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A Few of my Favorite Fics by a Few of my Favorite Followers

@hubblegleeflowerAttentions, Experiments, Oddnesses (6k, explicit) The point was, they had carved out a platonic relationship for themselves with infinite care. Sherlock believed that John was largely straight, and John believed that Sherlock didn’t feel things in that way, and around those beliefs they’d built up a friendship that worked. And now John was drifting over to those carefully established boundaries and prodding them gently, and seemed to be asking, “What if we…?” And it felt…amazing.

@hiddenlacunaHaircut (3k, explicit) “Sherlock, you need a haircut,” John says. “You’re beginning to look like Jonathan Creek.”

@silentauroriamthereal (SilentAuror) — At the Heart of it All (20k, explicit) John has been back at Baker Street for four months now and thinks it’s about time they had the Talk to see whether or not they could be more than friends. Sherlock has a lot of uncertainty about this concept for multiple reasons. Unabashed romance.

@may-shepardTree Topper (4k, explicit) Sherlock and John are celebrating Christmas the best way they know how–alone together, with booze. They’ve almost finished decorating their tree, but John is determined to find the best way to top it.  (This one inspired me to remix it in song — Ding Dong Merrily on High.)

@breath4soulThe 12 Truths of Christmas (3k, teen) “It’s a simple construct, John. There is nothing I value more than data. Facts, John.” Sherlock flourishes a long, thin hand, then steeples his fingers together over his lap. He scans John with steel blue eyes. “In place of some appalling or imbecilic gift inflicted upon me in the name of tradition on Christmas day, I propose that you provide me with one previously unknown fact about you for each day leading up to Christmas. 12 in total, John.”

@alexxphoenix42Our Divinest Senses - Another Ending (WIP, explicit)   +This is an alternate ending for an unfinished work.+  After being sectioned, John and Sherlock met for the first time when they were sentenced to six months as the only residents of a secret government facility on one of the uninhabited Shetland Islands. Forced to work together to play a series of elaborate games set up by Mycroft, they gradually became friends, and then lovers. Now, rather than continuing to attempt to escape, they have decided to use this time as an all-expense-paid Sex Holiday.

@iamjohnlocked4lifeConductor of Light (1k, gen) AU where everything’s the same but John wears a T-shirt with Conductor of Light printed on the front.

@butterflygrl62 (1butterfly_grl1)— Heat Seeking Octopus (249 words, teen) A quiet night.

@imnova (NovaNara) — The Perfect Gift (4k, explicit) John’s birthday looms ever-nearer…and Sherlock needs the perfect gift to declare his feelings with.

@daisyfairy1 — DaisyFairy (2k, gen) Sherlock is babysitting when John comes home early. When John overhears Sherlock telling Rosie a story it will change their relationship forever.

@a-different-equationFrozen in Time - A (Danish) Christmas Love (4k, teen) Once upon a time there were two boys. This is the story how once upon December, they found the missing Christmas Spirit, love and a new beginning.

@ghislainem70The Catherine Wheel (4k, mature) A Johnlock first time. Sherlock has sensory sensitivity. Can Doctor John Watson help?

@missdeliadiliGive You Fever (5k, not rated) In which John discovered how to turn Sherlock on by singing a song. Inspired by the song “Give you Fever” by Adam Lambert

@sherlockssister1The Room of Light (7k, explicit) Sherlock visits John’s Room in his Mind Palace to preserve an important first, and last, in his life. But how will John feel about this?

@consultingsmartarse (consultingsmartass)— Revelio (4k, teen)  Keeping secrets from Sherlock is nearly impossible. Nearly, because John’s got a whopper that Sherlock hasn’t deduced yet.

@hope-austenHearsay (6k, mature) So many words in the English language sound similar. For instance, the words “kick” and “kiss.” In the right circumstances, in the right frame of mind, a person could very well say one and mean the other. Or, a person could easily hear one, when it really was the other. But what happens when it occurs more than once? What happens when it keeps occurring?

@ancientreaderOne Bed That Wasn’t Slept In, and Another That Was (8k, explicit) John doesn’t mind sharing a bed with Sherlock. Sherlock dissents. Things go downhill from there. [I have left the other summaries as the authors wrote them, but I feel the need to add to this one: After going downhill, things go back up. Way, way up.]

