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Tony once got the idea to create a lightweight replica of Mjolnir. He would then nonchalantly carry it around for the day, seeing how many people he could fool into thinking he of all people was worthy of lifting the hammer.

Hardly above a harmless prank, Thor agreed to help Tony with the endeavor, but then decided to play a prank of his own, switching the replica with the real thing while Tony was distracted.

Tony never noticed, and Thor has yet to tell.

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Joker Game Novel Translations: Book 1, Chapter 2 [Ghost], Part 2/7


[Word count: 2409]


I’m so so sorry i haven’t been uploading the translations as frequently as i had before, school and dance has really taken a toll on me since the start of term TvT…..

But anyways, thank you so so much for your patience and support you have no idea how grateful i am right now i just…!! 。゚(TヮT)゚。

(also thank you so much @reibox @jlin-yukarin @rabbittwit and @miuria for being excited with me UAHHHHHH  (╯✧▽✧)╯)

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INFJ Confession #2409

I have no real friend , i can go out with someone 100 times whatever i do I can’t be interested i always somehow want to be alone.

Changing Friendship (Got7′s Jaebum)

// requested // 

Scenario: Jaebum’s jealous of your friendship with a close friend. 

Genre: Somewhat Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 2409

// gif is not mine, credit goes to owner //

Changing Friendship





“I mean it.”

“I mean it.”

“I will hurt you.”

“I dare you.”

“Aha!” You cried in triumph as you lightly hit him with the book you were attempting to read. “Ouch (Y/N)…” he said as he softly rubbed his shoulder. “Oh man up, it wasn’t that hard.” You said as you leaned back in your chair.

“It didn’t hurt here,” he pointed to his arm, “it hurt here.” He pointed to his heart. His overly dramatic sentence resulted in you pushing him out of his chair. “Shut up.” You smiled, “You should have expected it. I hate that game and you know it. Why must you torture me?”

“Because it’s fun.” He said with a sly smirk.

“Oh what am I going to do with you, Jaebum?” you sighed, pushing your bangs out of your face.

“I can think of a few things…” Jaebum said as sat up, raising his eyebrows. “Stop.” You warned, “Don’t need this to get weird.” You guys have known each other since forever and in the beginning you would occasionally flirt with each other, calling each other babe and hanging out more often, you had liked him in the past but decided not to ruin a perfectly good friendship.

He laughed, “There’s nothing weird about it. If anything we-“ he was cut off by your phone ringing. “Jaebum, could you give me that?” you asked as you extended your arm.

“Sure.” He sighed. As he grabbed your phone, he rolled his eyes when he saw the caller ID. It was that guy that you hang out with, Eric. Jaebum despised him. He always took your attention away from him and he didn’t want some guy getting in between you two, or else he’d be the third wheel. No one wants to be that. Not to mention he’s heard stories about him crushing girl’s hearts and he wouldn’t let that happen to you, not on his watch.

Without even thinking he answered your phone for you.

“Hello?” he greeted coldly.

“Jaebum…” you warned as you stood up. You hated it when people answered your phone and the tone of his voice made you automatically know it was Eric. It was obvious that he didn’t like Eric, but they were both your friends and you weren’t going to pick sides. That wasn’t fair to either of them. You didn’t know what he had against Eric, but he should respect your friends like you do his. 

“Huh? No she’s not available at the moment. Who is this?” Jaebum continued as he walked away.

“Give me my phone.” You commanded as you walked closer to him. He held up his hand signaling you to wait, which irked you.

“This is Jaebum, her best friend. And if I remember correctly, (Y/N) deleted your contact so obviously she’s not interested. Please leave her alone and- oof!” The phone dropped to the floor as you tackled him.

“What the hell?!” you yelled. With the shook of your head you grabbed your phone and raised it up to your ear.

“Hello?” you sighed, tucking your hair behind your ear. “Hey Eric. What’s up?” you shot a glare to Jaebum and walked to a quieter area. “Huh? Yeah I’m sorry that was just my friend being an idiot heh. What? Oh yeah, I should be free tomorrow, why?” “Yeah I love to go.” “Mkay, bye.” You hung up the phone and turned to your friend who was now sitting down, his attention towards the T.V.

“What’s with you?” you asked, still mad at his actions. “You’ve never done that before and it was very rude and uncalled for.” Right now you were upset and confused. 

No response.

