2017 Miami Open 

1R Bye
2R Caroline Wozniacki - Varvara Lepchenko 6-1 6-2
3R Caroline Wozniacki - Sorana Cirstea 6-4 6-2
4R  Caroline Wozniacki - Garbine Muguruza 7-6 (1) RET.
QF Caroline Wozniacki - Lucie Safarova 6-4 6-3
SF Caroline Wozniacki - Karolina Pliskova 5-7 6-1 6-1
Final Johanna Konta - Caroline Wozniacki 6-4 6-3

Regarding Night Vale and Time (Revised)

This is a revised and expanded edition of another post trying to describe the same theory. Unfortunately, that post had a large miscalculation in which I wrote down 2280 instead of 2880 when converting Night Vale time into Real World Time.

(Here’s the old post in case you were curious: http://weird-squid.tumblr.com/post/117862203510/regarding-night-vale-and-time)

Anyway, the latest episode of Night Vale – [Best Of?], let’s do some math on that time line.

To anyone who listens to the show it’s pretty apparent that the storyline tends to take place on the date the episode is released, the 1st and 15th of every month. Even during 2014 when a break was taken in November, the bonus episodes released followed that same pattern. Using this, one can say the plot and time line of Night Vale only moves along two days in a single month.

12 months x 2 = 24 days in a single year.

To us, Night Vale only exists on those specific 24 days. If Night Vale Community Radio released a broadcast everyday for us to hear it then that would mean the viewer would experience Night Vale as if time there moved normally and parallel to “Real World Time.” But it doesn’t.  It’s like how we see the sun as it existed 8 minutes ago and we’ll never know if it’s still there until another 8 minutes pass. The only proof we have on anything existing or time passing in Night Vale is during those specific 24 broadcasts.

1 Night Vale Year (NVY) compared to 1 Real World Year (RWY)

24 / 365 = .066, 1 NVY is worth a fraction of 1 RWY

Here are some years listed in actual episodes:

4000 B.C (6,015 years ago, “History Week”)

1745, Night Vale is founded (“History Week”)

1824, 1st Meeting of the Town Elder Counsel (“History Week”)

1895, Guglielmo Marconi invents the Radio (“[Best Of?]”)

1934, Cecil’s broadcast as an intern on New Years Eve (“[Best Of?]”)

1943, Night Vale joins the war effort in WWII, also the year of Cecil’s first year as NVCR Host (“History Week”, “[Best Of?]”)

1983, The End? Broadcast during the Cold War when the world ended but it didn’t. Most likely the event that Simone Rigadeau – the future transient living in a recycling closet in the Earth Sciences building – will claim ended the world “three or four decades ago” during “A Memory of Europe”. Also the year Nulogorsk was supposedly destroyed. (“A Memory of Europe”, “[Best Of?]”, “The Deft Bowman”)

Let’s take year 1895, Marconi and radio.

2015 – 1895 = 120 years, Marconi was 120 years ago in Real World Years

120×24 = 2880 Night Vale days

2880 / 365 = 7.89

Marconi, in Night Vale Years, was 7.89 years ago. Which, as Carlos said in “The Phone Call”, time in Night Vale really is slower than the world in which we are now and the world that Carlos came from.

Time is weird in Night Vale.


n = NVY
t = RWY

Convert Night Vale Years into Real World Years

(n/24) x 365 = r

Convert Real World Years into Night Vale Years

(24r) / 365 = n

Time is moving more slowly in Night Vale. Think of the movie Interstellar, where only a few years passed for the astronauts but decades passed down on Earth. And if you divide r by n, you’d see that Night Vale is moving 15.21 times more slowly than RWY.