@lmirandasThere is Something Clearly Wrong with This (5k, teen) Mycroft Holmes was looking for his troublemaker brother when he found Greg Lestrade working on an assignment for potions class. No matter how hard they both try, together, they can’t seem to find out what is wrong the potion in question, something that is clearly frustrating for our local residing genius. What he didn’t know is that there was nothing wrong with the potion, nothing wrong with the potion at all.

@crazycatt71Tingle Gels the “lost” verse (21 words, explicit) A “lost” verse to ChrisCalledMeSweetie’s Tingle Gels

@221bsweetheartMerry Christmas Everyone (1k, teen) Christmas domestic fluff.

@jamesphillimoresumbrella (tepidspongebath) — Texting, Phones, and Three Hundred Garridebs (3k, teen) John Watson has been paying unusual attention to his mobile. Sherlock Holmes isn’t quite sure he likes this, and Takes Steps.

@cyncyrgainesAcross the Room (4k, mature) Anniversary party for Sherlock and John, Sherlock spends alot of time watching John from one side of the room while both try to figure out if the other will say yes when the question is popped.

@fangirllock —The Words Whispered into Rosie’s Ears (1k, gen) What happens when it’s bedtime and little Rosie refuses to sleep? Sherlock tries different ways, but who knew talking about John Watson works the best?

This rec list only includes authors whose fic I’ve read on AO3.  If you’re a fic writer who follows me and I left you off this list, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your work.  It just means that either you don’t post on AO3 or I don’t know who you are on AO3.  If it’s the latter, feel free to drop me an ask to introduce yourself.  :)  


Great Caver

Ichiruki. Angst. AU.

For @deathberryprompts - ‘Stay’. Image inspired by Ahmed Aldoori’s piece [here]. Rukia falls, and her soul festers.

249 words.


“Stay.” Shirayuki pleads, towering over him, lips torn into a deep line where just moments before a watery smile had hung.

He can’t hear her next words. The winter sucks him dry. The vice grip of the badge tied about his bicep becomes a focal point; a reason for his heart to splinter just a bit more.

       He wishes he hadn’t touched her blade, and then he wishes that it could have been him instead.

The winds around them whip mercilessly at his skin, and Ichigo screws his eyes so tight he fears himself blind, for that moment. For that moment, he feels the same cold she must have. Its’ same unyielding dig at his skin as it grips his arms, searching for bone.

      Shirayuki climbs her hand from her side to his jaw, and pinches the skin until he and she both feel the clench and stutter of every word he fails to give.


Even the weather joins in. The pines thick. Enough to blot out the light of the moon. He can’t face her expression for he knows that the faint glisten of her eyes is nothing compared to the tides within his.


The sob he tries to give sticks fast to his throat, imagining, as he chokes for breath, the body of Rukia Kuchiki encasing with ice. The silence cakes the air in complete permanence, and when he searches past the bony features of her sword spirit, the moon is nowhere to be found.


Follow up to Pluto, which can be found here

Prompt: can i request a fic where garcia needs someone to go with her to comic con because reid bails on her last minute, so he calls luke and while he’s thrilled garcia is peeved cause of all people its him, but they end up having a really nice time together? and maybe they run into kevin which is kinda awkward and luke is kinda jelly?

Pairing: Garvez

Words: 1,249

Note: To the Anon who requested Penelope being insecure about their first time together, this is the beginning of that. I wanted to tie it all together, look for that next love!

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Archer & need

This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy!!

Word Count: 249

Warnings: ngl Archer

(gif belongs to trekmystars)

Archer pulled you into his quarters, making sure the door closed before pinning you against the wall.  He pressed a hungry and impatient kiss to your lips.  The captain’s hands roamed your body, starting at your shoulders and stopping at your waist.

“Jon,” you whispered, breaking the kiss.  “Are you okay?”  He had just gotten back from an away mission.  You weren’t sure what happened,but something must have brought this on.

The captain cupped your face in his hands, his lips hovering only centimeters over yours.  “I need you [Y/N],” Archer breathed.  “I want you.”

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anonymous asked:

Kingsman drabble where Harry does lose his eye and Merlin makes him a new bionic eye and Eggsy immediately is like "So can you tell me what underwear I'm wearing?"

