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I’m re-reading Order of the Phoenix at the moment, and can we just take a minute to appreciate Fleur Delacour?

> 17 year old Fleur hears about a dangerous contest which will threaten her life and involve her having to leave her home country, alongside her beloved little sister, for a year. Her response is “sign me the fuck up”, but in French.

> 18 year old Fleur spots handsome 25 year old redhead talking to Harry Potter, decides she’s having that one, files this information away for later.

> 18 year old Fleur survives the tournament and returns home to France. Less than four weeks after graduating school, still 18 year old Fleur is back in Britain, taking a job in a bank to improve her English, where she is reacquainted with the aforementioned 25 year old redhead.

> 18 year old Fleur wastes no time in securing ‘private lessons’ with Bill Weasley.

> 19 year old Fleur visits her now-fiancé’s family for the summer, putting up with their blatant dislike of her because this is about Bill.

> 20 year old Fleur is disgusted at the idea that she’d love her fiancé any less for a few scars.

> 20 year old Fleur risks her life to get Harry Potter the heck outta Dodge.

> 20 year old Fleur marries that still-hot redhead, dammit, and fuck Voldemort for trying to interfere.

> 21 year old Fleur distracts Harry and Remus so that the Weasleys may reunite privately.

> 21 year old Fleur survives the Battle of Hogwarts

We all need to appreciate Fleur a little more, is what I’m saying. She got shit done.

Anything For You

Hello there.

A/N- CEO!Jungkook, CEO!Reader

Warning- Jk and reader are married. (Has like disappointing marriage content, but i’ll improve over time hehe.) and the reader is lowkey horny.

Please enjoy.


His presence is just enough to make me turn myself down.

Another person, similar feeling, same name.

He’s a shadow to begin with.
He’s so hot. I mean, my one night stand thoughts are on point. I feel like, I want to feel him around me. I wanna pleasure him in filthy ways and make him limp under my touch.
I wanna fuck him. I want him to fuck me. From top, from back, sideways, in every way possible.

His eyes are so fucking beautiful. I wanna look at him while he fucks me from the front and when I get on top of him. I wanna stare into his galaxy like eyes when I am sucking on his cock and when he is choking me with his pride. I wanna scratch his back and leave a trail of hickeys all the way down to his V line.

I just want to fuck him. I have high temptation and lust for him. This is such a fucked up desire of mine from the moment I saw him.

I want to love him.

All I am afraid of remembering the one who broke my heart into saw dust.

The same name.

Why? I am just so alone and desperate, anything that departs from my mind, fucks me up. I don’t like this feeling of desire and the need, the fucking need to feel him inside of me.

Fuck me up, my darling, I am all yours.

I wanna talk to him. I wanna be his friend. I wanna call him up at 3 am and share a conspiracy theory.

But, I don’t wanna fall in love. I want to rise in love.

I wanna text him memes and write poems in his thoughts. I just wanna look at him do things like walk or yawn or write a little note.

Maybe because I love him.

Why? Maybe I am just too alone.

On a typical Saturday evening I found myself curled up on my sofa listening to the sound of the thunder storm and whining rain and my dear hedgehog yawning in my lap. A hot cup of coffee and some light music was everything I needed to make myself relaxed from the activities I had been through the week. The interviews, the photo shoots, the graphic analysis, papers to sign, business trips and what not. The chaos of running an entire leading fashion magazine company was really a task to bind.
I was tucked in an oversize sweater and going comfortably through the dull late afternoon. The huge glass windows were now tinted with raindrops constantly racing about.




How was your week?


I smiled at the text.


Meh. It was the same.

Running and screaming and signing.


Ow too bad.

But same. Lol.


I clutched my heart before trying not to smile






Wanna grab some food? 😗

With me 😗😗😗

Huuh huh 😗

I bit my lip at his cute self and smiled.
Oh boy, how do I ever resist him. I thought.


Its raining here. 💁


😦 ehhhhhhhh



I am the one who is making it rain so that you can come over and stay here with me 🙈

I smirked at my smug reply.


Oh well well well




Omg you’re coming back?

Fuuuuck! I thought you’re joking

I’m waiting 😁

It had been almost 4 years, since I’d been interacting with this son of a hot fucking pie. This man was my everything to begin with and everything to end with.

He was a CEO of a really massive banking company. Both of us being working business individuals had a hard time interacting as often. He and I both text each other when we could and meet… In 6 months or so.

//ring ring//

I kept my hedgehog in his cage quickly and rushed to the door. My heart was beating so fast for the first time in forever. Meeting him today was certainly a stranger feeling than usual. I opened the door and was greeted with the most beautiful man fathomable to exist behind the hundreds of crimson red roses he had held in his hands.

“Mrs. Jeon… Your favorite flowers sent by your favorite person to his favorite person, delivered by your favorite person, obviously.” He tilted his head to look at me from behind those flowers as he smiled at me with his bunny teeth.


