24fps gifs

Halloween has been over for some time already, but it’s never too late for a cute pumpkin head! I’ve been drawing this from time to time when taking a break from other animations I’m working on. 24fps, some ~35 drawn frames in total. The teeth of the pumpkin almost drove me crazy!

Let Tim lighten up your dark, dark November!

When you tell a fox “You are cute !” 

They will say “Oh !!! … No NO NON IEJPFOEZKIRMLSKIZKJ zrkorzzr …thank you very much :’) !!!”

In french we say “Tu es mignon” for a boy and “Tu es mignonne” for a girl :)

Thank you very much is “Merci beaucoup !” and shy is “Timide” ^^ 

Foxes are really shy ^^ ! Les renards sont très timides !

Frame by frame animation as always, 24 fps here 

This time I animated on my PC with TVPaint :) but no worries, the next animations will be back on the 3DS ! I just wanted to share an exercice where I put two different emotions and how I could play with them, I hope you find it interesting ! More pigeons to come :D

I put the step by step and a tutorial on my Patreon to how to create a character and build it without being lost in the process and while animating =)

One of the problems with clip studio paint is that, when you set the canvas to “animation”, you basically can’t copy/paste anything, also the move/modify tool and the selection tool simply doesn’t work. so when you animate in clip studio paint you basically have to do and re draw everything from scratch. It’s an amazing exercise, but it slows down the process. A lot.

I just found out why it’s actually important to draw every 1 frame instead of 2 if you are animating at 24fps(Im trying to make the chameleon rotate it’s head a bit while it’s head up how do I make him LAUGH this is tricky af, also why it is really important to have a refference sheet of all your characters and not jump straight to animating them .__.

One of the main feedback I got from the walkcycle was that he had no follow through, resulting in a very mechanic movement, basically, foxy lacks more life. So I spent all day pretty much watching studying follow through and character animation. Watching atlantis because every character has a very specific personality and a lot of it is based on the movement, Also Mignola’s style is everywhere in this movie why is atlantis so underrated.

So far this has been like, a day’s work. I really recomend this guy’s youtube channel btw. If someone else is planning on doing something for personal purposes and stuff. It’s really good!! You should check his other videos as well.

I’m going to upload the final inked version of the animation for now.  :)  I added a some more frames to the animation, to make the finger motion more fluid and believable. On to the next adventure!

*animated on 2’s* *except for the pinkie finger where I added a 1 to slow the action down a bit*

*referenced my hand for the entire project; henceforth this was more straight ahead than a mixture of straight ahead and pose to pose*

I’ve always had a bad habit of planning big things and never even starting, so I decided to just GO FOR IT. ANIMATION! Even if it doesn’t get much past this I’m pretty happy with it. I need to do more animation.

Trying to decide if its too fast? It’s 24fps but at 12 or 15 its definitely too slow. Obviously the solution is to add more inbetweens but I don’t know if its needed or not?