24th june 2013


900 posts! Go Jamie!!!🎉🎉🎉

(Also the first pic is Jamie’s first post of this wife in like June 24th 2013. Now his most recent one today, in September 13th 2017 with the character Monkey from the play Journey to the West! It’s an amazing play and was yet another collaboration between Damon and Jamie! So go listen to the soundtrack album called Monkey Bee and check out to videos about the play! I know this sounds like I’m a sponsor something but I’m honestly not. I’m just trying to get the play out there. Since there’s a lot of new fans and they haven’t heard it! Sorry about the rambling tho!!!;^;;;)



Episode 1 ~June 3rd, 2013~ 

Somewhere Down On Fullerton -Allister
Anthem pt.II -Blink 182
I Will Steal You Back -Jimmy Eat World
Passing Through A Screen Door -The Wonder Years
Get Lucky -Daft Punk
I’m Your Daddy -Weezer

Episode 2 ~June 10th, 2013~
Astronaut -Simple Plan
Welcome To Paradise -Green Day
Fuckin’ Problems -A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chains, Kendrick Lamar
Stupid Kid -Alkaline Trio
Bulls In The Bronx -Pierce The Veil


Episode 3 ~June 17th, 2013~
Already Gone -Bayside
The Ocean -Tonight Alive
Roller Coaster -Blink 182
The Phoenix -Fall Out Boy
Awakening -Yellowcard


Episode 4 ~June 24th, 2013~
Best Intentions -Cartel
There She Goes -Good Charlotte
Is This Really Happening -I Am The Avalanche
Go All Night -RadioDriveBy
Listen To Your Friends -New Found Glory


Episode 5 ~July 1st, 2013~
Boomerang -The Summer Set
Antivist -Bring Me The Horizon
Dismantling Summer -The Wonder Years
Viking Death March -Billy Talent
Muther -Letlive.


Episode 6 ~July 8th, 2013~
Who’s Got A Match -Biffy Clyro
Right Here -The Story So Far
Big Casino -Jimmy Eat World
X-Kid -Green Day
Holy Grail -Jay-Z


Episode 7 ~July 22nd, 2013~ Best of Full Frontal
Don’t Go -Allison Weiss
Sleepwalking -Bring Me The Horizon
If Bukowski Could See Me Now -Forever Came Calling
Anklebiters -Paramore
Go To Hell -Go Radio
Any Other Way -We The Kings



Episode 1 ~August 26th, 2013~ Season 2 Premiere

Chocolate -The 1975
This Is Gospel -Panic! At The Disco
17 Crimes -AFI
Attention -We Are The In Crowd

Episode 2 ~September 2nd, 2013~ w/ Tom Ward
Ghosts -Mayday Parade
45 -The Gaslight Anthem
A Love Like War -All Time Low


Episode 3 ~September 16th, 2013~ Vinny Vegas Pretrocelli Returns
My Girl’s Pussy -Harry Roy & His Orchestra
Going Away To College -Blink 182
Reflection -Balance and Composure
Mara And Me -Say Anything


Episode 4 ~September 23rd, 2013~ Fun Facts premiere, “Live” from Ventura
All I Want -A Day To Remember
Conquest of Mistakes ft. Soupy -A Loss For Words
Excalibur -TEAM*
Superman -Goldfinger


Episode 5 ~September 30th, 2013~ w/ Vic Fuentes and Mark Capicotto
Ghost On The Dancefloor -Blink 182
Ain’t It Fun -Paramore
Sex -The 1975
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows -Brand New


Episode 6 ~October 7th, 2013~ w/ Charlie Saxton, #SmarterThanJack
Caraphernelia -Pierce The Veil
Melrose Diner -The Wonder Years
Something That Produces Results -The Early November
House Of Gold -Twenty-One Pilots


Episode 7 ~October 14th, 2013~ Fun Facts, #SmarterThanJack
Elevated -State Champs
Connect The Dots -New Found Glory
Karma Chameleon -Culture Club
Any Other Heart -Go Radio


Episode 8 ~October 21st, 2013~ w/ Jonathan Kite
Bones -Young Guns
Dem Dry Bones -Delta Rhythm Boys
Stare at the Sun -Thrice
The Truth -Spill Canvas
Home -Brighten


Episode 9 ~October 28th, 2013~ Season 2 Finale w/ Joel Madden and Michael Clifford
Somebody’s Watching Me -Rockwell
Thriller -Michael Jackson
Ghostbusters -Ray Parker Jr.
My Bloody Valentine -Good Charlotte
This Is Halloween -The Nightmare Before Christmas



Episode 1 ~February 24th, 2014~ Season 3 Premiere w/ Tom Green

Manners -We Are The In Crowd
Pigsty -Bayside
The Obituaries -The Menzingers
My Standard Break From Life -Alkaline Trio


