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Santa Baby - Luke Hemmings

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Luke’s leg was bouncing as he sat on the plane, parked at the terminal waiting for the pilot to take the fasten seat belt sign off. He wanted nothing more than to get off the plane and into the arms of his girlfriend that he hadn’t seen in four months except over Face time and Skype, which clearly isn’t the same thing because you can’t kiss through a camera. It had been the longest ride of his life, both physically and emotionally, but the end result would be worth it, especially when he saw her beautiful right in front of him, eyes bright, kissable lips…

The light flicked off, Luke quickly standing, bags already ready as he made his way down the aisle standing in front of the stewardess bouncing on the balls of his feet trying to calm himself down. “Anxious to get home?” she questioned smiling at him, eyes running over the length of the boy’s body, Luke oblivious as he smiled nodded quickly.

“Haven’t seen my girlfriend in four months. I’m really excited,” he responded, the girl’s face dropping slightly as she tried to keep a smile on her face. Luke wasn’t ugly, and he knew it, but he also had the girl of his dreams waiting for him at the end of that tunnel and right through customs.

“Well, she must be really great if you’re this excited to see her,” she said, Luke nodding quickly as the door opened. He quickly sped off, walking as fast as his long legs would carry him down and out through customs. It wasn’t a quick process, getting his passport checked and let back into his home country, but it was quicker than when he was trying to get into London. He stepped through the double doors instantly being attacked by his two older brothers, Luke dropping his bags hugging them back tightly hoping they let go just as quick as they hugged him.

“Lewi’s home,” Jack teased being the first to pull back, Ben pulling back next as Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd, a frown coming to his face.

“She’s not here, Luke.”

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25 Days of Christmas: Mistletoe [Day One]

In the twenty five days leading up to Christmas, Newt Scamander and the reader stumble their way into admitting their love.

Winter had truly arrived in Britain and Y/N was completely aware of it. As she walked through the quiet street, she was appreciative of the thick cloak she wore around her shoulders and the knitted scarf that hid her neck from the chilling wind. It was the scarf she loved most, not only because it kept her considerably warmer, but because it belonged to her best friend.

It was this best friend that was her destination.

Newt Scamander had been by her side for as long as she could remember, the two of them had met as tiny little eleven year olds that were excited to finally be making their way to the best school in the Wizarding World, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Y/N had been there through it all for Newt: when he had been down about his older brother, throughout his obsession with all creatures magical and even during the fallout caused by Leta Lestrange and his subsequent expulsion.

They had lost contact some after he had been expelled, but had come together again when she had graduated. Now, they were closer than ever and Y/N was excited to spend Christmas with him for the first time in so long. With his travels around the world to study magical beasts, Newt had not had the chance to spend Christmas in the UK for a while and Y/N was ready to make the most of it.

She was particularly excited to meet Newt’s friends from New York that he had met on a particularly disastrous trip there.

Y/N had finally come to the building that contained Newt’s flat and made her way up to flight of stairs and to his door, letting herself through the front door as she had many times before.

“Newt!” She called, shutting the door behind her. She didn’t hear any reply from her friend but she did not call out again. Instead, she removed the cloak and scarf from her shoulders before she walked towards where she knew his bedroom stood. She wasn’t surprised to see the magical suitcase lay open at the foot of the bed and she walked towards it without hesitation, putting one foot inside it with the other soon following, and made her way down the stairs.

Newt’s shed was empty when her feet finally touched the floor but she just walked across the small enclosure and out of the door. Her eyes instantly lit up as she saw the fantastic beasts that she adored and her smile only grew as she saw the outline of the man she had been looking for.

“I should have known you’d be down here.” Y/N called as she skipped over to him and Newt instantly turned around, a smile coming to his own face.

“Y/N! You will not believe what has happened!” Newt came over to her and took her hand, pulling her forward and seemingly unaware of the light pink that covered her cheeks. As Newt told her about the birth of another Graphorn, Y/N watched his excitement with a gentle gaze. When he finally controlled his excitement and finished his speaking.

“What?” He asked and she just shook her head.

“Nothing.” She said and before he could question her further as she knew he would, Y/N grabbed his arm and pulled him along. “You are aware that you have guests that you are neglecting, aren’t you?”

“They understand what I’m doing.” He replied but continued to let her pull him, a small smile on his face.

“No reason for you to leave them to fend for themselves. Besides, you have to introduce me to them.”

Both of them made their way upstairs and into Newt’s flat where Y/N could hear the vague sounds of conversation. There were two female voices and a deeper one of a man and she could finally put faces to names when they both rounded the corner into the living room where they all sat.

“Done already?” The blonde haired witch, Queenie, asked with a pretty smile on her face and looked at Newt with a seemingly knowing look on her face. Newt seemed to blush for some unknown reason and straightened the waistcoat he wore.

“Y-yes. This is Y/N!” He seemed to shout and Y/N jumped in her place beside him out of surprise but turned to look at the trio with a smile.

“It’s nice to meet you all, Newt’s told me so much about you all.”

“Ah, this is Y/N!” Jacob called out with a grin and Newt’s blush seemed to deepen until his whole face was red. Y/N watched this with amusement but gave the muggle a nod.