249 words - Ahaha, I love how this one turned out. Thank you for the prompt! (warning for boys in panties, if that is an issue for you)

Merlin and Eggsy are waiting for him when he steps out of the medical suite. The final adjustments have been made to his new eye, and he’s been given the all clear to stop wearing the eyepatch. For the first time since Kentucky, Harry feels like himself again.

Merlin approaches first and rests his hand on Harry’s elbow. His eyes glimmer with happiness, and Harry knows he’s in for a very thorough snogging once they are back in the privacy of Harry’s office. Eggsy grins enthusiastically from the other side of the hall. “Looking good, Haz. So, can you tell me what underwear I’m wearing?”

With only a moment to scan his eyes across Eggsy’s body, Harry lets a smirk play across his lips. “You have on the lovely burgundy panties with the cream lace detailing. I’ll very much enjoy taking those off you at home this evening.”

Eggsy face twists up, first in confusion, then in embarrassment. He flushes down the back of his neck and tugs at the hem of his suit coat. “Well, uh..I guess you’re all set. I’d best get back to…Roxy’s office. Yeah, she needed to chat. See you at home, Harry. Congrats.”

As Eggsy strides quickly away, Merlin turns to Harry with his eyebrows quirked. “You spent the night here in medical, I watched the feeds this morning. And I didn’t give you x-ray vision, Harry.”

Harry winks and the starts towards his office, leaving Merlin frantically typing on his clipboard.


Words: 249

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader x Dean Winchester(Polyamory relationship)

A/N: Thank you bohowitch for sending this gif in. I hope that you like it.

You slowly handed Sam a bag looking at both of the brothers. “Good luck on your hunt.” You said  softly looking at the both of them with a worried look on your face.

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anonymous asked:

☾+ yoongi

11. ☾ demon!au for Suga.

Slight Fluff, Slight Angst. Drabble Game. 249 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

So, apparently, you caught yourself a demon, and now, he follows you around everywhere. And currently, he is convincing you to let him accompany you on your date.

“Come on, it’s not like he can see me,” Yoongi calls out, sprawled out comfortably on your bed as you are holed up in the bathroom, which is quite possibly the only off-limits place that Yoongi respects and does not follow you in, unless he wants an eyeful of hairspray or shampoo.

“You’re just going to judge him on his soul and tell him he’s going to hell,” you shout back, applying mascara to your eyelashes.

“Am not!”

“Are, too! You did that on the last three dates, and they kept getting spooked because someone kept whispering the contents of their soul and their secrets into their ear the entire time!”

“Well, you just have bad taste in men!”

“You kept telling the third guy that flushing his dead goldfish down the toilet when he was five is a mortal sin and that he will pay for it in hell!”

Yoongi quiets down at that, grumbling to himself and flicks through a magazine boredly until the bathroom doors swings open. You tentatively step out, dolled up in a simple, blue shimmery dress and kitten heels, inquiring worriedly. “Do I look okay?”

Yoongi looks up and sucks in his breath harshly. “You look.. beautiful.”

Just like those past three times.

And just like those past three times, your date is not him.

may-jasmine  asked:

waxing and midnight!

waxing: what is your proudest accomplishment?

Last semester, I took four classes which all required a shitton of writing and managed to pass them all with good grades. Totaling everything up, I wrote 12 papers (62.5 pages and 20,249 words in all). That’s about 253 words per class day. Finishing the semester felt like having pushed out the biggest, hardest poop you’ve ever had.

midnight: are you a different person late at night than in the early morning?

In the morning, I’m physically more energetic but more mentally tired. Vice versa at night.

anonymous asked:

Oh how about bohemian rhapsody? ??

Love that song, both Queen’s version and Panic! At The Disco’s. Queen’s is better though.

361 words total. 157 (43%) are unique, non-repeating. (Very good, Freddie. Very impressed with this stat.) 249 (69%) words are monosyllabic, while 30 (8.3%) are polysyllabic (3 syllables or more.) The writing level is 4th grade according to the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. Most used word is ‘me’ clocking in at 17 times (4.7%), 2nd is ‘go’ at 15 (4.2%), and third is 'let’ (3.3%). So 12.2% of the song is those three words. There are 44 lines, and the only bit that really repeats itself is the (Let him go) Bismillah! bits. Counting those, and NOT counting the final (Let me go) Ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that is only 5 lines of those 44, but because there’s so few lines, that comprises 11.36% of the song total.

Still, not bad overall.

