25 best rappers

Kendrick Lamar // Best Rapper Under 25

I’m the best rapper under 25, 24 inches on my ride
Ball like 23 and I shot my first .22 when I was 9

21 gun salute and my soldiers killed 20 of your troops at a time
And I got about nine teens on the corner fucking with marijuana
Jive and heard about 18 rappers say that a bird can go for 17.5
Motherfuck that my sweet 16’s be equivalent to about 15 pie
I was 14 when I wrote a rhyme, All I seen was 13 ghosts every time I wrote a crazy line. All these 12 bars in my verses, that’s what Notorious and Pac arrived God dammit I spit just like a Mac11 every time
I drop jewels, you drop dimes, you pretending to be like mine
I intend to put about 10 of you rappers on channel 9
Straight up, fuck around and get ate up
Cut ‘em up in 7 ways, funeral carried by 6 in 5 days you’ll know I go for
Money when I sink my teeth in Carter III beats
To you from me, my son the victory is mine, I won
I’m the one. The beat was the pussy.. And I cum, hard.