I keep coming up with things I’ve never even heard of (bringing into question my apparent expertise on Cardcaptor Sakura stuff >.>) But it’s perhaps reasonable I’ve never heard of it given that Amazon only brings back 3 results for it (all close to $200) and Ebay only just start floating a couple around. This is a “poster box” and the contents are, quite obviously, Posters. There are 30 24x15 posters in this box, all featuring artbook art in amazing “post that up on your wall” quality. There’s also a shirt included. And unlike my Dreamcast box set, this one actually had the shirt.

But that’s not the only thing included, and it’s not what I bought it for either. The prize in this box is the Small (in page number, the book is 12x12) book of CLAMP concept art for the series. This isn’t rough anime illustrations, this is early material for the manga, featuring costumes and scenes and items. Maybe I’ll post some more of those pages but for now just look at the costume one.

Recommendation: The book is the main thing I bought this for. The Posters are not really what I have any interest in. The box they come in is sturdy though and good for storage. I’ll never wear the shirt. If you ever find the book on its own I’d say grab it. If you find this box for a reasonable price (I bought mine for 70 with $40 expedited shipping that frankly wasn’t THAT fast >.>) but as I said amazon has it up for higher. You could plastor a room in CCS art though with these posters so if you wanted to devote a room to this series, this would definitely help you decorate.