25 days of challenge


Pokeani 25 Day Challenge, Day 10: Favorite rivalry

May vs Drew

“Drew helped me to realize that I could be really good at this if I keep working hard so I made the decision to do just that. I won’t quit until I become the top Coordinator!” 

What makes this rivalry amazing is that it’s more than just a ‘rivarly’. It’s a friendship (that I firmly believe will become something more later in their lives). They keep pushing each other forward (the quote in this post is a good example of that) and even though they bicker a lot, they care about each other a lot. How about May sincerely being sorry about Drew losing in the Hoenn Grand Festival finale? Or Drew telling her later that day that she was good (something he had refused to say aloud before that)? Or May seeking Drew’s approval before she started celebrating her victory of him? Or May deciding to go to Johto because that’s where Drew was gonna compete? And countless more scenes. This is a good relationship and a good rivalry and the biggest reason why AG is so important to me these days. 

Bonus gif of the scene in which they are talking about their rivarly just bc:

“You really gave me a shock back there. See, I was just thinking about you when all of a sudden there you were.”

“Were they good thoughts?”

“Ah, come on, of course they were! We had all just been talking about rivals.. So of course naturally I started thinking about you!”

“Well, I’m honored.”

A Pirate Christmas

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 1

Character A and Character B, sworn enemies, are chosen to prepare the company Christmas Party.

A Pirate Christmas; ~ 3, 200 words; FF.NET || AO3


“Excuse me?”

Her eyes don’t boggle. Not exactly. But the message in them is plain to see anyway – you are a nutjob.

“I said ‘Pirates’, Swan,” he actually has the gall to roll his eyes at her after doing little more than hissing out her name.

And everyone knows the eyeroll is her patent move. His is… the stupid eyebrow thing.

Like you can literally tell what he is thinking by the way his freaking eyebrows move. When he is amused but trying to hold in his laughter, it’s this gradual, semi-seductive, semi-impressed arch. When he is annoyed, it’s this sharp thing, his eyebrow spiking in the middle, fast and unforgiving. When he is genuinely worried or offended, it’s this slow, barely there twitch, almost like he wants to keep his face completely frozen and impassive but the damn thing doesn’t listen even to him. And when he is being an ass, plain and simple, it’s his wiggly, taunting and fluid motion that drives Emma up the bloody wall. The others she has seen on occasion but that last one, some deity above help her, she has to deal with that every time she sees him.

“I heard what you said, Jones,” she makes sure to enunciate his name as clearly and evenly as possible, just to show that she not petty enough to hiss at him. “I just decided to give you a chance to realize how fucking ridiculous it is on your own.”

Alright, so maybe she is a little petty.

“Oh, I see. Of course. And what brilliant ideas does Her Pretentiousness have exactly?”

At this Emma has to close her eyes for a solid 5 seconds. She has to count those seconds, breathe them in and remind herself that once upon a time she didn’t want to strangle Killian Jones. Once upon a time she actually quite liked him.


4 months earlier

He is… well, he is damn nice is what he is.

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On the first day of Christmas Outlander Gave to Me.....

….An adorable Fergus on a Donkey!

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I love Fergus in all his adorable glory! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Fox’s Lair, however this one scene tore at my heart and has earned a place as one of my all time favorites.

“I belong with you.” -Fergus to Claire & Jamie

Yes you do Fergus, yes you do! This moment showed just how much of a family they are. Fergus loves them so much he doesn’t want to be parted from them even for a few days. I’m all for happy Fraser family moments especially with their lovable son.