Of Monsters and Con-Men by NotHereforIt

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Hurt/Comfort, Fluff. Completed. Rated: G. Word Count: 2446

Pairings: Platonic ReiMob

Trigger Warnings: Little Blood                          

“Master, am I a monster?” Mob asks.

Reigen really, really wishes that neither of them had to deal with this.

Title: Back Porch

Summary: This is for @invaderhogtwopointohno, who asked for a new neighbors au in the rebelcaptain “May the 4th” exchange. I hope you enjoy the story!

AO3/2446 words

“How do I look?” Jyn asked, stepping out of the door onto the back porch. She didn’t stop to think about why she was asking for Cassian’s opinion. When he wasn’t away on assignment, he could normally be found on the back porch that stretched across both sides of the duplex.

“Good.” The warmth in his voice made the word sound more positive than it was - the lovely smile he gave her had the same effect.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling back. “Um.” Her purpose obtained, she suddenly felt the awkwardness of the situation. “Have a good evening,” she offered weakly. She suddenly wished she was staying here, on the back porch with him, like she normally did. But everyone in her life - her parents, Leia and Han, Bodhi - were urging her to ‘get out there’ and ‘not hide away in your house with no furniture, God, Jyn, you make me look good’ (“Thanks, Han,” she had said, no real thanks in her voice).

“Good luck,” he said, lifting his mug of coffee to her in a kind of salute.

As it turned out, she really should’ve just stayed on the back porch. How could she have trusted Han Solo to set her up on a blind date?

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anonymous asked:

For the prompt game, 13 + 14 for Youngjae please?

prompt: 13. “Or you could not.” / 14. “I don’t understand it. How you can be so cute and evil at the same time. How you can make my heart flutter and sink simultaneously?”
group: GOT7
pairing: choi youngjae, you
genre: slight angst? fluff, non idol!au
words: 2446 (ngl, i had a hard time writing this - it was definitely a challenge that’s why it’s so long ;;; hopefully, it turned out decent heh)

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「a tryst isn’t romantic」

{ this is not a fairytale and our love isn’t a story }

Pairing: Akashi Seijurou × Reader
Word Count: 2446 words
Description: Generalized version of the letter prize for vehluhree. Original prompt is much too long to explain but it’s basically this whole thing. I cancelled my angst plans because I’m too tired to write another version of this long fic.

Akashi Seijurou was a man every one wanted. Every female and male was attracted to the man. He exuded power and respect, commanding the presence of every single person in a room. He walked with pride and dignity, an honorable man to be looked up to.

You, on the other hand, was his lover. A lover who had been with him through thick and thin, ever since he was in Rakuzan. Before he became a successful businessman who took over his father’s empire. A lover whom he loved and cherished.

But to the rest of the world, you were invisible.

He placed kisses down the back of your ear to your neck. “You’re so beautiful, ____.” He whispered, hot breath leaving a trail of fire. “I love you very much, you know that right?” You let out a murmur of pleasure with the feel of his lips against your bare skin.

It was the right mood for the two of you. Romantic, passionate. Sweet, slow.

Until his phone rang.

He straightened instantly, and his cold, professional tone was back. “Akashi Seijurou.” There was a pause as he heard the person on the other line speak. “Alright. Alright. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” He shoved the phone into his pocket with a growl. “I have to go.” He muttered bitterly under his breath, placing one last sweet kiss on your lips. “I’ll see you soon.”

Soon. He said that every time. Soon.

Soon first meant a day or two. Then it became two weeks or more. Then months.

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Classic - Part One

In which Jungkook needs a little help. 

BTS Jeon Jungkook - College TutorxStudent!AU

2446 Words

It was ridiculous to think that anyone like Jeon Jungkook would need additional help with his studies.

Already riding on a full scholarship that no one was quite sure what it had been awarded for, Jungkook had taken the university by storm. He was one of those rare specimens that was good at absolutely everything he did. He need only try a little at something new before gaining momentum and mastering the activity. Athletic, intellectual, and charismatic, Jeon Jungkook had quickly climbed the social ranks of the university. He was the one everyone wanted to be friends with.

Jungkook’s personality, however, created a dent in his otherwise untarnished image. An honest young man through and through, Jungkook could not fake the smiles necessary to make friends, nor could he pretend to be confident and comfortable around strangers. His initial shyness often came across as cold disinterest or indifference, creating a distance between him and his classmates.

As an undecided first year, Jungkook had been scouted by every department. It wasn’t until an encounter with Kim Seok Jin of the Communications Department that Jungkook became addicted to the behind the scenes activity of radio shows.

