25 days of holidays

Imagine talking to your brothers about your father

A/N: Somehow this holiday series happened within the holiday tales. You can find all parts linked in the masterlist, start at day 13 if you wanna catch up (this is part 3).

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

“So what, you’re my cousins or something?” You asked, annoyed with the situation.

“Actually they’re your brothers.” Bobby said bluntly.

You let out a scoff, “Right. My dad doesn’t have any other kids. I begged him for siblings when I was younger and his response was always the same, no.”

“Hate to break it to you sweetheart, meet your brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.” Bobby stated.


You looked at the men, hoping one of them would just shout out they were joking, but they didn’t. “Where my dad?” You asked, “He can tell us what the hell is going on.”

All the men’s faces dropped at your words, instantly making your heart sink; this couldn’t be good. “Where’s my dad?” You said again. When none of the men moved to say anything you started to panic. You walked to the room he usually slept in when you stayed there but he wasn’t there, the fear began to rise as you ran to the room you stayed in but he wasn’t there either. “He went to get stuff right? He forgot the marshmallows for the hot chocolate and he’s running to get them like last year, right? Right?”

“Y/N.” Sam said softly, sadness beginning to wash over him as he realized this was his sister in front of him and he was going to have to tell her that their father was dead. “Listen to me.” Sam reached out to touch your arm but you recoiled.

“Don’t touch me! I don’t know who you are.” You told him in a panicked voice. “Where is my dad?”

“He’s dead.” Dean stated flatly.

“Dean.” Sam said through his teeth.

“Wha-what?” You said confused, there was no way your father was dead.

“John Winchester is dead. He died about 5 months ago.” Dean told you.

“But, how?” You asked in a defeated tone as tears began to flow down your face.

“Heart attack.” Bobby replied, entering the conversation. He flashed a look at the boys but you didn’t notice, you were too distracted by the fact your father was dead to notice.

“Hey, Y/N, I know this is hard but before we go into more detail do you have a picture or anything with John? Just so we can be sure you are who you say you are? We have a picture we can show you to. I just wanna be sure.” Sam said gently.

You nodded your head and grabbed your cellphone from your pocket. Opening it up you went to the photo gallery and found the most recent picture you had of you and John; it was taken over the summer during your fishing trip he surprised you with. You handed it over to Sam who in turn gave you a picture Dean had taken out of his wallet. “It’s from when we were kids, but it still counts.” Sam said with a small smile.

You wiped the tears from your eyes, “That’s my dad.” You said as you looked at the picture.

“And that’s ours too.” Sam told you as he looked at your phone.

“It was from the fishing trip we took here in July. He said work was going to be getting crazy and that he might not see me for a while so we spent a week here during my summer break.” You replied as more tears began to flow, “Guess he didn’t mean for it to be forever.”

Sam reached over and pulled you into a hug, this time you let him comfort you. Dean hadn’t moved a muscle since Sam had handed him your phone with the picture of John and you on it. He was in shock.

He had a sister.

Not only that, he had a sister who lived a normal life.

A sister who lived a normal life that her dad gave her.

Dean couldn’t help the anger that was rising in him, he put your phone down and went into one of the bedrooms, slamming the door.

“What’s wrong with him?” You asked as you pulled away slightly from Sam who let out a huff.

“It’s gonna take a while for Dean to come around, just give him some time.”

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25 Days of Christmas

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Grab some hot coco, settle in by a fire, and get ready for 25 DAYS OF FIC REC DELIGHTS!

Every day through December 25th, this post will be updated with an underappreciated Harry & Louis fic - daily treats to help keep the season bright. 

Settle in and enjoy FICMAS!!

December 25

Take My Breath Away by @realitybetterthanfiction (153k, chaptered, fluff/angst)

December 24

Run Like the Devil by @churchrat (138k, chaptered, supernatural/angst)

December 23

Like the Stars That Shined by @idareyoutotakealook (12k, one shot, growing up/friends to lovers)

December 22

Sparks by @shipsdrift (10k, one shot, space/sci-fi)

December 21

Wish I Knew How To Break This Spell by @eleadore (6k, one shot, friends to lovers)

December 20

Cameras Flashing by @juliusschmidt (81k, chaptered, ABO)

December 19

Anyplace, Anyhow, Anytime by @fille-lioncelle (90k, chaptered, dimension travel)

December 18

Fixated on One Star by @alivingfire (52k, one shot, space au)

December 17

All the Small Things by @kitundercover (20k, one shot, uni and fluff)

December 16

We’ll Cast Some Light (You’ll Be Alright) by @fondleeds (74k, chaptered, enemies to lovers)

December 15

Never Too Late by @dimpled-halo (18k, one shot, friends to lovers)