I couldn’t help but blush deep red and look at him with a shy smile, accepting the flowers.

“Come on in, its your house.” I said scanning his figure adorned with an armani suit, stunning dark hair and his handsome self.

“Like what you see?” He teased.

“Oh shut up.” I tell him ignoring the fact that I was checking him out in his face.

“Come on y/n… You’re allowed, you know.” He smacked my ass as he walks past me toward his room to certainly change and wash up. I kept the flowers on the glass table by the door and bit my lip, feeling the area when he had smacked me on as I drowned myself into my own thoughts.

Jeon Jungkook, 25 years old, intelligent, handsome, rich, successful, eye candy and my husband of 2 years now whom I’ve met only 12 times including the one on our wedding/contracts-beneficial-for-both-our-brands.

Mentally, he’s alluring. Physically he is appealing. In reality, he was busy. But so was I.

There were a lot of hardships we have been through in these 4 years. From meeting him to getting married out of family pressure and purly business interest. Somewhere between these 4 years, I’ve learnt enough to be committed, impressed and… Live in love.

Our marriage, in context of physicals, consists of one mandatory wedding kiss, roughly 8 hand shakes, 5 hand kisses, 2 playful spanks, one goodbye hug and accidental touches.

Yes, my husband and I have certainly not been in love. But over time, I fell for him. So hard. I just came to realize it a few weeks early. I wasn’t sure, if he was too feeling the same, but I didn’t want to complain.

He is mine to call. I carry his last name. And the media knows it all. Whenever he meets me, he makes sure to take me out for a date to display a healthy relationship, perhaps also maintain it. I was happy. Despite him being so busy, he tries to keep up with our so called marriage.

I resumed my position on the couch with my pet.

“Y/N, hi.” He whispers, sitting besides me on the couch.

“Hey.” I smile back at him.

“So, how are you doing?” He drops his most frequent question.

“You see me here, I’m alive.” I mocked in my lazy tone. He suppresses his giggle at my sarcastic ass.

“Well, I’m glad. How is our little son?” He reaches to lightly pat on the hedgehog. He brought him for me for our first anniversary knowing how much I adored them and leaving a sign of himself when he’s not there. I would be lying if I couldn’t stop smiling when he said “our son”.

“He’s doing great.” I mumble.

“Y/N.” he whispers and softly hum in response.  

“This is weird… What we have.” He said looking into my eyes.

I dropped my heart when he says it. The legit thought was that he was about to say something that will break my heart, but he just completely changes it.

“Its been 2 year since we got married. And we’ve never ever, spent time together, you know, like how usually couples do.” He continues as I nod.

“I get it that its just more of a superficial thing to say, but you know, I just feel like, I want to live now and you know, I want to live with you because you’re the only one whom I call mine publicly. I want to know you, y/n. Not as a CEO but as a person.” He tells making my breathing faster. My heart was pounding ever so strongly at his kind and comforting words.

“Jungkook…” Before I could finish, he puts a finger on my lips and continues,

“I’ve decided to go on a break. From my job which is probably my only life. I don’t know Y/N. I am tired. I want to live with you as my wife and not just as a business partner and I want to see things differently. Will you help me?” He was a very confident man, but listening him break down like this was such an intense thing. Jeon Jungkook, was vulnerable and tried and I was there to witness. The tycoon was coming clean to me. I wanted to hug him and this time I didn’t want to regret the opportunity.

I removed his finger from my lips and went up closer to him and said, “Jungkook, I have seen you through growing into what you are today, and I’m glad you decided to share it with me… I want to help you, and I will. You’re my husband, I’ve vowed to do so. I’m always there for you.” I leaned into him and hugged him with all I had restrained in me. Feeling his warm body made me shudder in response. It was so comfortable to have him wrapped around me. This was the most intimate I’ve gotten with him and in that moment.

It took every fiber of my body to stop myself from kissing his soft petal like lips.

I almost jump as I feel him hugging me back and burring his face into the crook of my neck, it felt as he he had brushed his lips in the nape. But I didn’t want to complain, I just wanted to make him feel wanted.

“Y/N, I’m taking year off from my business trips. I want to be home with you. I want to cook for you and buy gifts like normal people And take you for ice cream when you crave it at 3 am. I don’t wanna text you anymore good-mornings or nights, but say that to you, face to face.” He whispers so lightly making me flip my stomach upside down. It felt almost as if he’s trying to confess something he has been holding back, all this time.

“Oh, Jungkook. I’m glad you feel that way. I’ll be more than happy to have you around you know.” I reply sniffing my tears up.

“And, don’t worry, I still will sign papers, but from home. And I want you to do the same now.” He says pouting. I pull away immediately and frown at him.

“What? Are you serious? If you don’t know, I’m the CEO of-” he presses his lips against mine. He took me by surprise and I was so shocked with my eyes wide open. I notice, his eyes are so peacefully closed and his lips were actually on mine. Instead of resisting, I started melting under his touch on my arms. I felt my eyes getting heavy and my hands running to pull him close to me. I felt his lips moving against mine and I subconscious repeated the movement. His lips softly pulling mine away which indeed was the sexiest thing in that frame. His chest was so close to me I could almost feel his heartbeat rising and falling.

