2446. SasuSaku shopping for their (gender unknown) baby!

“This one?”

“…I thought we didn’t know the gender of our baby.”

“I can feel it, Sasuke-kun.”

Raising an eyebrow at Sakura’s statement, Sasuke hesitated before giving a slow nod, knowing better than to try to disagree with his very pregnant wife. His eyes lingered on the pink onesie that Sakura was holding up and admiring for a moment longer before leaving it in their cart and she was off again, slender fingers curled around the handle and humming.

They had agreed to keep the gender a surprise. It was mutual, but Sasuke kept asking Sakura if she really wanted to know. And if she really did, then they could find out. It would be fine. He didn’t matter.

“I’m not that desperate to know, Sasuke-kun!!”

Looking at everything she had bought recently, one for a boy and one for a girl, Sasuke sighed tiredly.

“You sure, Sakura?”

“How about this?”

Sasuke nodded. A toy pony was fine. Gender neutral. And good for exercise.

Toy put into the cart, she was moving on to the next aisle. Sasuke was looking around, trying to rack his brains for any groceries he’d been intending to buy when he realized that Sakura was holding a pair of glasses with brilliant red frames and he frowned.

“…You need reading glasses?”

“No, silly!” she laughed. “For our baby!”

“You… decided that our child’s going to need glasses?”

“No! I can–”

“Yeah, yeah. Sense it, I know.”

incredible new Valjoux 72 Heuer stuff has arrived 😀 left Heuer Carrera 2447S mk2 with amazing dial and case // right never polished!!! Autavia 2446 screwbackcase mk3 with perfect dial and brownish bezel, the so called Jochen Rindt // both movements recently fully revisioned! both will appear on my site during the week.. if not one drops me an email before 😉 #vintageheuer #carrera #autavia #2447 #2446 #screwbackcase #jochenrindt #brownbezel #valjoux72 #rarebirds

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THE MISLEADING IMPLICATION: Bernie Sanders is against military/war funding.

THE REALITY: Sanders has an unquestionable record of voting to expand military spending, support involvement in some foreign conflicts, and expand foreign aid to regions of conflict. While the merit or necessity of each particular vote is debatable, as a matter of political narrative, the following information is relevant:

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seltene frühe Heuer Autavia 2446 mit Schraubbodengehäuse und legendärem Valjoux 72 Werk. Die Uhr trägt auch den Spitznamen des Rennfahrers Jochen Rindt. Die Autavia hat ein fettes bereits poliertes Gehäuse. Als Seriennummer lässt sich eine 59xxx erkennen. Wunderschön patiniertes Zifferblatt mit originalem Zeigersatz. Das Valjoux 72 wurde von unserem Uhrmacher überprüft und läuft in allen Funktionen einwandfrei. Hier geht es zu unserem Angebot!

very rare early Heuer Autavia 2446 with screwbackcase and legendary Valjoux 72 movement. This Autavia-version is also called “Jochen Rindt” after the famous racingdriver who has worn it. The case is very fat and nicely polished over. As a serial there can be identified a 59xxx. The dial has a nice  creamy patina and still the original handset. The movement was tested by our watchmaker and runs perfectly in all functions. Here you will find our offer!

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this may be the rarest piece that has ever been for sale at rarebirds. An exceptional Heuer Autavia 2446 (2nd execution // serial 59xxx) from the midsixties. The case is absolutely unpolished with perfectly readable serialnumber. The authentic early bezel ring is filled with the ultrarare and nearly scratchfree decimalscale-insert. The untouched dial still has the original lume and is in beautiful condition. The original dauphinehands have been relumed before. On this early Autavia there even appear the original unsigned crown and pushers. For sure the Heuer-Leonidas signed Valjoux 72 of this piece has been tested by our watchmaker and is running very well in all functions. Price and further images upon request hello@rarebirds.de

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this watch was sold!


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