“That’s me!”

“It seems like we already know you with how much Newt has told us about you.” The final occupant in the room, Tina, spoke up and Y/N laughed at the flustered look that was growing worse on Newt’s face.

“Drinks! I-I’ll make us all a d-drink.” Newt said with a clap of his hands and turned on his heel to leave the room, only to freeze when it seemed as if his feet had been stuck to the floor. He looked down at his feet and tried to lift his heels from the floor, only to find them refusing to move.

“I think you’ll find there’s a tradition when it concerns that particular plant, Mr. Scamander.” Tina said with a seemingly smug smile and both Newt and Y/N looked up to where the unmistakable sight of mistletoe met both of their eyes. Both of their faces and they instantly avoided eye contact with each other as both looked for an excuse – any excuse- not to carry out the tradition the others were so eagerly awaiting.

Newt’s stuttering was interrupted by Queenie.

“Just one little kiss.” She urged. “It doesn’t have to mean anything, unless you want it to.” She said with a wink and Y/N looked at Newt who stood with his face still scrunched up in apparent disgust at the thought of a kiss meaning anything, something that broke Y/N’s heart.


Y/N didn’t let him finish as she stood on her toes and turned his face to hers with a hand on his cheek. She barely had time to register the surprise in his eyes before her lips were gently touching his in a faint whisper of a kiss. She could feel the burning of his skin on her hand that still lightly touched his face but she did not look up to see what would be a magnificent blush, instead she moved away from him and fell back onto the floor with flat feet.

“There. Didn’t mean a thing.” Y/N said and turned around to head to the kitchen, unaware of the eyes that followed her and the looks that were being thrown in Newt’s direction.

It seemed that particular Christmas tradition had been ruined by the memory of heartache.

Day Two

Sexy Santa

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Sexy Santa
Day Three
25 Days of Christmas
Rated: Mature

Welp, it finally happened.

This was how you were going to die.

Suddenly every single horror movie you’d ever saw came back to haunt you. Were you supposed to investigate that loud sounds coming from your living room and possibly die, or were you supposed to stay in your bedroom without a weapon and wait for death to find you? Hmmm well if you took your chances with the living room you might be able to find a weapon of some sort, or at least make it to your front door.

You looked around your room, and sighed heavily. There was not a damn thing that was useful in here. Noted, you just moved in and a significant amount of your things were still in boxes. You were hoping that you at least had a box cutter with you. So much for that. 

You could hear the commotion in the living room; A combination of jingles, and grunting. Who the hell broke into your house? The world’s loudest thief? Weren’t the supposed to at least be stealthy? Grabbing a lamp off your end table you slowly made your way into the hallway.

Each step was almost louder than the other and you could feel your heart pumping out of your chest. You can do this! You tried to give yourself a pep talk. If you see him just swing on him. 

As you reached your living room you loaded up your swing seeing the burglar near your Christmas tree. Was he taking things out of his bag? He seemed to of noticed your presence and turned around to meet your stare, yelling as you screamed and dropped your lamp. “JAY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?”

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25 Days of X-Mas: 12/25 - The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

“'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems in a place perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams. For the story you’re about to be told began with the holiday worlds of auld. Now you’ve probably wondered where holidays come from. If you haven’t I’d say it’s time you begun.”

The Christmas Party - Lashton

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Forgive me lord for I have sinned

“Why do you always look so good?” Luke asked grabbing the hips of the girl in front of him, dark red skirt that was riding up her legs that were covered by her fishnet tights, green shirt covered by a white cardigan and a santa hat on top of her head. Her black thigh high boots were just the finishing touch that was driving Luke over the edge.

“Hello to you too, Luke,” she said laughing, turning with the freshly poured glass of wine in her hands. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She took a quick sip of the drink, tongue running along her bottom lip collecting the excess that never made it in her mouth. Her eyes ran along the length of his body: hair still wet from his shower with little curls falling on his forehead, face groomed with a bit of stubble still remaining just the way she liked it, a beautiful red, silk, button down shirt that greatly contrasted his pale skin, and his black dress pants that matched his black boots. He leaned his head in, pressing a soft kiss right below her ear before biting down on her lobe.

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We’re A Family

Day 13 of 25 Days of Christmas

Summary: “I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbours, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life they think that we’re both parents instead of just me.”

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A/N: Day 13! This is coming a little later than usual as I was in a plane with no wifi, going back home.

Dan couldn’t really explain how he had decided he was ready to have kids. If he decided to be truthful with himself, he could almost say that there had never been any particular point where he thought he would make a good father. Most of the time, it was actually the other way around, thinking that anyone unfortunate enough to have to call him dad would be ruined for life.

Everything changed the second he met Lizzie. He had been volunteering at an orphanage for a couple of weeks and, even though he found all the kids adorable and enjoyed playing with them, no one really caught his attention in the way Lizzie did.

She showed up on his fifth week of volunteering and Dan swore he could feel himself falling in love right away. Lizzie was just adorable. With her fiery red hair and freckles all over her face, she had him wrapped around her little finger from the very beginning and Dan couldn’t find it in himself to complain. It definitely helped that Lizzie seemed to get really attached to him quite quickly as well.