“Are you going to answer me?” you popped out your hip.


“You have no reason to dislike Eric and I’m not having this argument again. He’s my friend, okay? My friend, just like you are. We’re not dating so please stop.” she threw out.

Ouch that hurt, but Jaebum still sat there, but now he had a more pissed off look and you were getting fed up with the silence treatment

“Look I’d love to stand here and scold you, but I’m not your mother! I don’t need to remind you how to have respect for people and-“

“Are you done?” he rudely interrupted, getting annoyed. You were slightly taken back at his tone, but eventually gave up, not wanting to frustrate him more.

“I guess.” You sighed and sat down with him.

After a few minutes a silence, Jaebum stood up. “I’m going to get something to drink. You want anything?” You softly shook your head no and he went into the kitchen.

“I should probably get going, it’s late.” You got up and started to grab your things.

“It’s only 8:30.” He raised an eyebrow.

You shrugged, “I’m really tired, but I’ll see you later, good night.” You lied and hugged him goodbye, leaving.

Jaebum sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He slightly regretted doing that, but it was his jealously. Ever since Eric came along he always felt left out; sitting and listening to you talk about what you did with him that day or just him in general. He knew that you were getting closer to him and no way was he going to let Eric make a move on you. Talking about Eric annoyed him, but since he was such a great friend he listened to you with no interruptions. I guess this was the night he cracked. Maybe he should just get over you, move on like you have. So he called up one of the girls that recently gave him her number. After a few rings the phone picked up. “Hello?” he greeted. “Yeah it’s me. Hey, it’s really short notice, but are you busy right now?”

After his date, he brought her back to his house. “Nice place you got.” She said as she walked inside. Jaebum eyed her as she walked by. Her black skintight dressed framed her body nicely and her heels made her legs look marvelous. “Thanks, it’s nothing special.” He closed the door. “I had fun tonight.” she smiled. “I’m glad.” Jaebum said. While out, he couldn’t keep his mind straight all he wanted to do was call and apologize to you, to make sure you’re okay. Suddenly a voice made him snap out of his thoughts. 

“Well should we move to the couch?.” She winked. Jaebum faked chuckled, walked towards the couch, sat next to her, and draped his arm across her shoulder. His date was gorgeous, but it felt wrong. It felt awkward. However, to hide his feelings, he raised his date’s chin up and leaned in, kissing her. It felt too uncomfortable for Jaebum. It felt too forced and rough, not to mention he could feel his date practically throwing her at him as she sat up and on top of him. But he would do anything to move on, and if that meant this then so be it.

Suddenly (Y/N)’s face appeared in his mind and he instantly pushed the girl off his lap and onto the floor. She caught herself before she hit the ground and had the look of anger plastered across her face.

“What the hell are you doing?!” she shouted as she pushed her hair away.

The tone of her voice reminded him of you, making Jaebum stand up quickly, shocked as he looked around the room. All these feelings were clouding up in his mind. Guilt, sadness, shame, and anxiety rushed as he help the girl up and ushered her towards the door.

“Sorry, but you need to leave.” He said, sweat staring to appear on his face.

“But I didn’t do anything!” she whined. “Isn’t this the worst?” she asked herself, mumbling.

“Here,” he sighed and pulled out his wallet, “Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?” He asked worried.

She eyed him confused. A bribe? But nonetheless, she took the money anyway. After she counted the amount, her mood instantly changed from being pissed off to happy.

“Okay!” she chimed as she grabbed her shoes and left smiling. Jaebum sighed, disgusted with what happened. He decided that tonight was enough and headed to his room for rest.

The next morning he got up and ready to head to his friend Jackson’s house. He’s had more experience with girls and decided to ask for some advice.  

“Wait, you did what?” Jackson asked, sipping his drink.

“So (Y/N) came over, we had an argument, she left, I invited a girl over and when we were about to do, you know, ‘things’  but I… didn’t want to do them. I just kept thinking about (Y/N).” he answered recalling last night’s events.

Jackson nodded, “Well, I’m no love expert, but it seems that you like (Y/N) more than you thought. You plan on telling her?” he  asked, smiling that his hyung found someone.

“I don’t know,” Jaebum sighed, “ I feel like I messed everything up.”

“Well if you ask me, and you are, she doesn’t know about your date so don’t bring it up right now. Wait until later.” Jackson advised as he put his glass in the sink. “Hey let’s go out today.” He suggested.