Episode 2 ~March 5th, 2014~ Rescued From Italian Pirates
Nightlife -Off With Their Heads
Here It Goes -Jimmy Eat World
This One’s On Me -I Am The Avalanche
The Science Of Selling Yourself Short -Less Than Jake

Episode 3 ~March 10th, 2014~ The Adam and Hunter Show
Lonely Girl -Tonight Alive
Cry -The Used
Permanent -Acceptance
Mean To Me -Ben Kweller


Episode 4 ~March 17th, 2014~ Jack has a son.
I Wanna Be Sedated -The Ramones
The Summer -Citizen
Clockworks -Autopilot Off
Learn To Fly -The Foo Fighters


Episode 5 ~March 24th, 2014~ Hungburger w/ Tonight Alive
Two Runaways -I Am The Avalanche
Flicker Fade -Taking Back Sunday
Aside -The Weakerthans


Episode 6 ~March 31st, 2014~ Muy Bien.
Glowing Crosses -Fireworks
Some Days -The Maine
7 Years -Saosin
Danger Zone -Kenny Loggins


Episode 7 ~April 7th, 2014~ Quick Witted and Big Titted.
Almost There, Going Nowhere -The Starting Line
Intergalactic -Beastie Boys
White Lies -Man Overboard
She Broke My Heart, So I Broke His Jaw -Just Surrender


Episode 8 ~April 14th, 2014~ Thong.
Thong Song -SISQO
People Are Still Having Sex -LaTour
Anna Lee -I Am The Avalanche
Your Graduation -Modern Baseball

Episode 9 ~April 21st, 2014~ Gummy Bears.
Stay Out -Hit The Lights
Dumpweed -Blink 182
Summer of ‘89 -Butch Walker and The Black Widows
Time & Confusion -Anberlin


Episode 10 ~April 28th, 2014~ Season 3 Finale w/ Mark Hoppus and Sean Mackin
Hell Above -Pierce The Veil
Awakening -Yellowcard
Faster -Third Eye Blind
Man Overboard -Blink 182
Empty Space -The Story So Far
Shoulder To The Wheel -Saves The Day
Howl -The Gaslight Anthem


1st Annual Christmas Special ~December 23rd, 2013~
The Twelve Days of Christmas -Relient K
Fool’s Holiday -All Time Low
Last Christmas -Jimmy Eat World
All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey
Jingle Bells -Michael Buble
All Alone On Christmas -Darlene Love
I Won’t Be Home For Christmas -Blink 182

(requested) Ricky Dillon Imagine - Girlfriend Tag

“Hey guys, it’s Ricky, and today I’m joined with y/n and we’re doing the boyfriend/girlfriend tag. We went on to twitter and asked you guys to give us questions about us to ask the other, so we’re going to use those.”

“And I’m going to win, “you said, smirking at the camera.

"You are not, "Ricky said laughing and looking at his phone to find a good question to ask you. "Ok, I have one. How did we first meet?”

“Well,” you started, “It was the first day of Vidcon, and my friends and I wanted to get coffee before we went, and apparently Ricky had the same idea and we bumped into each other there. Literally.”

“Yeah…I spilled my coffee on her.”

You both laughed before you said, “But it was worth it! Ok, my turn now. What’s my favorite color?”

“Easy, blue.”

“Actually, it’s turquoise, "you said, giggling.

"Oh c'mon, that’s  the same thing!”

“No, there’s actually a huge difference.”

“You’re ridiculous,” he said, chuckling, before kissing your cheek and tickling your side for a second.

“Ricky stop!"You screamed. You hated being tickled.

"I stopped, I stopped. Ok, next question…”

You guys kept going, asking each other random questions, some easy and some impossible. It was getting to the point where you needed to end the video and you were both tied, so you called in Connor.

“Ok, so what’s going to happen, since y/n and I are tied, is Connor is going to ask us a question, and whoever answers correctly first wins.”

“Ok, ready guys?” Connor asked. You both nodded, so he went on with the question. “When is your anniversary?”

“JUNE 24TH 2013” you both screamed in unison.

“Well I guess it’s a tie then, "Connor said laughing.

"I guess we just know each other too well, "you said, giggling.

"I guess so, "Ricky agreed, "Well thank you guys so much for watching. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe! O-k-guys-see-ya-la-ter.”

“I’m surprised you knew our anniversary, "you said jokingly.

