Ingeborg Bachmann, Malina, Bilim/Felsefe/Sanat Yayınları, Çeviri: Ahmet Cemal, İstanbul, 1985.  

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listen... i'm 25... i'm a teacher... and earlier this year when i went to take my ID picture, the lady running it grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me back out of the room and told me, "IT'S NOT TIME FOR NINTH GRADERS YET, GO BACK TO CLASS!!!" and that's the story of how everyone thought i was 14 and wouldn't let me take my picture :(


fam im sorry. thats so terrible. i laughed. im the worst™

I wonder how other teams felt about playing Samwell with Captain Jack Zimmermann. I know some of it kind of got swept under the rug in the comic because of amateur vs. professional rules, but there’s got to be a good amount of resistance to just the fact that he’s allowed to play at all:

“The dude is 25. I’m not even 18 yet. How is that fair?”

“His dad is Bad Bob Zimmermann. Who let him play at the college level? My dad can’t even skate.”

“Dude was besties with KENT PARSON. Who has a STANLEY CUP.”

Name:  Nevaeh Lyn but I go by Jamie Brennan

Age: 15

Location: Kansas

 Hi. I’m Jamie Brennan. I prefer to go by J or Brennan. I’m a little awkward but still kinda fun.


  • I love music and I listen to pretty much everything.
  • I love having people to talk to and am a generally random person.
  • I love reading and writing. I spend most of my time on Wattled and Tumblr.

“Perfect Pen Pal”:

  • Any age under 25
  • I would love to talk with someone who like long term platonic relationships. I love having someone dedicated to who you are. That’s the type of person I am.
  • I’m typically a very very very accepting person unless you are unaccepting person to others, so I’d hope to talk with people who are accepting of others
  • I’d like to keep letters and contact online rather than snail mail


  • Tumblr: j-brennan-barnes
  • Instgram: let.s_song_the_doom_song
  • Email: jamiebrennanbarnes@gmail.com


I’m really good with emotional support so I’m here for anyone who needs me.