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25 Days of Christmas Masterlist

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HAPPY DECEMBER FIRST! These are my favorite 25 days of the year, so, I thought we could all celebrate together with 25 days of pure 5SOS. Enjoy! (This is my favorite fucking gif in the entire world and I just…I can’t. *Cries in the corner from being disrespected*)

A/n* Everything will be posted at 10AM New York time (Sorry. I suck with time zones) on each day. And, as always, anything smut will be marked with a *.

A/N I stopped posting due to hate I was receiving around Christmas. I’ll finish posting these when I feel ready to. The Masterlist is up to date

December 1: I’m Sorry - Calum Hood
December 2: The Christmas Party - Lashton *
December 3:
Mr. Claus - Michael Clifford *
December 4:
Meeting the Family - Luke Hemmings
December 5:
Last Christmas - Frat!Ashton *
December 6:
Santa Baby - Frat!Luke *
December 7:
Feliz Navidad - Frat!Calum *
December 8:
Nutcracker - Frat!Michael *
December 9:
Christmas Shopping - Cake *
December 10:
Happy Hanukkah - Ashton Irwin
December 11:
Christmas Wish - Cashton *
December 12:
Snowball Fights - Michael Clifford
December 13:
Mistletoe - Calum Hood
December 14:
I’ll Be Home for Christmas - Luke Hemmings
December 15:
Ski Resorts - Malum *
December 16:
25 Days of Christmas - Ashton Irwin *
December 17:
Hot and Cold - Muke*
December 18:
All I Want for Christmas is You - Calum Hood
December 19:
Secret Santa - Ashton Irwin *
December 20:
Baby It’s Cold Outside - Mashton *
December 21:
Help - Dad!Michael
December 22:
Not so Lonely Christmas - Dad!Ashton
December 23:
Gingerbread Houses - Dad!Luke
December 24:
Ugly Sweater - Dad!Calum
December 25:
(It’s a Surprise) *

Feliz Navidad - Calum Hood

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This should’ve been posted yesterday and I apologize. There’s been a lot going on with school and sports and stuff at home.

I’ll have the Michael one for today posted later on after I edit it. I also need to add a gif to this later, but I’m using my school’s computer to post this sooooo……

“Hello Cancun!” Calum yelled walking into the hotel as y/n rolled her eyes.

“Calum, stop yelling. We’re in public,” she hissed hitting his arm as he laughed throwing his arm over her shoulder. “When are your parents flying in?”

“They should be here in the morning by time we go for breakfast,” he said back, walking with her to the front desk to check in. “I’m glad you came with us.”

“I’m glad I came too,” she said, instantly regretting her words when she saw his girlfriend walking into the building, tits practically falling out of her shirt as she smiled widely, her annoying giggle falling from her lips as she sashayed over to the two.

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It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Day 4 of 25 Days of Christmas

Summary: Dan was hopelessly in love with Phil but he couldn’t do anything about it, not when his best friend was planning to propose to his boyfriend. All Dan could do was support his friend but all that changes when he finds out Phil’s boyfriend is planning to break up with him. Dan has to warn him before Phil makes a huge mistake with that ring.


“Your significant other is going to break up with you and I have to warn you before you make a huge mistake with that ring.”

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A/N: Day 4! i’m posting this a little later than I would have liked, sorry about that. I’ve been decorating the house for Christmas all day long so I had to finish this really late. It’s longer than usual though so hopefully that makes up for it. (I suggest you read the end notes for some news!)

Nothing anyone said could get Dan to get out of bed on this particular cold December morning. Not when he knew exactly what was going to happen in a few hours. He knew that hiding in his room was not going to prevent Phil from proposing to his boyfriend of one year, but that didn’t mean he wanted to be around while Phil practiced just what he was going to say.

Dan had learned that the hard way. He had no idea what had compelled him to offer Phil to practice his upcoming marriage proposal on him. He wanted to be a good friend but he should have known that hearing the person you’re in love with talk about how much he’s always loved you only to then remember he wasn’t talking about him was going to hurt.

He had done it anyway. Because even though it had hurt him, the look of absolute joy on Phil’s face had made it all worth it. Even though Dan was pathetically in love with his best friend and wasn’t ready to let go of their life as it was right now, he knew that Phil really loved his boyfriend and he wanted nothing more than to see him happy. Even if that was at the cost of his own happiness.

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I’m Sorry - Calum Hood

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December 1! Here’s the start of 25 Days of Christmas

“-this year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special,” y/n sang along to the music playing in her shared house with her boyfriend Calum. She’d be lying if she said this wasn’t her favorite time of year, starting the Christmas festivities the day that would be Thanksgiving just as she had back home when she still lived with her parents in the United States. Even at a young age, Christmas wasn’t all about the presents for her, although that was a plus, but it was about being with people that meant the most to her and celebrating the spirit of Christmas. And maybe the food and goodies that came with the thought of Christmas as well. Most importantly, Gingerbread lattes from Starbucks.

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