He just rolled his eyes at you and laughed. "Come here, you,” he said, before picking you up, throwing you over his shoulder, and running down the stairs, “Let’s go watch a movie.”

a/n - to the anon who requested, i hope you liked! i hope it was long enough too haha. anyways, it was really fun to write, so thanks for the request! {YOU CAN REQUEST IMAGINES/PREFERENCES IN MY ASK}


The photo in the middle was taken on June 24th 2013, and the other two photos were taken today. I am wearing the exact same dungarees in all three photos and I can’t believe the difference I see from a year ago, to some it may not look a lot, but to me it’s amazing. I really wanted to cry with happiness when I saw these photos. Sometimes I really struggle to feel like any of the work I put in has made a difference and this has really helped me. I am so freakin proud of these photos, they are the result of a lot of hard work and many ups and downs. There have been many times I have fallen off the track but that’s not important, it’s the getting back to it and not giving up that makes you stronger. I am by no means finished with my journey to better health, but I have sure come a damn long way!! Just remember that it’s a slow process but it’s worth it :)

Love you guys x

Edit: Wow I was not expecting such a response when I posted this. All your kind words are everything to me!!!! Thank you :) x

Letters to Taylor Chapter 1

Hi everyone! So this is my very first fan fiction so please note that it may not be that well written. It revolves Taylor Caniff and a girl named Sarah  Williams. Hope you like it!

Dear Taylor,

Hey buddy! Today is June 24th, 2013. It is 2:30 in the afternoon and I am at St. Jude’s hospital getting blood taken. I was just sitting in this chair thinking about you. We’re going to hang out after this, I can’t wait. Since yesterday was the last day of school, it’s Summer! I’m so excited because I get to go on the Magcon tour with you and the boys. Well, this morning i woke up to Christian and my dad fighting over breakfast. The usual. My mom made shaped pancakes, the ones we used to play with when were little! I didn’t have quite an appetite this morning so I didn’t eat any. I then proceeded to take a shower and get changed into my new Summer clothes. I slid on the bracelet you gave me back in Kindergarten too. It always tops off my outfit. I stood in front of the mirror for half an hour calling myself beautiful, like you taught me to do when I was getting bullied back in 5th grade. I do that every day now. You made me less insecure. More confident. I haven’t been feeling too good lately. The chemotherapy doesn’t seem to be working, sadly. Doctor Gibbs said I have about 6 more months to live. I’m trying to stay strong. For my parents. For my brother. For you… I don’t want to leave this Earth but, my time’s almost up. I watched my mom leave the room when he said that. She’s still in the hallway crying uncontrollably. I’m sitting in this chair, sweating my butt off and just thinking of all the good times we had. I’m a little light-headed from all this blood getting taken but I’m sorry if I act loopy when we hang out. Here comes my nurse, I’ll write you again tomorrow hon. I love you. Never forget that. No matter how far apart we are, we’re always going to be best friends. When I’m gone and you’re alone, just look up at the sky. Talk to the moon, talk to the sun. Cause I’ll be talking back. Best Friends Forever.

-Sarah ∞

I ripped the piece of paper out of my journal and grabbled an envelope from my folder. I folded the piece of paper in half and slid it in. I licked the envelope and smoothed it down. My nurse arrived next to me and gave me a sad smile.

“How are you today pumpkin?” She asked.

I smiled up at her.

“I’m good. What about you Trish?” I questioned.

She unhooked my I.V. and took the needle out.

“I’m doing good. I’ll see you back here next week.” She said.

She patted my shoulder and hurried off down the hall. I stood up and grabbed my bag from off the floor. I shoved my journal in there and zipped it over, walking out of the double doors. I looked towards my mom at the end of the hallway. She was sitting against the wall, head in her hands. I frowned a little and walked down the hall. I arrived next to my mom and poked her shoulder. She quickly began to wipe her eyes and sniffled. She looked up at me and gave me a smile.

“Hey baby. How’d it go?” She asked.

I bit my lip. My mom’s eyes were red and puffy.

“Fine” I said.

My mom stood up and hugged me.

“That’s good. Ready to go to Tay’s” She asked.

I nodded and we walked down the corridor. We walked out of the hospital and the warm Summer breeze hit me. A smile crept onto my face. My mom and I walked to the car in silence. I climbed into the front seat, throwing my bag down by my feet. I pulled my phone out of pocket and texted Taylor.

To: Tay

From: Sarah

‘Hey buddy! I’m on my way to your house.’

I sent the text and shoved my phone back into the pocket. I laid my head back against the car seat as my mom climbed in. She put the key in the ignition and buckled herself in. I buckled myself in as she drove out of the parking lot of the hospital. I put the radio on. 'She Will Be Loved’ by Maroon 5 boomed through the speakers.

“Look for the girl with the broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay awhile, and she will be loved, and she will be loved!” I sang quietly.

The car slowed to a stop at a red light. I felt eyes on me. I craned my neck and my mom was smiling at me. I raised an eyebrow.

“You have such a beautiful voice Sarah. Why don’t you use it?” She asked.