“What, you asking me out?” Jaebum teased. Jackson rolled his eyes, “No, but there’s a new park that opened around here so let’s go clear your little head and find a way to tell her.”

And so they left.

“The weather’s nice today.” Jaebum said, starting conversation.

“I guess, kind of wished it rained though.” Jackson said as he looked up. There were no clouds visible in the sky.

“What you want me to be more gloomy?” Jaebum asked, dropping his head.

“Cheer up man. Here, there’s a food stand-eh but the lines kinda long.. do you want anything?” Jackson asked, trying to brighten up Jaebum’s mood.

“No, I’m good.”

“Okay, we’ll I’ll be back in a sec.”

As Jackson walked off, Jaebum saw something familiar in the distance, no wait, someone. There was (Y/N) and… Eric. Leave it to Jackson to pick the place where they could all meet up. Seeing her and Eric together made all those feelings hit him again; all the jealousy, guilt, and sadness. He saw that they were coming nearby so he attempted to hide behind the trees, but while he was hiding, he moved closer, listening to your guy’s conversation.

“I don’t know, I feel kind of bad for snapping at him.” You said as you recalled yesterday’s events.

“He’ll deal with it sooner or later.” Eric shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Yeah I know but still, I wonder what he’s doing.” (Y/N) pondered.

“Look, you’re my friend and all, but can we not talk about him, it’s kind of awkward.” Eric sighed.

“Oh okay. So how are your studies? I know that you’ve been- Eric?”

Eric looked off into the distance. “Eric, are you okay?”

“Yeah, hey do you see that man over there?” he pointed in Jaebum’s direction. You turned around but before you did Jaebum hid again.

“What man?” you looked at him curiously.

“I swear there was a man staring at us.” Eric said his eyes glued to the trees.

“I think you’re just imagining things.” You laughed.

“No, look there he is again!” Eric grabbed your shoulders and turned your towards the direction he was looking in.

“There’s no one there.” You said, shaking your head. Eric sighed and grabbed your hand leading you towards the trees. Before Jaebum could find a new hiding spot, you both had already met up with him.

“Hey any reason you’re staring at us, creep?” Eric confronted but you immediately recognized your best friend.

“Jaebum?!” You asked out of shock, “What are you doing here?”

Finally Jeabum had enough. 

“What am I doing here, what are you doing here? Here with him? I keep thinking we had something, and you’re out here with guys like him.” Jaebum said nodding his head towards Eric. “Here I am thinking about you all the time, singing love songs, imaging us together, and this is what I see? You out on a date with this freak. Do you know how ridiculous that makes me feel?” he asked getting angry.

“Jaebum for the last time, Eric is just my friend! Is it bad to hang out with friends? No!” you yelled, getting annoyed by this again.

“No see that’s what you think. He’s not your ‘friend’ he’s a player. Look he’s going to get all up in your head and trick you and when you least expected it he’ll drop you like that!” he snapped his fingers, “Leaving you heart broken.” Jaebum defended.

“Oh and you’re so sure about that?” you argued.

“Yes, because I’ve witnessed it!” Jaebum admitted.

“You’ve got me all wrong,” Eric butted in but Jaebum interrupted. “Look this is between me and (Y/N), not you, okay?”

Eric raised his hands in defeat. “Alright, I’m out of here, (Y/N).” Eric left.

You took a second to process everything. You finally understood that Jaebum wanted to take this to the next level.

“Okay wait a second, Jaebum, if you and I are going to become any kind of serious with each other you are going to have to trust me. The same way I’ll trust you to not date anyone either.” (Y/N) said calming down.

“Well I went out with someone last night, one of my friends. And she was all over me and was ready to do anything. But we didn’t do anything because all I wanted to do was see you.” Jaebum admitted.

“Oh really?” you smiled. “Really… and do you know why?” Jaebum asked, walking closer.


“Because I love you! Ever since I met you I knew you were special and I couldn’t let you go.” Jaebum confessed, his voice getting softer.

You stopped and straightened yourself, not stopping the smile that went your face. “What did you say?” you whispered, looking up at him.

“I said I love you.” He repeated, getting all shy. “Jaebum…” you said lovingly as you went to hug him. All the feelings you had about him came back and if he cared that much about you, who were you to reject him? He wrapped his arms tight around you afraid to let you go. And in no way was he to hurt your precious little heart.  

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