This guy is named Brendan Reimer and he lives in Gilroy, California. He is a senior in high school and is going to ship off to the U.S. Military in July. He is blatantly racist and thinks he can get away with this on social media. I’m extremely uncomfortable with allowing a known racist to operate a gun and join our armed forces.
Please join me in calling his school at 408-847-2424. Demand to speak to administrators and his military recruiters and report his racist ass. Let’s not stop until he gets the consequences he deserves.

#2424. Surprisingly, out of all the smashers, Dark Pit's best friend happens to be Lucas from Mother 3. This surprised both Pit and Ness himself due to the fact that their personalities are polar opposites, Dark Pit being arrogant and cocky while Lucas being gentle and cautious. Recently Dark Pit confessed his feelings for Lucas as he returned them back and the two began dating one another. Their love grows stronger each day.
[Xsports] 'King Of Mask Singer' Wifi is BTOB Lee Changsub


1. [+3001, -112] Really better what a pity….

2. [+2424, -95] As expected, to believe BTOB and listen! You have worked hard I mean Way Back Home be daebak Yejiapsa ♥

3. [+2275, -90] As expected, believe in Lee Changsub and a song to listen!

4. [+2246, -79] Wow really did well.. A pity..

5. [+2193, -97] Did very well ㅠㅠㅠ Really above idol level ..!

Source: Xsports


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