I bit the inside of my cheek and shrugged. My mom just nodded as the light turned green. We drove for 5 more minutes when Taylor’s house came into view. I got butterflies in my stomach. My mom pulled into the driveway and parked the car. Mrs. Caniff and her were going shopping. I hopped out of the car. My mom locked it and we made our way to the front door. My mom grasped the doorknob and pushed it open. I followed her in.

“We’re here!” My mom called out.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and I turned around. Taylor was heading down the stairs. I smiled.

“Hey Tay!” I said.

Taylor smiled back at me.

“Hey Sarah!” He responded.

Mrs. Caniff stepped out from the kitchen.

“Hey! Ready to go shopping?” Mrs Caniff asked my mom.

My mom nodded.

“Okay, let me just go grab my purse. What are you guys doing today?” Mrs. Caniff asked, turning to Taylor and I.

I looked at Taylor and we both shrugged. She nodded.

“Okay.” She said.

Mrs. Caniff grabbed her purse from the living room and out the door they left. My lightheadedness started to fade. I turned to Taylor.

“What are we doing today?” I questioned.

“I don’t know but, do you feel okay?” Taylor asked.

I nodded.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“You’re whiter than usual.” He stated.

I rolled my eyes playfully but I knew he was right. Losing all that blood drains you.

“I’m fine.” I said.

Taylor nodded skeptically and a smile appeared on his face.

“What?” I asked.

“Want to go to the lake?” Taylor asked.

I nodded and smiled. The lake was Taylor and I’s place. We ALWAYS went there. No one else even knew about it.

“Where’s my swimsuit?” I asked.

“Follow me.” Taylor gestured towards upstairs.

I followed him to the guest room and he walked over to one of the drawers. He pulled one open and my blue tribal swimsuit sat on top. I grabbed it.

“Thank you!” I said.

I walked across the hall and into the bathroom. I quickly threw on the swimsuit. My ribs were fragile and showing through my skin. I crinkled my nose. I threw my shorts and tank top back on. I walked out of the bathroom and met Taylor in the bathroom.

“Ready?” He asked.

I nodded. He grabbed two towels from the closet and we headed downstairs. Taylor wrote his mom a note as I slid my flip flops on. Taylor and I walked out his back door and into the woods. We walked for a good 5 minuets when I could finally hear the waterfall. Taylor pushed passed a bush and I followed him. The lake came into view. It was a beautiful day. I took my flip flops off as the sand came into view. I ran past Taylor and to the big rock. I took my shirt and shorts off and made a run fro the lake. Strong arms wrapped around me.

“You’re not winning this time Williams.” Taylor whispered into my ear.

I got goosebumps. Taylor let me down and make a run for the lake. I followed after him and we splashed into the lake. Taylor and I both burst in hysterics as we began to swim. A few minutes later, clouds rolled in. I frowned as thunder echoed throughout the empty valley.

“We should get home.” Taylor said.

I nodded and we got. I threw my shirt on and slipped my flip flops back on as soon as it started to rain. I grabbed my shorts and Taylor and I made a run for the house. A couple minutes later we were sitting on his living room couch, dry, and just talking to each other. The front door opened and my mom and Taylor’s mom walked in.

“Hello you two!” They said simultaneously.

Taylor and I waved.

“Alright, come on Sarah. We have to get home to your father and brother. See you guys tomorrow for dinner, right?” My mom asked, turning to Taylor’s mom.

“Of course.” Mrs. Caniff said.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” Taylor said.

He hugged me 'goodbye’ and headed upstairs. I grabbed my letter from my bag and handed it to Mrs. Caniff. She looked into my eyes and gave me a small smile. She knew I only had a couple months left. She opened her arms and I hugged her.

“See you tomorrow!” She called after me.

I followed my mom to the car and jumped in. My mom drove home and we got into the house. My dad and brother were sitting in the living room watching some fishing shows. I rolled my eyes. Christian turned around. 

“How was it?” He asked. 

“Eh. The usual.” I replied.

He nodded. Christian was the kind of brother who you could fight with, but never stay mad at. I was going to miss him when I was gone. Both Christian and my dad tried acting tough when it came to cancer. not crying in front of me or my mom but i hear them at night. Every night for Christian actually. I shook the thought away. Christian, and everyone else for that matter, should remember me happy, not sad in my last few months. When I stepped out I there my pajamas on and brushed my wet hair. I walked into my room, throwing my clothes into the hamper. I plopped down on my bed and put the TV on. Teen Mom came on. I grabbed for my phone. Taylor had texted me. A smile came to my face.

To: Sarah

From: Tay

'Goodnight best friend. I love you!’

This is why this boy meant the world to me…

You only have a certain amount of time on this planet. Make the best of it before it’s all gone…