25 days of darren criss

25 days of Darren Criss

5. Favorite Very Potter Musical/Sequel moment/moments involving Darren.

A Very Potter Musical:

“No way this year anyone’s gonna die, and it’s gonna be totally awesome!”

“More like supermegafoxyawesomehot”

“Hey, eternal glory? Already got that”

Hermione: Harry, dont you think you should be trying to figure out what the first task is going to be? You caould actually die if your not ready.
Harry: What?! Come on. I mean, can’t you just do it for me? Can’t you just prepare all of my stuff for me? I mean, what are you doing now?
Hermione: I’m writtting your potions essay.
Harry: Oh, well, do that first ‘cause thats due tomorrow.

“you are the best!”

Harry: Hey, guys, chill. I’m busy.

Harry: aah man I can’t believe I have to skip lunch period for this stupid task.

Hermionie:Okay Harry today’s the day, the day you fight the dragon, now did you read those notes I wrote for you on dragons?

Harry: no

Hermionie: why not?

Harry: are you kidding me they were so boring!

Hermionie: What?! So you you didn’t read them? You didn’t prepare at all? You’re not prepared at all?

 Harry:Well no, I mean at least I have my wand *looks around* erm, I brought my…

 Hermione: *hands him wand* here                                                      

 Harry: heeeey, cool, you’re the best

Hermione: Harry, just…please don’t die today. I don’t wanna see my best friend gettting eaten by a dragon.

Harry: hey hey relax, okay? Save your tears for my funeral

Harry: Hey, Malfoy, tell you what, I’ll let you switch dragons with me. I’ll give you the chance to switch dragons with me. I’ll give you that opportunity.

Malfoy: Hmm, let me think about—no.

Harry: Come on, I’ll give you my Gushers.

Malfoy: Oh, no, no. I have a Fruit by the Foot.

Harry: Malfoy, come on. I’ll tell you what, I’ll throw in my Teddy Grahams with the Gushers. You can make little Gusher Teddy Graham sandwiches.

Malfoy: Alright. You throw in that pack of Bugles and you’ve got yourself a deal.

Harry: …Absolutely not.

Harry: Don’t you get it? It’s just like the Spiderman movie. Haven’t you seen that? MJ and Peter Parker can’t be together!

Ginny: But the whole point of Spiderman 2 was that MJ and Peter Parker could be together in the end…

Harry: Yeah, I know, but the point of Spiderman 3 is that everything sucks and then falls to shit!

and of course the KISSING SCENES!

A Very Potter Sequel :

“I was in the car with my parents when we crashed…into a crocodile. My parents got eaten but then the crocodile took out a knife and gave me this scar." 

"I’M IN A RAGE! This is the maddest I’ve ever been!" 

"Oh cool, I was thinking about me too." 

"Draco: Hey! The Harry Potter I know wouldn’t just give up

Harry: That’s because the Harry Potter you know is a 12 year old super hero and I’m just an 11 year old child.”

“Oh my god, who is that? I think I’m in love!”

“For 11 years I was a muggle douchebag living under some stairs. This year I found out I’m a wizard, and I’m famous. I can fly and turn invisible…and I just traveled the fuck back in time!”

“In the muggle world, I’m just a…I’m something called a douchebag. I play guitar when everybody just wants to hang out, and I make weird covers of Disney songs…who does that? See, muggles hate that shit. To them I’m just a douchebag. I’m like Jesse McCartney. I’m Jesse McCartney’s douche." 


25 days of Darren Criss

3. Favorite Darren Disney cover.

WOAH! it’s impossible to choose just one cover! seriously!!!


I don’t have an specific favorite… but as right now I’m kinda very much obsess with Belle Cover, I’m gonna say that one.

plus the way he says:



- Misure


is just too cute to handle! haha

…but truth be told I love them all I don’t have a favorite one…

here is the link to Belle



25 Days of Darren Criss: Day 19 - Favorite Darren Criss moment.


Day three: Favourite Darren Disney cover. 


