I'm really getting tired of all these stupid idiots saying that One Direction fans are only fans of them JUST because of their looks. I'm gonna be completely honest....the first time I came across 1D on youtube was in the beggining of September and I saw the WMYB music video. I didn't immediately LOVE it or immediately think the boys were "HOT". I just thought the video and song was good. It was when I started to watch their video diaries that I fell in love with them. I fell in love with their personalities, humor and adorableness. After time, I began to fall in LOVE with their faces and music. Everytime I listen to their music or look at their faces or videos, I get teary eyed because they're just so damn perfect and I love them so much. I'm always gonna be a Directioner not a Directionator. #2412291301 And Niall's teeth may not be the best looking teeth but I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. He is PERFECT to me.

People’s rude opinions are really mean and sometimes they really hurt. Just stop hating. You don’t see us hatting on anything you love!

That is all.