This was something I dreamt about and it was happening right in front of me. Everything felt surreal, from the texture of his lips to his sweet taste to his his cologne washing me over. I was ready to accept anything from that moment on because the love of my life was touching me in the most romantic way. My amazingly sexy husband was finally kissing me. I was the luckiest woman alive in the universe. And nothing made me happier than having him around me, being happy.
I reluctantly pull away and tried to steady my breath. He was still clutching onto me and looking into my eyes. I felt embarrassed on how much crimson I’ve parted on my cheeks. I licked my lips and looked at him.

“That was… That was nice.” I whispered making him smile ear to ear.

“So, you’re with me?” He asks putting his forehead against mine.  

“Anything for you, Mr. Jeon.” I breathed out a chuckle.

“You better pack up soon, Mrs. Jeon, we’re going for our honeymoon.” He winked at me, flushing me even more.


thanks for reading. :*

I’ll continue this for sure.

liezlvargas  asked:

Hi ladies. I have this fic in my mind a couple of weeks now. Blaine is a bar owner where Kurt and Rachel went to on New Years Eve. Kurt thought Blaine is a waiter or a bouncer I think. Klaine had a one full day date. Blaine has tattoos in his arm with a special meaning. I hope you can help me again. Thanks

This is one of my favorite verses!  Here ya go:

When The Time Is Right Verse by @fictionallylost

Kurt is 25, successful, handsome and sought after by all, but still looking for more, Bar Owner Blaine 10 years his senior is on the exact same journey of looking for love and life. A/U Rated M for use of swearing, sexual references and scenes of a heavy sexual nature.


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 25 gifs of the handsome Quincy Brown in from Star Season 1 Episode 1. Brown is an actor known for his roles in Star and Dope. Ethnically, he is of Black (African-American) descent, so please cast him accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were completely unintentional. I made all of these gifs and honestly you can use them in anyway but if you add them to a crackship or gif hunt or anything of the sort please give me credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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For the age gap, do you recommend any sexy stories

Check out our age!gap tag, and don’t miss these lovely fics:

20 Year Old Lover by heyblaine

AU in which 39-year-old Blaine’s life gets a lot more complicated when he meets, and additionally falls in love with, the 20 years younger intern Kurt Hummel at Vogue.com.

When The Time Is Right Verse by @fictionallylost

Kurt is 25, successful, handsome and sought after by all, but still looking for more, Bar Owner Blaine 10 years his senior is on the exact same journey of looking for love and life. A/U Rated M for use of swearing, sexual references and scenes of a heavy sexual nature.

I Won’t Let You Down by @mrscriss2012

16 year old Blaine moves to Lima with his mom and new step family. Desperately unhappy and alone, he is befriended by one Burt Hummel who lives across the road. The pair start to restore a classic car together, but what will Blaine make of Burt’s surly 27 year old son?

It’s Not Babysitting by @anxioussquirrel

Kurt Hummel is 28 and has been living in New York for ten years now. He has a good job, nice apartment and two best friends anyone could wish for: Sebastian, a snarky lawyer, and Cooper, a workaholic investment specialist. What he doesn’t have is luck in relationships. But then Blaine, Cooper’s 17-year-old brother, comes to NY to spend the summer. He turns out to be gorgeous and quickly develops a huge crush on Kurt…

Bite Your Lip, Pull Me In by @endofadream

Age difference: Blaine is 40, Kurt is 19, and this is the story of how a chance meeting between a successful businessman and a struggling young intern blossoms into something wonderfully unexpected.

Dark Tower Movie Soundtrack

1. The Dark Tower
2. The Face of My Father
3. I Kill With My Heart
4. Skin People
5. Getting a Toothbrush
6. Dutch Hill
7. Guardian
8. Arrival in Mid-World
9. His Shine Is Pure
10. The Map
12. Something Got Out
13. We Don’t Have Chicken
14. Manny Village
15. See Across Worlds
16. There’s Always Another Battle
17. A Chicken, a Goat, and One Bullet
18. Keystone Earth
19. Portal Activity
20. Smiley Face
21. The Creed
22. Death Always Wins
23. Dixie Pig
24. Tall, Dark and Handsome
25. Full Package as Advertised
26. It Will Fall
27. Collateral Damage
28. Hot Dogs
29. Roland of Eld (Main Titles)

Something was killing people. We’d see 25-year-old handsome young men waste down to where they looked 95. It was like the walking dead, and there was so much of it … We’d spent so much effort building the gay community, and we thought it all would disappear.

Kenneth Bunch on the Reagans’ troubling Aids legacy.

As the nation mourns the former first lady’s death, those on the frontline of the 1980s Aids crisis remember something else: a couple who turned a blind eye.