Etsy shop stats:
  • Total revenue for 2012: $14.50
  • Total revenue for all time (2011-2012): $51.50

Sounds about right. That’s why I don’t quite call myself “self-employed”; that implies that I make money that can sort of be lived on.

But hey, definite high-point (although it isn’t entirely related): my 2011 24 Hour Zine Thing button finally made its way to me! Almost a year late, but I’m stoked to finally have it.


24HZT è un progetto realizzato tra Pratiche dello Yajè e la Fanzinoteca milanese di Valeria Foschetti dove tutti possono partecipare alla realizzazione di un Fanzine in 24 ore.

24 Hour Zine Thing: Hunting and Gathering

This weekend I set aside 24 hours to participate in the 24 Hour Zine Thing, a challenge to think of, create, and bind a complete zine within 24 hours*. I sat down Saturday at 1:30pm with some materials and a vague impression of an idea, and ended up compiling a collection of Monster Hunter papercuts, ending my zine adventure at 1:09pm Sunday.

*Technically the rules state to complete a 24-page zine but I decided to ignore that since paper cutting is so time consuming and I didn’t want to cut corners (heh heh).

If you follow me on Instagram or Tumblr, you’ll have seen some of these in-progress photos. This was my first 24 hour zine and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

This zine is half size (about 4×5.5″), which I don’t normally do– I tend to stick to quarter-sized, but I wanted to work with a format I’m not used to. I ended with 8 pages, 23 individual paper cuts (plus some embellishing), and an art zine to sell in my upcoming video game Etsy shop!

There’s still time to participate during International Zine Month! I totally recommend binging on your newest creative love and compiling a zine within 24 hours. Read more about the challenge or write your own rules. Even if you keep it all to yourself, it’s totally worth the rush!

After I was done staring at my work, boyfriend and I sat with our feet on the couch for a nice, comfy, relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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