December 14

Take Me To Your Heart by @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (6k, one shot, fluff and smut)

December 13

Just Tell Me the Song and I’ll Sing It by @myownsparknow (39k, chaptered, uni)

December 12

Come and Get Your Love by @otfourever (8k, one shot, famous/not famous)

December 11

Kiss Me on the Mouth (and Set Me Free) by @tempolarriefix (47k, one shot, fake relationship)

Through the Wire by @a-writerwrites (10k, one shot, ABO)

A Prayer for Which No Words Exist by @cleminism (34k, chaptered, angst)

December 8

Rated R by @cherrystreet (7k, one shot, holiday)

December 7

Seeing that Sunlight Hit Your Eyes by @thecoloursneverfade (18k, one shot, uni fluff)

December 6

Home for Christmas by @haloeverlasting (22k, one shot, holiday)

December 5

Little Technicolor Things by @wordsbyjm (72k, chaptered, angst)

December 4

A Little Love (is Better Than None) by @xabjectlessonsx (15k, one shot, canon)

December 3

Pass the Cranberry by @canonlarry (3k, one shot, holiday PWP)

December 2

Resurface with You by @darkerwings (5k, one shot, canon/Harry’s hair)

December 1

A Building Storm by @outofcases (96k, chaptered, angst)

25 Days of Sterek Holiday Prompts and AUs
Happy Holidays my fellow Sterek shippers!

1. Neighborhood holiday decoration contest
2. Christmas tree hunting
3. Holiday shopping
4. Baking cookies
5. First snow
6. Building a snowman
7. Both trying to get the last toy at the toy store
8. Trip to the city to see the lights
9. Awkward meeting under the mistletoe 
10. Secret Santa AU
11. Meeting the parents for the first time 
12. Elf AU
13. Mall Santa AU
14. Snowed in 
15. Ugly sweater party 
16. Ice skating 
17. Single parent Christmas AU  
18. Christmas proposal 
19. Drunk caroling
20. Stuck at the airport trying to get home for the holidays
21. Coming home for the holidays for the first time in years
22. Running into each other at a bar on Christmas when they couldn’t get home
23. Character A wrapping themself as a gift for character B
24. First day of Hanukkah 
25. First Christmas together 

Tag me if you use any of these!

Imagine exchanging Christmas gifts with your brothers.

Request: I have an idea for your Christmas fics, maybe they all exchange gifts. Like what the siblings would give each other for Christmas             

A/N: I made this into an imagine, hope you don’t mind. I also made it a young version of the Winchester family. I’ll do one when they’re older in a one-shot or something. The reader is the youngest Winchester.

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

You groggily opened your eyes as you head Dean telling Sam to wake up and felt the bed moving from Dean shaking Sam. “Whas going on Dean?” You asked as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes.

Dean looked over at you with a large smile on his face, “Dad came with presents for us.” He told you.

At the word ‘presents’ you sprang up, all traces of sleep gone. “Sammy! Sammy you gots ta get up! Daddy brought us Christmas!” You squealed as you shook Sam before leaping out of bed. “Oh my goodness.” You said as you placed your hands on the side of your face, “Did he bring us the tree too?”

“Yes he did!” Dean told you, joining you on the couch while Sam got out of bed. Sam looked excited as he sat down next to you on the couch.

“Dad came back? Why didn’t he wake me up?” Sam asked.

“He tried, but you were sleeping like a log. He had to get back to the hu-work.” Dean corrected himself as he eyed you to see if you had heard him, thankfully you were too entranced by the lights on the small tree to notice. Sam however had heard it and gave Dean a sad look. After sneaking into dad’s journal the night before Sam had learned the truth about everything and had so many questions for Dean, but didn’t want to ask them with you around. “So he set this all up and headed out.” Dean finished.

“What did he get me?” You asked.

“Find out for yourself.” Dean told you, handing you and Sam a present. You ripped open the paper and squealed at the sight of the streamers you pulled out. Sam opened his gift, reveling in the moment of feeling normal, however it didn’t last long because he pulled out a barbie. Giving Dean an unamused look Dean tried to save it but he knew he was found out by Sam, who kept quiet for his sister’s sake.

Sam was silent for a moment, lost in thought before his sister saying his name grabbed his attention. “I gots you something Sammy!” You said happily as you thrust a picture into his hand, “I drew it all by myself.” You stated proudly as Sam looked at the stick figure drawing of you, Dean, and Sam all standing next to the impala.

“Thanks Y/N.” Sam said sincerely as he gave her a hug.

“I gots you something too De! Gimme a second.” You told him as you went digging in your school bag.

