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My SteveTony Fic Rec List

So I made a list of all my fave SteveTony fanfictions that are:

  • 10k+ (except for a few ones that are to good to not include)
  • have nothing to do with MCU Civil War

Its super long that’s why its under the cut.
Have fun reading.

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Snowed In - Vernon Imagine

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Title: Snowed In // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ Days of Seventeenmas 

Member: Vernon x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1330 

A/N: @hellslittleangel1 *pushes imagine toward you slowly then runs away* // Tis be the request from the winners // 

“Y/N!” Seungkwan yelled from his seat right next to you. After ten rounds playing an online go carting game and basically destroyed them all.

You ‘whooped’ in your seat and proceeded to stick your tongue out at the boys who were all sitting around you, watching you in jealousy.

“Who’s next?” You turn happily to them, sending a sly wink to Vernon when his friends weren’t paying attention. He, in return, stood behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder, rubbing small circles when he knew they weren’t watching either.

“Ugh, no,” Chan, the youngest member whined burying his face into a pillow, “I don’t think I can go another round against you.”

Jeonghan walked up to him and sat on the arm rest next to him, patting his back and running a hadn through his hair, “Would it make you feel better if we went to the kitchen and baked some cookies? I’m sure Mingyu will help you, right Mingyu?”

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25 Days of Sterek
Day 5 (shhh i know I’m behind) - First snow

(A little Gilmore Girls inspo)

There were four things that everyone in Beacon Hallow knew about Derek Hale: He worked a bit too much, he was a little rough around the edges, his diner made the best pancakes in town (no matter what Coach’s Pancake House said), and he was hopelessly in love with Stiles Stilinski.

He had been ever since Stiles had rolled into down 16 years before, all of 17 years old with an infant in his arms. 

There were four things about Stiles Stilinski that everyone in Beacon Hills knew to be true: He loved his son Scott more than anything in the world, he was incredibly proud of the Firefly Inn that he and his best friend Erica had started, his blood type was coffee, and he was ass over elbows for Derek Hale, not that he’d ever do anything about it, not unless Derek made a move first.

“Coffee,” Stiles said with a groan as he flopped onto a stood at Derek’s Diner, his eyes shut, lashes dark against his fair skin, Derek had to tear his eyes away from the other man grab the coffee pot, which wasn’t an easy feat.

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I can’t even modern history

A young boy looks on as war veterans make their way down Elizabeth Street during the ANZAC Day parade on April 25, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Australians commemorating 102 years since the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) landed on the shores of Gallipoli on April 25, 1915, during World War 1. Anzac day is a national holiday in Australia, marked by a dawn service held during the time of the original Gallipoli landing and commemorated with ceremonies and parades throughout the day. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Am I that easy to forget?

A/N: As I type this note I literally have no idea what I’m gonna write. Cool story right? Okay I think I got this. It’s an AU. Dean is in college, Sam is a senior in high school, reader is a sophomore. Part 1 because I gotta go to bed & don’t have time to finish it…..sorry. I also completely forgot to tag. I’ll do it tomorrow in a reblog. This is just a hot mess 😂

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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Dean had mixed emotions about being back home in Lawrence. He hadn’t been home since he went back to school at the University of Pennsylvania in August. He had told his family it was because he wanted to save them the money for a plane ticket since he knew he’d have to go home for Christmas. In reality all he wanted to do was stay at school with his new girlfriend, Steph, and work ahead in some of his classes. He was a senior at U Penn and was finishing up the rigorous criminal justice program they had.

As the years went by he came home less and less; he even spent the last two summers in Pennsylvania, only coming home once for a family vacation. It surprised him how okay he was with being gone, but he called his parents three times a week and text you and Sam constantly, so he figured it was okay.

“Home sweet home.” John said as he put the impala into park in the driveway. Dean grabbed his bag from the trunk as John unlocked the front door to the house. “We’re home!” He shouted from the entryway.

Mary emerged from the kitchen first, the family dog Bear was bounding behind her, wiping her hands on the apron she was wearing. “Dean!” She said excitedly, “Oh baby boy how are you?” She asked as she pulled him into a hug.

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25 Days of Sterek - Day 1
Neighborhood holiday decoration contest

“What do you mean Derek’s house looks better than ours?” Stiles yelled as he got into his car after work. There was no way that Derek Hale’s house looked better than his, he had spent hours putting up lights and decorations. His house looked like a fucking winter wonderland in the middle of California. 

