So I dreamt the other night that during my upcoming trip to New York I ran into Amy Poehler. And in my dream, talking to her, I was definitely still my usual awkward self but I also kinda kept my shit together and I got to tell her, no, THANK her for being an amazing woman.

In my dream I told her “Amy, thank you for busting your ass all these years, showing everyone that women most definitely can be funny, and intelligent, and take no shit from anyone. That we can come to kick ass and take names with the best of them. Be so important and inspirational to others that our looks and gender, generally the first things noted by those who may be sizing us up for employment, relationships, or otherwise, become more of a context for who we are, but not the DEFINITION of who we are. Amy, you are helping manifest this generation of women who are known and introduced by what their peers respect and love them most for, and not what society tries to make us believe we need to hold in highest regard when it comes to our judgements of others. A generation of women who know that they can stand firm about what they want, and get it by working their asses off and being genuine, good people who don’t need to pander or dumb themselves down. That funny, intelligent, strong women are not few and far between, and the only approval they need is that of like-minded people who celebrate talent, skill and a damn good work ethic. A generation of women who refuse to be props, refuse to be nothing but eye candy, and refuse to be the oblivious butt of bad jokes. So Amy, again I want to thank you for sharing your humor, your intelligence, your tenacity, and for never settling and never letting the bastards get you down.”

So yeah, even in my dreams I manage to talk too much and make famous people feel awkward.