Today’s brief:

| Table + Plywood |

Image 1: This plywood desk is 2400mm wide x 600mm deep and 730mm tall and all cut from a single 1220mm x 2440mm sheet of plywood.

This uses the flexibility of plywood to lock the legs in. The legs are inserted into the two top pieces and pinched together so the clips can be inserted. These clips hold the two halves of the leg square and under tension created from the fixed slots in the top two pieces.

Image 2: The legs and clips are cut out from the underside piece of plywood. This second sheet adds a stiffness to the desk too.

With a sheet of 15mm CD structural plywood costing less than $50 and only a small amount of time on a CNC machine, this could be a very cheap but effective desk.

Image 3: Storage and shipping for the table is compact because the legs can be packed in the holes they were cut from. This large table assembles in seconds and doesn’t require any mechanical fasteners or tools.