“I’m tell you, his house looks awesome,” Scott said and Stiles groaned, he did not want to have to add more decorations to his house, but he had a reputation to uphold, he had won the neighborhood holiday decorating contest 4 years running.

“We’ll see,” Stiles muttered, hanging up his phone and driving toward his house, crossing his fingers that Scott was just being nice and Derek’s house didn’t look that nice.

Derek Hale had moved into his sister’s house while she spent a year abroad doing Doctors Without Boarders and in the five months that he had lived there he had become the bane of Stiles’ existence because he watered his garden shirtless, did yoga in his backyard, and looking after the stray cats that had started hanging out on his porch.

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Imagine talking to your brothers about your father

A/N: Somehow this holiday series happened within the holiday tales. You can find all parts linked in the masterlist, start at day 13 if you wanna catch up (this is part 3).

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

“So what, you’re my cousins or something?” You asked, annoyed with the situation.

“Actually they’re your brothers.” Bobby said bluntly.

You let out a scoff, “Right. My dad doesn’t have any other kids. I begged him for siblings when I was younger and his response was always the same, no.”

“Hate to break it to you sweetheart, meet your brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.” Bobby stated.


You looked at the men, hoping one of them would just shout out they were joking, but they didn’t. “Where my dad?” You asked, “He can tell us what the hell is going on.”

All the men’s faces dropped at your words, instantly making your heart sink; this couldn’t be good. “Where’s my dad?” You said again. When none of the men moved to say anything you started to panic. You walked to the room he usually slept in when you stayed there but he wasn’t there, the fear began to rise as you ran to the room you stayed in but he wasn’t there either. “He went to get stuff right? He forgot the marshmallows for the hot chocolate and he’s running to get them like last year, right? Right?”

“Y/N.” Sam said softly, sadness beginning to wash over him as he realized this was his sister in front of him and he was going to have to tell her that their father was dead. “Listen to me.” Sam reached out to touch your arm but you recoiled.

“Don’t touch me! I don’t know who you are.” You told him in a panicked voice. “Where is my dad?”

“He’s dead.” Dean stated flatly.

“Dean.” Sam said through his teeth.

“Wha-what?” You said confused, there was no way your father was dead.

“John Winchester is dead. He died about 5 months ago.” Dean told you.

“But, how?” You asked in a defeated tone as tears began to flow down your face.

“Heart attack.” Bobby replied, entering the conversation. He flashed a look at the boys but you didn’t notice, you were too distracted by the fact your father was dead to notice.

“Hey, Y/N, I know this is hard but before we go into more detail do you have a picture or anything with John? Just so we can be sure you are who you say you are? We have a picture we can show you to. I just wanna be sure.” Sam said gently.

You nodded your head and grabbed your cellphone from your pocket. Opening it up you went to the photo gallery and found the most recent picture you had of you and John; it was taken over the summer during your fishing trip he surprised you with. You handed it over to Sam who in turn gave you a picture Dean had taken out of his wallet. “It’s from when we were kids, but it still counts.” Sam said with a small smile.

You wiped the tears from your eyes, “That’s my dad.” You said as you looked at the picture.

“And that’s ours too.” Sam told you as he looked at your phone.

“It was from the fishing trip we took here in July. He said work was going to be getting crazy and that he might not see me for a while so we spent a week here during my summer break.” You replied as more tears began to flow, “Guess he didn’t mean for it to be forever.”

Sam reached over and pulled you into a hug, this time you let him comfort you. Dean hadn’t moved a muscle since Sam had handed him your phone with the picture of John and you on it. He was in shock.

He had a sister.

Not only that, he had a sister who lived a normal life.

A sister who lived a normal life that her dad gave her.

Dean couldn’t help the anger that was rising in him, he put your phone down and went into one of the bedrooms, slamming the door.

“What’s wrong with him?” You asked as you pulled away slightly from Sam who let out a huff.

“It’s gonna take a while for Dean to come around, just give him some time.”

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25 Days of Christmas

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I Saw... - Joshua Hong

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Title: I Saw… // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ days of Seventeenmas // Mood Song: The Jackson 5′s song I Saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause 

Member: Joshua Hong x Reader 

Genre: FLUFF 

Words: 1457

Blurb: Maybe you should have thought of your wishlist beforehand….