He’d been a loyal listeners of Jin’s Blossom Afternoons radio show. His song recommendations had Jungkook wanting to share a few of his own favorite songs. He’d written several emails to Jin, sending a song recommendation or two. When Jin played ILYSB (STRIPPED) by LANY, Jungkook was over the moon. Jin had even given him credit for the recommendation, saying he’d fallen in love with the song the moment he’d heard it. Later, Jungkook had been invited to the broadcasting station on campus. It had been love at first sight, passion at first encounter.

Now, a couple of years later, Jungkook was well on his way to becoming a radio DJ of his own. The anonymity that the radio gave him allowed Jungkook to better express himself, saying things that he would not otherwise share.

Jin watched him grow, proudly claiming that he had been the one that had discovered Jungkook’s talent. The other communication majors would roll their eyes, but Jungkook would smile fondly at Jin, never belying him.

Because of Jin, Jungkook had managed to be friends with amazing people. He could count on Namjoon to help him sort through the confusion that was his existence as a twenty-something year old in college. He could joke around with Taehyung and Jimin and Hoseok. And from Yoongi, he learned to better appreciate his surroundings, understanding that the dark moments in his life would not last forever.

It was also because of Jin that Jungkook ended up under your tutelage.

A month into your second semester in grad school, Jin contacted you. He was looking for someone to tutor one of his underclassmen.

“Do you have time? I know that you’re now also a grad student, I don’t want you to feel pressured to help him out.”

You agreed. Not because grad school is easy, but because you’d been casual friends with Jin since you were both undergrads fighting through physical science together. Jin had become a great friend, helping you move into your new apartment after you left the dorms and checking in on you every so often to discourage any creepers from coming too close. But aside from that soft friendship, your relationship with Jin had never evolved into anything deeper.

You were both too busy with your own studies and your own friends to reach out to one another. That, and you could not bring yourself to say more than a couple of sentences at a time when he looked directly at you—the boy was just too dang handsome.

It was an early Saturday morning when you met Jin and his underclassman at the library.

“Oh! There you are!” Jin waved his hand over his head, making his way to you with his beautiful smile in place. Your heart skipped a beat at the sight of him, your cheeks warming as you returned his smile. (Dang handsome men).

“This is my dongsaeng, Jeon Jungkook.”

Jin motioned for the young man standing beside him to come forward. Jungkook sported a very casual look; the oversized white tee and ripped black jeans told you that he expected the session to drag on. The round glasses softened his expression, making his good looks slightly less intimidating. He was young and innocent and honest. And that was clearly displayed in his eyes.

“Hello,” he bowed, “pleased to meet you.”

You returned his greeting, bowing your head in return. “Hello. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Jin laughed, drawing a few glances from the students in the surrounding area. He patted Jungkook on the back. “She’s great at what she does. Listen to her well, alright?”

“Yes, hyung.”

When Jin turned his dazzling smile and gleaming eyes at you, you nearly swooned. Your cheeks went from pink to red—that was the first time Jungkook noticed how pretty you were. Flustered and shy, but standing upright with intelligence illuminating your eyes. He watched you looking at Jin’s retreating figure. The wistful sigh that seeped through your lips made him smile into his hand.

Yet the shift that occurred in you as you returned your attention to him nearly knocked him off his feet.

“Do you have a sample of your writing?” you asked right off the bat.

“E-excuse me?”

You took a seat before him, carefully tucking your skirt underneath you. “Do you have a copy of your latest essay with you? I’ll need to take a look at it to know the level of writing you’re in. Also, it will help me pinpoint the areas you’re having difficulty with.”

Jungkook tried his hardest not to blush. He cleared his throat, taking a seat and retrieving a black folder from within his backpack. He looked at his grade on the cover page before handing it to you. The bold red mark on his paper made you frown. You knew what professor you were dealing with instantly, the red ink causing your frown to deepen as you read through his essay.

You didn’t notice, but the disapproving look on your face made Jungkook sink lower into his chair, his chin dipping into his chest, eyes downcast. He nibbled on his lips nervously, feeling small and stupid.

“I really hate this professor,” you muttered, sitting up straight. “He’s such an idiot.”

Jungkook did not expect you to express yourself so fiercely. He looked up, taking in the way you rummaged through your bag.

“Oh, Jungkook, do you have this saved onto a flash drive?”


“Perfect. Do me a favor and print it out. I can’t stand all this red. It’s so rude.”

