Ive had a couple of anons ask me about my brushes and honestly, these are the only two tools I use constantly (the actual ‘Brush’ tool is used often, but I change the settings ALL THE TIME so I cant really rely on it  u_u)

I use the default brushes that came with Painttool SAI so i make do with what im given lmao

My stability for all tools is at 7 and for writing, i drop it down to 4 :>

Alot of the pictures i draw are huge! (2400x1800) so i tend to use the flat bristle brush ( for both tools) but with anything smaller than 1000x1000, you need to use smaller brush sizes and bc of that, the ‘flat’ part of the bristle brush becomes extremely prominent ( with the 40 px, i had to work rEALLY hard to make it curvy and not accidentally make a zigzag line ). Using the simple circle brush is just easier imo with smaller canvases.

I hope this is somewhat helpful lmao ive never had to make a tutorial before so im absolutely sure i couldve added more information. oops

(*Note that for my sketchy/crayon look, the min size of the brush is at 50%, not 0% : it just helps to make the lines less smooth n flowy and more flat like an actual crayon uwu)

Obscuring the rich starfields of northern Cygnus, dark nebula LDN 988 lies near the center of this cosmic skyscape. Composed with telescope and camera, the scene is some 2 degrees across. That corresponds to 70 light-years at the estimated 2,000 light-year distance of LDN 988.[2400x1800]