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Tony once got the idea to create a lightweight replica of Mjolnir. He would then nonchalantly carry it around for the day, seeing how many people he could fool into thinking he of all people was worthy of lifting the hammer.

Hardly above a harmless prank, Thor agreed to help Tony with the endeavor, but then decided to play a prank of his own, switching the replica with the real thing while Tony was distracted.

Tony never noticed, and Thor has yet to tell.

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Conrad Smith y yo :3 (Conrad and I today at Hotel Emperador ) | Fue el unico y el primer All black que salió a recorrer temprano la ciudad, salió con los medicos que se ven allá atras y si andaban vestidos con los equipos de los all blacks era facil de reconocerlos. Conrad un crack ♥

Aer Lingus to add Liverpool service

Aer Lingus to add Liverpool service

Aer Lingus (Dublin) will add the Dublin – Liverpool route on October 23. The route will be operated 16 time a week with Airbus A320 aircraft according to Airline Route.

Copyright Photo: AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A320-214 EI-DEL (msn 2409) taxies at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Aer Lingus aircraft slide show: 

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BOSTON \ As @isladecorredores posted “if you’ve lost faith in human nature - go watch a marathon”

It’s been a pleasure watching the training from these hard core women - from night run on the Brooklyn bridge to running Milan Marathon as a casual training run

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Have a great race all runners
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Ma'a y yo (Ma'a and I at Hotel Emperador today) | un groso Ma'a! fue uno de los ultimos que salió pero un groso la verdad le pedí para sacarnos una foto y dijo si re buena onda, ademas cuando me estaba sacando la foto con Liam pasa y me dice “gracias” me mató! Aparte porque me dijo gracias no? igual le dije gracias a ustedes! :P PD: salí mal en todas las fotos xD

Data Modeler

CMA Consulting is looking for a Data Modeler to build and extend semantic information models to represent the work of agency program areas.


  • Implement semantic information models in database design.
  • Help design data access layer code in the information technology architecture to design reusable data concepts and reusable data delivery.
  • Ensure that information models and database designs conform to the overall data modeling standards, guidelines, best practices and approved modeling techniques and approaches.
  • Help maintain an enterprise-level data dictionary, by documenting all entities, their relationships, and all data attributes for the agency.
  • Coordinate with the project teams and others to ensure that data implementations align with the Enterprise Information Architecture, and meet the applicable standards.
  • Work jointly with the database administrator in developing the data objects and data models to support data services under a service-oriented architecture approach. 


  • 5 years’ work experience as a data or information architect, DBA or information modeler.
  • Hands-on experience with data architecting, data mining, large-scale data modeling, and business requirements gathering/analysis.
  • Direct experience in implementing enterprise data management processes, procedures, and decision support.
  • Strong understanding of relational data structures, theories, principles, and practices.
  • Strong familiarity with metadata management and associated processes.
  • Hands-on knowledge of enterprise repository tools, data modeling tools, data mapping tools, and data profiling tools.
  • Demonstrated expertise with repository creation, and data and information system life cycle methodologies.
  • Experience with business requirements analysis, entity relationship planning, database design, reporting structures, and so on.
  • Ability to manage data and metadata migration.
  • Experience with database platforms, including Oracle and Microsoft Sequel Server
  • Understanding of Web services (SOAP, XML, UDDI or WSDL).
  • Working Experience in the third normal form (3nf) data normalization modeling.
  • Knowledge of XML
  • Experience in using  ETL tools.
  • Four-year college diploma or university degree in Computer Science or Computer engineering, and/or 7 years equivalent work experience.


  • Good knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws
  • Object oriented programming experience (e.g. using Java, J2EE, EJB, .NET, WebSphere, etc.).
  • Excellent client/user interaction skills to determine requirements.
  • In-depth technical knowledge of network, PC, and platform operating systems, including windows.
  • Experience with data processing flowcharting techniques.
  • Proven project management experience
  • Knowledge of Agile project management approach
  • Experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Experience with debugging and optimizing SQL queries

Resumes due:  Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 5 pm

Term: 6 months with option to hire

Location: New York, NY

Contact: Derrick Hemphill, Recruiting Manager, NYC


Descubri esta foto hoy, resulta que la subió Ma'a el día que los espere en la puerta y fue ese momento antes de que salieran, porque Ma'a estaba de ese lado y los chicos ahi; y resulta que viendo mejor la foto me veo ahi atras xD No es que este loca me vea yo todos, mirando bien, todos me vieron xD