6015 / 395.5 = 15.21

270 / 17.75 = 15.21

191 / 12.56 = 15.21

120 / 7.890 = 15.21

81 / 5.326 = 15.21

72 / 4.734 = 15.21

32 / 2.104 = 15.21

r / 15.21 = n

n x 15.21 = r

So Night Vale is moving more slowly than the Real World, that doesn’t explain how people like Old Woman Josie can age at a normal rate, or how different days of the week can be referenced in the community calendar, or how characters can say “The other day I ate my so and so,” and these are valid points.

Perhaps characters like Old Woman Josie don’t have to follow this time line as individuals, they could age and live as if they’re experiencing time in 365 days/year intervals while Cecil and Night Vale as a location exist and age in a different dimension of time entirely, as Cecil and his city seem to be so linked. Cecil can still think he lives 365 days/year, but really he’s aging at a rate of 24 days/year. Time can be weird in Night Vale but it doesn’t have to specifically apply to everyone, but it seems to apply to at least Cecil Palmer at this point.

It has been acknowledged in canon that time turns slowly in Night Vale. For example, as of 2015 Carlos has been in the city for almost three years and during “The University of What It Is”, it is said that he has been missing for decades.

“The University of What It Is” broadcast October 1st, 2014

Carlos came to Night Vale June 15th, 2012, assuming he hasn’t been missing before his arrival he would have been in the city for about 2 years.

n = 2

(2/24) x 365 = 30.4 years, definitely a few decades. I’m guessing if it’s been 30 years, and if Dr. Sylvia Kayali was about 20 or 30 by the time Carlos had left she’d be in her 50’s or 60’s by now, plenty of time to get a doctorate.

Iris Doesn't Deserve Barry: Why The Flash Fandom Is Problematic

“Iris abuses Barry”

“Iris uses Barry”

"Iris doesn’t deserve Barry.”

It’s amazing how often I see these statements in regard to Iris West. The lengths the flash fandom go in order to demonize Iris is astounding. Then when they give their reasons for disliking her/WA I laugh because their reasons are so transparent especially when you see who they ship Barry with.  

"Iris abuses Barry”

I’ve seen so many Sn*wbarry shippers say this about WestAllen.  It’s offensive on so many levels because an abusive relationship one where a person is being threatened or harmed mentally, emotionally, or physciallly. That doesn’t fit WestAllen in any way shape or form 

In the above gif Caitlin is trying to kill him. The life is literally being sucked from Barry’s body hence him turning blue but they don’t care.  “OMG Caitlin kissed Barry.  She loves him. This is proof she has feelings for him. “ The fact that Barry is turning into a frozen corpse is inconsequential 😅 

This relationship isnt toxic at all. Despite the fact Caitlin threw his mother, Ronnie, and Eddies deaths back in his face. I mean if they were to date Barry would spend his time trying to keep her evil persona at bay. And on the occassions when Killer Frost breaks free Barry has to hope to god she doesnt kill him or someone else. This doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship and certainly not one that would be long term. 

But SB shppers are willing to overlook these flaws with their ship.

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Vampire Knight Lala DX Special Chapter December 2015 Re-Post

Ok, as much as I’m uneasy about doing this, I’ve been getting way too many asks for my translation. It’s too much for me to keep up with, and I honestly thought that the fandom wouldn’t be as interested in my translation because I know that a section of the Zeki shippers said that they were going to do a scanlation for the chapter. From my knowledge, there’s no scanlation from them yet. 

I’ve also been getting asks as to how I was able to translate the chapter. No, I did not use the Chinese scans to translate; I have my own Japanese RAWS whom my best friend, living in Japan, was able to get for me. And no, I won’t be posting my copy; it’s too much of a risk for me to do. 

The Chinese RAWS have been posted before, but as far as I know, there’s no English version of the scans yet. So with this, I’ve decided to re-post my translation; the hate that I received from a month ago has mostly died down, so I’m not as uncomfortable about posting my work again.

In the grand scheme of things, after all, a second chance doesn’t hurt, and I’ve received so many supportive messages throughout my ordeal with this fandom. ^^ This is the least I could do. 




With this, enjoy!

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