Happy 26th Birthday Chen [21.09.2017]

Dear Chen,

You are finally scoring your quarter century and 26th too (Korean age)!! I am so happy and I hope you have a successful life ahead!! 

You are so precious. You don’t know what you mean to us EXO-Ls. And of course EXO. We are always there to support you and we will do anything that it takes to protect your smile. So always smile and be brave, fighting all the odds. Don’t let people influence your self esteem and also remember that people will try to put you down but to do that, they need to stand as high as you. 

Remembering that we will always be like this, forever and always, don’t forget to put on your 32 shiny smile as you step into a new year of your life.

A new year.
A new beginning.
You are the next legend,
In the making.

I have a perfect way to make you understand what is Chen~