“Here, I want you to have this.” Sam said as he reached over and grabbed the present he had wrapped the night before for his father. He handed it over to Dean who tried to refuse it but Sam insisted. Dean opened it up and was thankful for the amulet necklace that Sam had given him. After promising to never take it off you walked back over to him and thrust something into his hand.

“If you never take Sammy’s present off you have to promise to never take that outta your wallet, okay De? It’s only fair.” You informed him while sitting next to him on the couch.

Dean looked down at what you gave him and he nodded his head, “I promise kiddo. I know exactly where it’s going.”

Dean kept his promise. He never took the amulet Sam gave him that Christmas off until he threw it away after learning it was a failing device at finding God.

However still kept his promise of keeping what you gave him in his wallet. It was a picture of you, Sam, and Dean on your first day of school. The teacher had taken photos of all the students who were dropped off by their parents and she had insisted on taking the photo of your brothers dropping you off. The photo was faded and worn down from being unfolded so many times but that didn’t matter to Dean.

All that mattered was that he had a picture of his little brother when he was 7 and his baby sister when she was 5, all three of you smiling and looking like the normal children you never got to be.

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25 Days of Christmas


25 Days of Sterek 
Day 4 - Baking Cookies

Stiles Stilinski had never been much of a baker, but he had always loved baking Christmas cookie with his mom when he was younger, and with his dad after she had passed away, so when he moved across the country he wanted to continue the tradition.

That was how Stiles ended up with one of New York City’s most attractive firefighters standings outside of his apartment. 

“No, no I’m fine,” Stiles insisted as tall, dark, and handsome fireman walked into his apartment, his face stoney as he walked into the kitchen where the tray of cookies that had caused the incident sat, looking incriminating. 

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

for @sterekseason ‘s 25 days of sterek and the prompt ‘holiday baking’

read on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8745712

“So,” Stiles said as he walked into the loft. “I know I said I’d make all the cookies for the pack Christmas dinner and I am but I figured I’d make them here because then your place will small nice and then I don’t have to figure out how to transport dozens and dozens of cookies from my place to here so here I am.”

Derek looked up from his book, quirking an eyebrow before nodding his head towards the kitchen.

“Thanks man.”

Derek went back to his book, hoping he could at least finish the chapter before Stiles inevitably distracted him.

Today wasn’t his lucky day though because he got another sentence in before Stiles’ humming got his attention.

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25 Days of Sterek
Day 3 - Holiday Shopping

The mall was never a fun place for a werewolf, too many sights, sounds, and smells, the mall during the holiday season was almost unbearable, but Derek had always had to bear it, first with his mother, then Laura, and now with Lydia, who was dragging him through the Beacon Heights mall on December 21 when she discovered he hadn’t done any shopping yet.

“Who am I even buying stuff for?” Derek muttered as he was bodily dragged from store to store by a girl who was just about a foot shorter than him. 

“The pack,” Lydia said as if he should have known that, “We all got stuff for you and we do our gift exchange after dinner on Christmas, it would be rude of you to not bring anything.”

“Christmas dinner?”

“Derek, Jesus it’s like you still don’t understand,” Lydia said, stopping in her tracks, “You’re a part of this pack, of this family. Stiles got your grandma’s pie recipe from Cora so you’d have it on Christmas, you’re coming.”

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25 Days Of Shit Slytherins Say will be a thing starting tomorrow (DECEMBER 1) going till the 25th of December (aka Christmas Day)! I’ll be posting one Christmas related quote a day for all 25 days! They’ll be funny relatable holiday quotes for every Slytherin! Super excited!:D

Originally posted by peteneems

–Sorry if you do not celebrate Christmas, I’m not trying to exclude you or anything. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable or anything. Christmas happens to be my favorite holiday and I just get super excited about it !–

Snowed In - Vernon Imagine

Originally posted by sneezes

Title: Snowed In // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ Days of Seventeenmas 

Member: Vernon x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1330 

A/N: @hellslittleangel1 *pushes imagine toward you slowly then runs away* // Tis be the request from the winners // 

“Y/N!” Seungkwan yelled from his seat right next to you. After ten rounds playing an online go carting game and basically destroyed them all.

You ‘whooped’ in your seat and proceeded to stick your tongue out at the boys who were all sitting around you, watching you in jealousy.

“Who’s next?” You turn happily to them, sending a sly wink to Vernon when his friends weren’t paying attention. He, in return, stood behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder, rubbing small circles when he knew they weren’t watching either.

“Ugh, no,” Chan, the youngest member whined burying his face into a pillow, “I don’t think I can go another round against you.”

Jeonghan walked up to him and sat on the arm rest next to him, patting his back and running a hadn through his hair, “Would it make you feel better if we went to the kitchen and baked some cookies? I’m sure Mingyu will help you, right Mingyu?”

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