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Now Taking Prompts

I know I know it’s only October and Christmas is, like, 500 years away, but I have to plan ahead. And I want to do a “25 days of Christmas” thing again this year where I publish one Christmas-themed chapter a day on December 1-25.

Basically what I’m saying is… send me prompts! 

Here’s what I’m looking for: 

  • Christmas songs (I use these for inspiration and chapter titles) - you can see what songs I used last year here
  • Christmas-y traditions you love
  • Anything Christmas related (pics, videos, etc.)
  • I will be keeping the stories within my Darkwing Duck “Geronimo” series (which you can find here), so if there’s a scene you want to see from that timeline, you can submit those, too
  • Alternate universe Christmases (which we saw a few of in Living On A Prayer)

I’ll keep the submissions open throughout the rest of October and November

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If you want to read the 2016 25 Days of Darkwing Christmas, you can read it here. 

SHERLOCK - :25 Days of Fic-Mas - Day 14 (Trimming the Tree):
WACOM Intuos Pro in PSCS3 (new window for hi-res) (bg image source)

Pic 14 of 25 for @hudders-and-hiddles​‘ 25 Days of Fic-mas challenge, in which I’m drawing the prompts instead of writing them because I am terrible at writing quick-fics.

GAWD it will be next Christmas by the time I finish this. I appreciate y’all still enjoying seeing these. Anyway, no where near the quality of the last one, as after that one I was trying to get them finished quickly but am failing spectacularly, but I think it’s still cute-ish. 

So Sherlock and John are decorating the tree, and Sherlock’s attention is on… more interesting assets than the shittily-drawn tinsel thing. Hee hee. The little blurb says “John Bum IN JEANS!” because… I’m sorry I have a weakness for Sherlock’s John-bum-lust.

Honestly the only thing I love on this is that silly little bubble. And Sherlock’s nape curl. Always love the nape curl. Made his hair a little TOO light but it’s alright.

Hope you guys like it, anyway.

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Day 25 of the Christmas Calendar

Merry Christmas everyone! I wanted to thank you all for the passed year and all the wonderful moments I have had with you guys. So much happened and so much is yet to happen. I’m really grateful that I have all of you in my life! I will now tag a few persons here just to give my special thanks but as much as I would like to tag everyone I have ever met, I probably won’t remember to do all that anyway xD So, this is for everybody! I love every single one of you!

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Dec 24 - The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, Master MS, 1506.

I don’t know if this counts as “Christmas Art” but it a story I like never the less. Shortly after the Annunciation, Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth who is also pregnant with John The Baptist. I find this scene so heartwarming and inspiring.