25 feb 2013

+ Mastermind Mondo
Page Count: 93 pages
Total run time: 6 Dec 2013 ~ 25 Feb 2015


Readers, thank you so much—!! ;;;A;;;

This is the first time I’ve ever managed to finish a multi-chaptered doujin that I started, and it’s probably the highest page count that I’ve ever reached in one story, too!
I got stuck A LOT in the process because it’s the first time I’ve ever made it this far. Without everyone’s support, I don’t even know if I could make it! >A<
So thank you so much for everyone who had read, commented and taken an interest in my work ;;A;;

Special thanks to replaceableinsanity, susuneko, momsoup, and all the anons that had asked me to continue the comic whenever I go on hiatus for unreasonable lengths of time.
Without you guys urging me, this would have taken forever. So THANK YOUUU!! ;;;w;;; <333

Then finally, SUPER special thanks for Mono-chan (monochromewasteland)!!
If it weren’t for her doing such an awesome job with that one pic, this whole thing wouldn’t have existed to begin with!
So Mono~ You have my deepest gratitude! ;;;u;;; *hugs you forever*

I will continue making comics after this and keep working to make better ones.
Thank you for the constant support, everyone UuU,,

In honor of The Duchess’ second pregnancy, take a look at her maternity style the first time around…

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