Perplexed, and a little more than intrigued, Jungkook did as you asked. When he returned with a clean copy, you proceeded to make the exact same corrections as the professor. As much as you hated him, he knew the subject he taught well and his corrections made sense, but there was no need to mark them in red.

Surprisingly to Jungkook, he did not feel the same disappointment looking at the corrections in light blue as he did seeing them in red. He looked up at you, a tiny smile hinting at the corner of his lips.

You returned his hesitant smile with a full one of your own. “You feel better right?”


You read the unspoken question in his eyes. “The ink color matters. Most people think correcting in red helps students see what they did wrong better, but it is harmful for their self-esteem and learning. It discourages more often than not. Now, your writing is very clean, but you’re not grasping the real themes in the pieces.”

Jungkook sat up straight, placing his arms on the table, leaning in closer to you, his paper between you. He listened attentively, nodding his understanding as you made your own corrections and suggestions on his paper with a different colored pen.

He couldn’t help noticing the length of your eyelashes, or the fact that you wore a minimal and natural style of makeup that gave you a professional and academic feeling. Jungkook noticed the moment your hair annoyed you enough that you tied it back and out of your face with a tiny clip. He noticed how you were half standing as you tried to meet him halfway across the table; he ended up moving to sit next to you.

The proximity gave him a gentle whiff of your perfume, a closer inspection of your face. When you asked him if he had his textbook with him, Jungkook took a moment to process the question.


You laughed. “I’m sorry. I get very technical about these things.”

“N-no, no, it’s not that. Um,” he reached into his bag and procured a thick anthology. “Here it is.”

For the next two hours, you went over the story in detail, explaining the scenes he had failed to understand, giving him a better grasp of the themes. Jungkook’s expression remained focused, his eyes slightly wide as he took in your words. He had a way of sitting back on the chair or with his elbows on his knees. He would nod along to your explanations, asking for clarification or even testing the waters by providing his own thoughts.

You noticed early on that despite his best efforts, Jungkook’s problem was that he did not read into the text. He took the words on the page at face value, ignoring the endless meanings that lay in the spaces between one sentence and the next.

“Jungkook,” you said, “do you know the difference between a bestseller and a classic?”

“Um… A classic is old and a bestseller is contemporary?”

You laughed softly, having expected the answer but finding his honest confusion endearing. You thought for a moment, folding your arms across your chest and sitting back, crossing your leg. You didn’t notice how Jungkook followed your every move before quickly averting his eyes.

“Let me ask you a similar question. You like music right?”

“Yeah. I mean, yes.” He blushed.

You smiled. “What makes a classic song a classic? What makes a song by the Beatles or by Nirvana or the Rolling Stones or U2 different from a song from all the contemporary artists?”

Jungkook’s mouth hung loose at the list of artists you’d given him. You laughed at his incredulity, teasing him.

“Hey, did you think I wouldn’t know stuff like this? Literature, art, and music go hand in hand!”

He gave you a shy smile. “Which one is your favorite then?”


“You’re kidding.”

Without much thought, you gave his arm a soft smack, your fingers a ghostly pressure against his skin. A shiver ran up his arm, down his spine. Jungkook smiled, flinching away playfully.

“Why would I be kidding?”

“Favorite song?”

“Oh, Jungkook-ah, you can’t ask that of me! I have so many!”

Jungkook leaned into the table, resting his chin on his palm, waiting. His stomach had fluttered at the sound of his name so affectionately pronounced by you.

You sighed as you smiled, indulging him. “Smile.”


You laughed, covering your mouth with both hands, eyes gleaming in a way that made Jungkook’s heart speed up its pace.

“It was an unreleased track from the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It’s not really a song that you think of when someone mentions U2, is it?”

Jungkook shook his head. “It isn’t. I was expecting you to say something like With or Without You or I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

Again, you laughed, shaking your head. “Those are great songs.”

“What about their new releases?”

The Troubles.”

Jungkook sat back, stunned. “Noona, you’re kind of obscure.”

You stared at him, not because he called you obscure, but because of how your heart beat changed at being addressed as noona. You cleared your throat, tucking the hair that had escaped the hair clip behind your ear.

“Anyway,” you redirected the conversation to the tutoring session, “what makes a classic a classic?”

Jungkook smiled, leaning in close, his textbook the only thing between the two of you. “It transcends time.”