“Please, Y/N.” Those words, parents really knew how to get you to do anything for them. “We have to shop for their presents, and we can’t do it while they’re at school, we have work.” You had tried to reject their pleas, really, what teenager would want to be stuck at the mall.

Not you, that was for sure.

It wasn’t even the slightly less cold interior mall, no, you had to be outside. “Okay, thank you so much, Y/N.”

You groaned, in the past hour you had done that at the very least six times. Far off from where you stood in line, some guy sat in a fluffy red velvet chair, elegant but cheep. It was cheep, that much you could tell, after all this was being sponsored by the city.

Who had volunteered to act as Santa Claus and have all these little kids sit on their laps. Some of them weren’t even potty trained; and by how slowly the line was moving you were sure at least one of them was bound to pee on the man.

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monsta x as your favorite holiday characters

3/25 Days of Monsta X-Mas!

shownu: santa because we all know he runs the north pole that is monsta x’s dorm. he’s also patient, kind, and bashful, much like the big old christmas man himself.

wonho: jack frost because he has that mysterious yet intriguing feel to him. however, once you get to know him he can mischievous and a lot of fun.

minhyuk: an elf because he’s our happy go lucky ball of energy. he’s a jokester and plays pranks on his members and brings the laughter to the party.

kihyun: mrs. claus, hands down. he’s monsta x’s mom, always taking care of the other members. he’s cooking for them, cleaning up after them, and making sure they stay out of trouble. he’d also probably bake some pretty heavenly cookies.

jooheon: olaf because he’s a cute little ball of aegyo that you would want to just put in your pocket and protect for the rest of your life. he would easily make you smile with his antics and you’d know without a doubt that he’d melt for you and you for him.

hyungwon: the nutcracker because he’s handsome, tall, and charming. he’d sweep you off your feet and protect you from anything that would harm you, like mice with crowns for example (get it?)

i.m: rudolph because let’s be real, when he first joined the no mercy competition, the other members initially were really cold to him because they felt it was unfair that he joined late. much like rudolph, he was left out at first but, now he shines brightly and his talent and personally adds color to monsta x overall.

a rooty tooty laser shooty

Only 25 days until my favorite summer holiday! I’m doing a 25 day E3 challenge with my friend @taki-di , where we draw or doodle one character or thing from a videogame leading up to the premier and you’re free to join in! I’ll be tagging it as E3 Countdown if you want to try it yourself!

I’m currently without wifi since I’m travelling and just got an ethernet cable to post this with, so those of you who’ve sent asks for the OC ask meme, they’ll be answered soon! I want to draw some doodles for my answers!

And for everyone else, you can see the ask meme on my page and send in questions!

25 Days of Sterek 
Day 4 - Baking Cookies

Stiles Stilinski had never been much of a baker, but he had always loved baking Christmas cookie with his mom when he was younger, and with his dad after she had passed away, so when he moved across the country he wanted to continue the tradition.

That was how Stiles ended up with one of New York City’s most attractive firefighters standings outside of his apartment. 

“No, no I’m fine,” Stiles insisted as tall, dark, and handsome fireman walked into his apartment, his face stoney as he walked into the kitchen where the tray of cookies that had caused the incident sat, looking incriminating. 

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Night - Lee Jihoon/Woozi Imagine

Originally posted by seugcheol

Title: Night // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ days of Seventeenmas

Member: Woozi / Lee Jihoon  x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1271

A/N: @cupcakewoozer : I was scrolling in the tags, saw your request in the feed….and I couldn’t help it. I hope you like it.   

You smiled contently as you stepped foot into the small cafe-restaurant your university had opened a couple of month ago.

It was December, and because you lived in a town where it was always hot, the sudden chill that appeared in the winter made you miss the heat, despite wishing it away during the heat waves. But now, as you walked to the sitting area of the establishment, you shrugged off your jacket and held it over your lap.

You sang under you breath, waiting for a server to come to your presence. Finally when your waiter came, you blushed and looked down at your feet.

“How many?” He asked. The blood rushed to your cheeks faster. He hadn’t meant to make fun of you had he? There was no one else besides you - you were alone, your ex had made sure of that.

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