Only If... - Loki x Reader

Originally posted by vamp101lover

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Marvel 

Character- Loki Laufeyson / Odinson {Mentions Thor Odinson} 

Word Counter- 249 Words 

Persona- Female 

Drabble Friday- Could you do a Drabble where the Loki will only go quietly if the reader goes on a date with him?

You sighed for what felt like the 100th time. 

“Loki I’m not interested,” You mutter and he looks at you. 

“I’m not going away,” He says and he chuckles. 

“Fine,” You say with a huff and he smiles again. 

“So, how was your walk with Thor? It looked like you had a rivetting time?” He hisses and you look up. 

“It was amazing actually,” You say, trying to make him jealous and he just squints at you. 

“What about the dinner? I heard you didn’t like the meat?” He asks and you shake your head. 

“I loved it,” You mumble and you feel his eyes burning into you. 

“I’ll leave you alone,” He says and you look up, knowing it was a trick. 

“You’ll leave me alone if I do what?” You ask and he smirks. 

“Only if…You go on a date with me?” He asks and you feel the breath catch in your throat. 

“You mean like…Me and you?” You ask and he nods, tapping the table with his fingers. 

“And you’ll leave me alone until we go on this date?” You ask and he nods again. 

“Okay…Deal,” You say and he smirks. 

“Lets go then, on the date,” He says and you look up. 

“You mean now?” You ask. 

“Yes, why not now?” He asks, frustrated. 

“I was going to go and find Thor,” You mumble and he grabs your hand. 

“Well you’re not now, you’re coming with me,” He says, tugging you along. 

anonymous asked:

Do you know any tominho fics? Where they are in the first book?

For a second I thought you were for recs and asking me to point out all the Thominho moments in the book and I cracked my knuckles and was like “Let’s get down to business….”  to pull out my fave quotes, and then I realized you were asking for a specific type of fic. Hehe.

Here are a few set during canon, the first book:

  • untitled by queergladers (T, 607 words) He doesn’t know how he ended up here, but somehow it happened, his back pressed against and getting bruised because of the roughs walls of the maze, the chemical taste of the air replaced by Minho’s mouth and that feeling of wrong for a moment forgotten as there are warm hands on his hips.
  • Awkward by articnewt (T, 832 words) Thomas is very awkward once he’s sorted his feelings for Minho out- and he’s not the only one who knows it.
  • Tell Me Again by Snarling_Stilinski (M, 2k) Just a short Thominho piece that takes place back in the Maze when Thomas was paired to run with Minho.
  • untitled by bleep0bleep (T, 249 words) “Meet me in the woods in half an hour,” Minho says, and Thomas nods. He waits, nerves making the sweat stick to the back of his shirt while he leans against the tree. In the distance he can hear the other Gladers at work, chattering away, but it’s silent where he is, birds chirping, leaves rustling.

This rain reminds me of when you asked me to stay that night, and darling, there was nothing I wanted more in the world but to lie with you in your field of cotton pillows and fall asleep on your chest the way I used to take naps on my bear. You eyes were begging and your voice pleaded for me not to go and I knew at that moment, you had me. You held me with both hands and I swore that nothing better would ever come after you. We got it right. I knew that if everything in my life was questioned, I would have no doubt that we were somehow supposed to end up speeding down the same highway.

249 words (12516 total) on a story that continues to be in search of a title.

Not a lot of words, but it’s Saturday, and I probably spent three times this many words trying to force something into the narrative that wasn’t working (again) before I relented and let the story tell me what it needed.

Klaine: The PR Nightmare

Inspired by this post. Pretty self explanatory, really. Boyband!Klaine, except not boyband because Pamela Lansbury. Sorry!!!

Tagging the OP and then Chatterboxrose because her post is the one I saw on my dash. Not beta’d so be kind; it’s late and I’m tired!

1222 words

PamelaKlainesbury posted: {attached media} omfg guYS!!! I WENT TO THE P.L. MEET AND GREET AND I SWEAR TO GOD, KLAINE IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING! I had my phone hidden in my shirt pocket, so it doesn’t capture much video, but all the audio is there. OBSERVE THE EVIDENCE AND RETURN THOUGHTS. (Permalink/like/320,432 notes)

  • Pamelaanderberry replied to your post: //pfft// yeah, like that’s real. Guys, that’s not even fucking Kurt’s voice! Totally a fake. Calling it right now.
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