Your gleaming eyes met his, your smiles just as wide. “Correct. If a song can transcend time, so can a piece of writing. You see, literature becomes literature when future generations can identify with and understand the themes within them. These themes are relevant to them, they teach something about the past. They reflect society as it was then and as how it might be now…”

Jungkook listened. Somewhere along the line, he had to take notes. He found it a necessity for the sake of his learning, otherwise he would merely stare at you without learning anything. If his scholarship did not hang in the balance, he would have simply observed you the entire time.

Throughout the course of the following three weeks, you met Jongkook at the library for a solid three hours of tutoring twice or even thrice a week. Midterms had come and gone; Jungkook had scored a high enough grade on his midterm essay to dangle onto an A, but only just.

Somewhere along the line, you had stopped accepting payment from Jin. You were invested in Jungkook now. You wanted to see him pass, to congratulate him at the end of the semester. You had both spent so much time and effort in this class you felt the weight of his grade on your shoulders as well.

“Noona,” Jungkook drew you from your thoughts, placing a hand over yours. You looked up. Sometimes, while Jongkook did the assigned readings for the following lecture, you worked on your own assignments. You’d never realized how strongly you were able to focus until Jongkook pointed it out.

Laughing softly, he reached over to smooth out the crease that appeared between your brows when you concentrated. Your own hand followed, meeting his fingers. For a moment, you thought Jungkook would take your hand in his from the way he allowed his fingers to linger on yours, but he drew away eventually.

“Noona, have you read this piece yet?”

Pushing your hair out of your face, trying your best not to show how excited and flustered he’d made you, you reached for the anthology. “Which piece?”

“This one.” Jungkook pointed to the top of the right page.

You took a moment to skim it, your brain busy at work trying to remember what you had covered about the work and when.

You didn’t notice how attentively Jungkook watched you, a tender smile on his lips.

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Part II

INFJ Confession #2446

Gracious, is the whole non-dating thing a trait most INFJs share? So happy hear that, I thought there was somenthing seriously wrong with me. It’s difficult to explain to others and I usually call it graysexuality for lack of a better word: I cannot bring myself to waste my time with someone that lacks depth or with whom I feel no pull.

#2446 I sometimes have vivid daydreams, where I (or my Middle Earth equivalent) is staying in Rivendell, courtesy of Lord Elrond. However, after the loss of Celebrian he has become depressed and secluded. In my daydream, it is my character that offers him comfort in those long nights. Sometimes just simple cuddling, other times it develops into wild and passionate sex. But it is because of my character that Elrond doesn’t suffer greatly for his losses.

DAY 2446(i)

Messilah Beach, Kuwait     Dec 26,  2014    Fri  11:10 pm LOCAL

the beauty of Kuwait by the evening and about 7 degrees temperature ..

The well wishers of Kuwait at 3 different locations where we opened the Kalyan Stores and then the final event and the bow tie and the performance on an electric violin, of Balabhaskar, from Kerala - an absolute genius !! Classical Indian raga on the violin and fusion with a band jamming … simply ecstatic ..!!!

I must call him over to a performance to Mumbai ..

The love and the roar of the masses, which I had talked of earlier and its missing, seemed to have been restored, but perhaps the reason being that people in Kuwait do not often get film celebrities over, in this part of the world .. but whatever it may have been, the love and affection of the Kuwaities … outstanding, warm and so endearing !!

The night has ended and the next day’s programming has begun … its up at 5 am to get on a plane and fly to Hyderabad, where Nag or Nagarjuna from the Telugu film super stardom world, son of the great legend Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, has organised a award ceremony to decorate me with an award instituted by his illustrious Father.

A gentle person ANR .. soft spoken, but most committed to his work and that of the studio he built … a legend and admired celebrity … sadly lost him, this year … which is why they organise these events to keep his memory alive.

After the ceremony in Hyderabad, I shall return back that very night to Mumbai and ‘Wazir’ in its finishing throes !!

#Shamitabh has a great plan for its publicity .. it unfolds from Sunday and we shall keep you posted of its developments .. but till then keep those fires burning ..

I wish all in Kuwait a most peaceful and successful living .. and may you invite me again to be among the happy and pleasant people of this beautiful land .. aameen !

Take good care as I retire, on a bed made for eminent personalities, with a boundless soft pillows - enough to get lost in this sunken bed !!

Need to keep propping myself up at each line or substance, among the pilloweies .. strange word ! but I think you get where I am trying to get at …

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2446

Jumeirah Messilah Beach, Kuwait         Dec 26,  2014    Fri 3:17 pm

Dedicated to my Ef ..

Nothing could be closer than these words to my feelings ..

With great affection and love .. a little early in the day ..

Amitabh Bachchan