Darren and Kevin McCarthy Backstage Interview @FOXDC


22. Favorite Original song (3/3)

 And after he played the complete version of Another Love Affair this has become a personal favorite too. I had that first version on my iPod, but I edited it so that it was repeated, because I found it too short and this new one is awesome and longer. For some reason I think this would be awesome with some brass instruments. I can’t explain it, but I had this need to hear Darren with brass and then after “It’s Not Unusual” the need just grew!


What I don’t understand with this one is if he wants the relationship to work out or if he wants a new love affair? The lyrics are confusing to me…


25 Days of Darren Criss: Day 20 - Darren Criss song you most want to hear a studio recording of, with a full band.

25 days of Darren Criss,

1. Favorite Darren Criss picture.

because it’s just so Darren! 

2. How did you come to find out about Darren? (How did you discover him.)

err all my Harry Potter related groups on Facebook stated to get accited by something called ‘avpm’ so i googled it, and thus my love for Darren and Starkid was born :’)

3. Favorite Darren Disney cover.

Reflection. it’s such a beautiful song and he sings in beautifully, 

4. What would you like to happen in Darren’s character Blaine’s future storyline on Glee?

just for him and Kurt to get together, they both deserve to be happy!

5. Favorite Very Potter Musical/Sequel moment/moments involving Darren.

ah god! er er er probably the opening scene in AVPM when e sings 'back to Hogwarts’ with everyone :))

6. Choose. Sami or Not Alone. Why?

not alone! 

7. If you had a chance to meet Darren, what would you do/say. If you have met Darren, say what happened.

er i'd probably scream at him 'IT’S HARRY FREAKIN’ POTTER!’ and then go on to say 'i love you!’ ask for a picture, and autograph !

8. What was your first reaction to Darren being on Glee?

i guess they were mixed, i was over the moon he was going places and got such an amazing role! but it was a little gutting knowing my secret love that none of my friends knew about was going to be out their and i’d have to share him! 

9. Favorite Darren Gif.

i’m sorry i don’t know what a Gif is? :L 

10. Choose. Human or Jealousy. Why?

human :)

11. Favorite Darren written song from AVPM/AVPS.

oh god, well theirs lots, okay: Back to Hogwarts, Harry, Not alone, Different as can be, Voldermort is going down, Days of Summer and stutter. so yea just about all a them :L 

12. Long hair or short hair. 

Short, but curly ! 

13. Favorite live performance.

oh the one where the who starkid crew are hanging out, looks like their in an airport, wait why don’t i just get the URL… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHIhuHNRDEs&playnext=1&list=PL22D958F8BAB24B20 okay so it’s not a concert, but i love it:))

14. Song you most want Darren to sing on Glee.

oh god, err one of his disney covers? oh no! F*ing perfect by Pink!!

15. The contestant picture from Day One. i.e. Second favorite picture of Darren.

16. Favorite Darren Cover song.

does it count if it’s from Glee? then Teenage dream,

17. Choose. Sophomore or Stutter. Why?


18. Favorite Darren Criss Tumblr Blog.

everyone i follow :’)

19. Favorite Darren Criss moment.

just how whenever he is interview he makes a simple one line question last about 5 minutes! love that, 

20. Darren Criss song you most want to hear a Studio recording of, with a full band.

er Days of summer!

21. Favorite Darren Criss Interview.

this one, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C23lbF5jrfU

22. Favorite Original song.

Not alone :))))

23. Anything Darren Criss.


24. Favorite Darren Song of ALL TIME. (Cover, Original, ANYTHING.)

Days of summer, 'cuz it’s got meaning for me <3

25. Why do you love Darren Criss?

because he is just so amazing, i love the fact fame hasn’t altered who he is he still the doorky curly haired pink glasses wearing boy who will forever be my Harry Potter! xxxx