25 gifs with michelle made by me

                         runaway/shelter group verse created by the great @oldcrblake.

                          SEEKING SHELTER?

Need a place to stay? Have no where to call home? Or no place to sleep? Bellamy Blake will always greet you at his door with open arms & find a place for you in his tiny home! Be it just for a night, a week, a couple months, hell even a few years; The Blake’s will take care of you! 


1.  This is an au t100 shelter group verse! But any fandom is welcome!
2.  OC’s, Canons from different fandoms, Multis; you can all join! 
3.  IC drama is greatly wanted but please guys, no OOC drama. 
4.  Activity checks are NOT a thing. This verse is just for fun, do not feel pressured. 
5.  A bio is needed. So that it makes plotting easier! ( preferably within a week from joining. )
6.  There will be triggers, it’s a shelter for runaways, of course there are going to be triggers!
7.  Track our gv tag ( GV. ) THE BLAKE’S SAFE HAVEN when accepted & follow members!  
8.  SUBMIT THE APPLICATION HERE! Message me or Heavyn, @oldcrblake​ , if you have questions.

                     THE APPLICATION IS BELLOW!

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