If you love, you will be loved back

Hey there. So, today I was babysitting a 3 years old kid. I love that boy, he can be really sweet. But he was ill the last few days and wasn’t allowed to go outside so today he was “a little bit” hyperactiv. And not really nice. After about a half an hour my thoughts went to Regina and Henry. The Evil Queen you say? A woman, who had done so much bad things and coused so much pain that she doesn’t deserve to be loved by someone (doesn’t matter if Emma, just whoever)? Maybe.
But imagine “the Evil Queen” taking care about 4 years old Henry, who is not in his best mood, doesn’t listen to a word she says to him, who has a fever, is ill for a week, doesn’t want to eat, hurts his knee and any other stuff that just happen when you’re a little kid. She was there for him, the whole time, by his site, she helped him, no matter how much “pain in the ass” he was to her, she loves him unconditionally, she raised him good, he believes in true love, in happiness, in a happy ending. 

An evil queen can’t be a good mother, she couldn’t have done such a good job. Because she can love and if she can love, she deserves to be loved back.